Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows* - How to build stlport 5.1.5 with Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows*


Visual Studio 2005* standard edition or above, Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows*, STLport 5.1.5.

STLport is a multiplatform ANSI C++ Standard Library implementation. It is an open-source product. You can download the product from More information about STLport can be found at


  1. Install Visual Studio* 2005.
  2. Install Intel C++ Compiler for Windows
  3. Install the source tree of stlport 5.1.5.
  4. Open a build environment window from [start » all programs » Intel Software Development Tools » Intel C++ Compiler 10.1.x.x » Build Environment for applications running on IA-32].
  5. From the build environment, build the stlport 5.1.5 with following steps:
    1. cd [stlport-install-dir]\build\lib
    2. configure -c icl
    3. nmake /ficl.mak
    4. nmake /ficl.mak install

You may learn more on this by going through and README.msvc from the STLPORT documentation.

The "nmake /ficl.mak install" command is testing stlport before installing it. If you do not get any errors then stlport should work for you.


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Error: Setting C runtime library for compiler other than microsoft ones!

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