Building Xerces with Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux*

This document explains how to configure and build the open source Xerces library. The Xerces website,†, describes Xerces: "Apache Xerces is a collaborative software development project dedicated to providing robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, and freely available XML parsers and closely related technologies on a wide variety of platforms supporting several languages." This document describes how to build the Xerces-C++ with the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux*.

Version Information
The version of Xerces: 2.7.0
The version of Intel C++ Compiler for Linux*: 10.0

Application Notes
This document exaplains how to build the Xerces-C++ library and the included samples. The Xerces-C++ Samples website explains that the "sample applications that demonstrate salient features of the parser using simple applications written on top of the SAX and DOM APIs provided by the parser."

Obtaining the Source Code
The Xerces-C++ webpage is at†, and can be download from†.

Obtaining the latest version of Intel® C++ Compiler
See /en-us/articles/intel-compilers/ for details.


Xerces-C++ Library Configuration and Set-up Information
After downloading Xerces-C++, untar the file & configure as following these steps.

tar zxf xerces-c-src_2_7_0.tar.gz
cd xerces-c-src_2_7_0/
export XERCESCROOT=`pwd`
cd $XERCESCROOT/src/xercesc
./runConfigure -x icpc -c icc -p linux > runConfigure.log
gmake >& gmake.log

Source Code Changes
None required.

Building Application

# configure and build samples
cd $XERCESCROOT/samples
./runConfigure -plinux -cicc -xicpc
gmake >& gmake.log

Running Application
The sample applications are built in $XERCESCROOT/bin. The Xerces-C++ Samples website explains how to run the sample programs.

The following explains how to run some of the samples:


cd $XERCESCROOT/samples/data
# Run SAXCount sample
$XERCESCROOT/bin/SAXCount -v=always personal.xml
personal.xml: 2 ms (37 elems, 12 attrs, 134 spaces, 134 chars)

# Run DOMCount sample
$XERCESCROOT/bin/DOMCount -v=always personal.xml
personal.xml: 2 ms (37 elems).

# Run SAX2Count sample
$XERCESCROOT/bin/SAX2Count -v=always personal.xml
personal.xml: 2 ms (37 elems, 12 attrs, 134 spaces, 134 chars)

Verifying Correctness
Compare the sample output of the samples with the expect output listed on the Xerces-C++ Samples website.

This article shows the steps on how to build Xerces with Intel C++ Compiler for Linux.

Known Issues and Limitations
None. Contact Intel® Premier Support website if you encounter problems or want to provide feedback.

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