The Intel® Cluster Poisson Solver Library (Intel® CPSL)

The Intel® Cluster Poisson Solver Library (Intel® CPSL) is a powerful tool set for solving separable Partial Differential Equations (PDE) which is available now at for free download. It offers a set of 2D solvers for Poisson-like problems, as well as an example of a 3D Poisson solver. Intel® CPSL provides an advanced implementation of the modern algorithms. For more experienced users, Intel® CPSL offers insight into the solvers sufficient to fine tune them for better performance. The Intel® CPSL is currently available only for the Linux* OS.

Intel® CPSL offers
• 2D Helmholtz solver
• 2D Poisson solver
• 2D Laplace solver
• Example of a 3D Poisson solver

Our solvers employ fast Fourier transforms for solving PDE problems with separable variables. These solvers are to provide our customers with fast separable PDE solvers.
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