Intel® Cluster Ready Newsletter Q4 2011

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Feature Stories

Must-See Demonstrations at SC11!
From market-ready platforms to stunning longer-term innovations, we’ve got a lot to show you at SC11 in Seattle. You’ll see systems based on the future Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family (code-named Sandy Bridge EP) roughly doubling the performance of previous-generation systems.

You’ll also see the powerful combination of the Intel® Many Integrated Core (Intel® MIC) architecture and easy-to-use Intel software development tools that are poised to drive HPC performance into the stratosphere. All this on Intel® Cluster Ready certified systems. Read more.

Tips & Tricks

An Article You Might Have Missed...
Intel® Cluster Checker: Reverse Execution Mode
Execution of the whole set of tests can be a time consuming task, so this article explains how you can use the Reverse Execution Mode to run a reduced set of tests, thereby saving time for more frequent checks. Read more.

Partner Highlights

Featured Case Study - Ceres Power / ClusterVision
Speeding Time to Market with a Simple, Powerful Cluster
Ceres Power is looking to change the world with compact, cost-effective micro-generators that bypass the inefficiencies of traditional, highly-centralized residential power delivery solutions. Find out how ClusterVision helped streamline their path to success with an Intel Cluster Ready certified system that was deployed in less than a day and is now enabling order of magnitude gains in design speed. Read more.

Platform Computing's Latest Release Simplifies Deployment
Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC enables users to easily manage and monitor the status of HPC clusters. In Platform’s current release, Intel® Cluster Runtime and Checker are packaged in a kit format, allowing users to easily deploy them together with the OS and other software. The custom menu in the Platform HPC and Platform Cluster Manager interfaces, help users easily run Intel® Cluster Checker from the cluster dashboard and view results in the web interface. Both products are Intel® Cluster Ready compliant and together with hardware and software components, form a reference implementation for Linux* clusters. Read more about Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC.

Altair AcuSolve* is Now a Registered App
Altair Engineering has added AcuSolve, a technology leading, finite element-based computational fluid dynamics software to the list of Intel Cluster Ready registered applications. AcuSolve is a new addition to Altair’s HyperWorks suite of products which also include RADIOSS solver and award-winning optimization tool OptiStruct, both Intel Cluster Ready. The addition of AcuSolve to HyperWorks makes it the most complete high-end solution in the mechanical CAE market. Read more about AcuSolve.

PBS Professional Utilizes Intel® Cluster Checker to Validate the Health of an HPC Cluster
On clusters that are Intel® Cluster Ready certified, PBS Professional* can utilize Intel® Cluster Checker for gathering real-time information about the cluster at the very moment a job has been scheduled. Using this immediate feedback, PBS Professional can ensure that a job is only being executed on a cluster that has passed a check by Intel Cluster Checker. Read the technical white paper.

Intel® Cluster Ready News

How to Certify Your Cluster:
An Updated Doc to Help OEMs and SIs The recently updated document, How to Certify Your Cluster (formerly known as Six Steps to a Successful Cluster Certification) has been revised to reflect simplifications due to the latest release of Intel Cluster Checker 1.8 – with fewer steps. Now it’s just that much easier to certify your clusters. Download How to Certify Your Cluster.

What's Happening at SC11
Intel is reinvigorating our ecosystem with Intel Cluster Ready support of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family (Sandy Bridge EP). Read more about the cutting edge HPC performance demos in the feature story, and we hope to see you there at one or all of these opportunities:

  • Intel Cluster Ready Partner Breakfast and Awards Event, Nov 14th 8-10:00AM. RSVP to
  • Intel Fellow Traveler Tour
  • Partner meetings

Visit us at SC11 in Intel booths 2121 and 2425, Nov 12-18, in Seattle, WA.

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