ScaLAPACK executables diagnostic error with Intel® Math Kernel Library


I am trying to build ScaLAPACK executables from the directory path /opt/intel/ict/3.1/mkl/10.0.011/tests/scalapack, where I am not explicitly setting the makefile variable LIBdir on the command-line. I encounter the following type of diagnostic error message:

mpiifort -o ../xslu_ipf_intelmpi_intel80_noopt psludriver.o psluinfo.o psgetrrv.o psmatgen.o pmatgeninc.o pslaschk.o pslafchk.o -L/opt/intel/ict/3.1/mkl/10.0.011/tests/scalapack/source/TESTING/../../lib/64 -lmkl_scalapacktesting_intel80 -lmkl_scalapack -lmkl_blacsF77init_intelmpi -lmkl_blacs_intelmpi -lmkl_blacsF77init_intelmpi -lmkl_lapack -lmkl_ipf -lguide -lpthread
ld: cannot find -lmkl_scalapacktesting_intel80
make[2]: *** [../xslu_ipf_intelmpi_intel80_noopt] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory /opt/intel/ict/3.1/mkl/10.0.011/tests/scalapack/source/TESTING/LIN
make[1]: *** [exe] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory /opt/intel/ict/3.1/cmkl/10.0.011/tests/scalapack/source/TESTING
make: *** [lib64] Error 2


For the makefile command-line, explicitly set the LIBdir variable to the path where the Intel® MKL resides. An example command-line mightbe something like the following:

gmake lib64 F=intel80 LIBdir=/opt/intel/ict/3.1/mkl/10.0.011/lib/64

Note: The make command above is applicable to Itanium®-based systems.

Operating System:

SUSE* Linux 9.1, SUSE* Linux Enterprise Server 9.0, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 4.0, SUSE* Linux Enterprise Server 10, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 5.0, SUSE* Linux, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 3.0, SUSE* Linux* 9.x
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