Intel Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q3 2011

Feature Stories

Sure, the economy is struggling, but the outlook for high performance computing looks brighter than ever. Dr. Stephen Wheat, Senior Director for the Intel High Performance Computing Business Unit, provides insight into the road ahead and the transformative value HPC holds for hundreds of thousands of small and mid-sized organizations by enabling them to adopt digital simulation methods. Read more.

Tips & Tricks

Intel® Cluster Checker 1.8 – Elapsed Time Information Feature Examples
This article provides tips and tricks for the new release of Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.8. The Intel Cluster Checker engine now includes elapsed time information on both the output console and the detailed XML output log. Check out the Intel Cluster Checker version 1.8 New Features and Enhancements article for an overview of all the updates. Read the article.
Automating Cluster Maintenance
A great way to ensure that your HPC system, certified Intel Cluster Ready, remains in the same great shape as when it was first built, is to run the Intel® Cluster Checker tool regularly. Automating this process saves you a substantial amount of time each week, and eliminates the chance of missing a run. Read the blog.

Partner Highlights

Innovation on Many Fronts – Building Momentum in 2011
Want to see what Intel Cluster Ready partners are doing to drive HPC forward and tap new markets? This article highlights a few of the many hardware and software vendors who are playing key roles in extending the capability, value, and market reach of HPC solutions based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.

Learn about the latest solutions and strategies emerging from: Platform Computing, Viglen, Bright Computing, ClusterVision, E4 Computer Engineering, ICON, Silicon Mechanics, Flow Science, Fujitsu, Altair, transtec, and NOVATTE. Read the article.

Intel® Cluster Ready News

A New Look for Intel Cluster Ready
Moving ahead with a simpler design, the Intel Cluster Ready badge has been replaced with an updated text treatment created by Intel branding. Along with many other exciting changes, it’s time to refresh the Intel Cluster Ready mark that assures your customers of the compatibility, reliability, and quality of the components in their cluster solution. Partners can start updating to the new Intel Cluster Ready text treatment now, and will have until mid-2012 to complete the transition. Read the new usage guidelines, and contact your Intel Cluster Ready representative if you have any questions.

New Release: Intel® Cluster Checker 1.8
Are you running the latest Intel Cluster Checker? If not, you’re missing out on all the new capabilities. Check out all the new features and enhancements included in the updated version 1.8 and start using it now to benefit you and your customers. See what’s new in Intel Cluster Checker 1.8.

Intel® Server Products are Intel® Cluster Ready
Intel offers HPC-focused server boards and systems featuring Intel® Xeon® processors. Through the Intel® Enabled Solution Acceleration Alliance (Intel® ESAA), these platforms are Intel® Cluster Ready certified with HPC solutions from vendors such as Platform Computing and StackIQ. Intel® ESAA provides Intel Resellers with pre-validated HPC solution recipes to enable faster time-to-market results. Click here to view the Intel Cluster Ready certified solutions on Intel® Server Boards.

SC11 is Coming Up
We’re making plans now for partner meetings, compliance and interoperability demos, and more news and events yet to be announced. We’re looking forward to sharing our exciting expansion plans with you as Intel Cluster Ready evolves to reach a broader HPC mid-market audience with industry providers that can deliver ease of use systems for digital simulation, spanning workstation to cluster to cloud.

Stay tuned for more about what’s in store, and then visit us at SC11 in Intel booths 2121 and 2425, Nov 12-18, in Seattle, WA.
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