Intel Compilers for Linux and OS X* Compiler Installation Help

The following articles help with installation of the Intel compilers on Linux.

BEFORE you try to install the Intel compilers on a Linux host, please make sure your Linux installation has the prerequisities for the compilers. 
Also, determine your needs and get the right installation tarball.  Most linux users are on 64bit systems with x86_64 versions of linux installed.  Do you need to create older 32bit applications?  If not, download the Intel 64 ONLY tarball, the *_intel64.tgz file.  Not only does this save download time, this will eliminate your need to install 32bit libraries on the development system.

The distribution-specific requirements are listed and hyperlinked below:

Other distributions not listed here should follow the guidelines of the closest mainstream distribution documented above.
For help with REMOVING or UNINSTALLING the Intel Compilers for Linux,read this article.
Mac OS X:  Prerequisite for installation of Intel Compilers for Mac OS X is that you have installed a supported version of Xcode on your system.  See your Release Notes document for supported Xcode versions for your compiler version.  Xcode is provided by Apple on either your Mac OS X installation DVD or online at

Once these prerequisites are satisfied, launch the Intel installer '' in the compiler package directory and follow the prompts.
"Silent" or command line installation without user prompts:
User Forum Help
Startup Support User Forum, for help with download, licensing, and installation of all Intel Software Products on all platforms:  /en-us/forums/intel-software-development-products-download-registration-licensing/
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Bai M.'s picture


Sorry to trouble you.

I have installed paralledl studio XE on my PC to working with our software BOOST. The system is Redhat 6.2. Do you know how to setup the environment variable of paralledl studio XE. I am really know little about this.

Besides do you know where I can download the old version of Fortran (Fortran 90 complier v11.1.059). Looking forward to hear from you. 

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I loaded a trial version of fortran... on a iMAC, Snow Leopard 10.6.8. w/Xcode 3.2.6.I startedit from your paper "Starting the Intel Fortran Compiler from the Xcode IDE". OK until I try to build my test program( just a 3 lines log "Hello" prog.)
The building runs forever ! A big red "dot" appears in the toolbar, giving me an opportunity to stop.
Please tell me, what is wrong ? Maybe a wrong version of something ?
Thanks for your help.

anonymous's picture

it displays an error
ERROR: Unknown switch 'PROD_DIR = / opt/intel/composer_xe_2011_sp1'. Accepted values: ia32, Intel64 "
What should I do-

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I am attempting to update the parallel studio from v12 release 1 to release 2 for linux. However, during the installation, I ecnounter the following error message from step 4.

Step no: 4 of 6 | Options > Unresolved Critical Prerequisite
Intel(R) Inspector XE is currently running.
Installation cannot continue while the following processes are running:

Please stop the application, select re-check and continue with installation.

I cannot find the application inspector XE using top or ps command. As the matter of fact, I don't think it is running at all.
The processes given by the installer is EMPTY.

Anyone can shed some light on this?

Much appreciated.

anonymous's picture

Hi Friends.
I have Desktop PC
Mother board = Intel D945gcpe
Processor = Intel EM64T

i am trying to boot it from Ubuntu 10. 04 Live USB even i tried Mint(10) but it wont boot and gives Boot Error.
I have confirmed its boot options ,its correct. but still unable to boot the live usb.
please help what should i do ?

anonymous's picture

but I don't know how to compile and run a fortran+Openmp program

Akio's picture

I think this is very useful information. There are also many users in Japan who are having a problem at the installation stage because of the short of prerequisite.

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