Intel® Cilk™ Plus Runtime Library cilkrts20.dll/ Can Only be Linked Dynamically

Code that uses the cilk_spawn, cilk_sync, cilk_for keywords or the reducer classes from Intel® Cilk™ Plus will be required to link against the cilkrts20.dll on Windows* or the on Linux*.  There is no static library version of the runtime.  Note that using -static or -fast (which implies -static) on Linux* with this code will result in linker errors.

For an explanation of the problems associated with using a static runtime of a threading library like Cilk Plus or Intel® Threading Building Blocks, see the article at

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Rai, Tetsuji's picture

I also want libcilkrts.a for linux.   Without it, there's no meaning in -static-intel option!

rahulrs's picture

As of April 2012, is static linking to libcilkrts.a still a problem ?

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