Intel Cluster Ready FAQ: General Questions

Q: What is the Intel® Cluster Ready program?
A: Working with hardware and software vendors, Intel created the Intel Cluster Ready program to simplify configuring, deployment, validation, and management of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. Intel Cluster Ready can help drive adoption of HPC while enabling customers to boost productivity and solve new problems. Learn more about the Intel Cluster Ready program for:

  • Users and customers of clusters
  • Hardware vendors, system integrators, and platform suppliers
  • Software vendors (ISVs)
  • Component Suppliers (Components and System software)

Q: What is a “certified” Intel Cluster Ready cluster?
A: A certified cluster is one that is built according to the Intel Cluster Ready Specification and rigorously tested and verified for component interoperability.
Download the Intel Cluster Ready Specification 1.3.1

Q: What vendors sell certified Intel Cluster Ready systems?
A: Find participating Intel Cluster Ready hardware vendors and their products

Q: What is a “registered” Intel Cluster Ready application?
A: Software vendors “register” an application by validating it on a certified Intel Cluster Ready cluster.
Learn more about registered applications

Q: What applications are registered Intel Cluster Ready?
A: Find registered Intel Cluster Ready applications

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