Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.7 New Features and Enhancements

Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.7 provides many new and improved features (see the product documentation for more details).

Intel® Cluster Ready Specification Version 1.2

  • The complete support of Intel® Cluster Ready specification version 1.2 enables clusters certification submissions with this updated specification version. The Intel® Cluster Ready Specification version 1.2 is available to download here.
    • Optimized execution time

      • A new core for test module <file_tree>  now allows ensuring file uniformity in a reduced time frame.
      • Compliance test modules now detect shared file systems on the tools installation path, significantly improving the time to verify the cluster compliance of the Intel® Cluster Ready Specification.
      • <hpcc> and <imkl_hpl> test modules have improved scalability behavior by calculating a smaller problem size, by default.
      • Test module <ssh_alltoall> functionality was merged into <single_authentication>, reducing execution time needed to verify the SSH* installation and configuration in the cluster.

      Core enhancements

      • All additional utilities provided with Intel® Cluster Checker used to verify the health of the cluster (benchmarks and commands) are executed from a binary by default. Therefore, the <gcc> and <intel_mpi> test modules are only added as dependencies when the <build> configuration option is requested.
      • The built-in optimized XML parser/transformer was updated to work on an extended list of Linux distributions.

      New test modules and options

    • New test module <ip_consistency> that integrates the checks performed by <ip_alltoall>, <ping_alltoall> and <network_consistency> into a single test module.
      • New --nodeps troubleshooting option to individually execute test modules without adding prerequisite test modules.

      Test module enhancements

      • A new syntax for the <exclude> configuration option based on modified shell filename globbing is uniformly used across all modules.
      • Test modules <ip_consistency> and <single_authentication> can test different network fabrics in a single execution.


      • The updated User's Guide now includes a new "Getting Started" section with an introductory step-by-step explanation on how to start using Intel® Cluster Checker. Additionally, explanations on how to properly set the environment and configure the license are included.
      • Cluster node automatic discovery now has built-in support for Clustercorp* ROCKS+* up to version 5.3, Platform* Cluster Manager* up to version 2.1 and Infiscale* Perceus* 1.5.3.

      To download this version, log into the Intel® Registration Center and click on the Intel® Cluster Checker product.

      For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.