Partner Newsletter Q2 2010 - Intel® Cluster Ready

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Richard Dracott, Intel's General Manager of High-Performance Computing, and Bill Magro, Intel's Director of HPC Software Solutions, welcome you to the Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter. Read more.

Intel® Cluster Ready Partners Build Momentum on New Intel® Silicon
Intel launched the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series in mid-March, and partners are incorporating it into their certified cluster solutions. See why HPC end-users are excited about the new processor, and learn what's available to help you make it part of your cluster solutions. Read more.

Intel® Cluster Ready News

A major revision to Intel® Cluster Checker helps you incorporate the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series into your Intel Cluster Ready solutions and get your certified clusters to market more rapidly and with less effort. Intel Cluster Checker 1.5 supports both processor families, takes advantage of the latest versions of Intel® tools, and offers a variety of enhancements. Read more.

Optimizing Your MPI Apps
What's New in Intel® MPI Library 4.0 and Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 8.0? See what's been added to the latest versions of two major Intel® software tools - and how they enable you to quickly deliver maximum end-user performance on Intel® technology-based clusters using the Message Passing Interface (MPI). Read more.

You Talk, We Listen
Read about two recent improvements made because of your input, and see how these changes are making the Intel Cluster Ready program faster, simpler, and more flexible. Read more.

Intel® ESAA – Your Recipe for HPC Success!
Intel® Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance recipes help you get to market faster. This free program provides validated hardware and software configurations based on Intel® server products that are optimized to meet demanding data-intensive computing challenges. Read more.
Partner Highlights
INDEED, It's Intel Cluster Ready!
GNS mbH, a new Intel Cluster Ready partner, has registered INDEED, its sheet metal forming simulation package. The INDEED software system offers a unique range of innovative high-precision calculation models for the simulation of forming processes. Read more.
Tips & Tricks
Using the New Autoconfiguration Capability of Intel® Cluster Checker 1.5
Intel HPC solutions engineer Christopher Heller walks you through Intel Cluster Checker 1.5's automatic configuration feature, one of many new capabilities. Read more.
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