Intel® Composer XE 2013 SP1 Compilers Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, The fixes list for Intel® Composer XE 2013 Compilers can be found here.  The fixes list for Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library 7.1 can be found here. The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.0 can be found here. The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.1 can be found here.

Update 6 (Posted October 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200181681 Fortran F2015: Support for extended C interoperability TS 29113
DPD200246603 C SIMD SAFELEN(32) doesn't generate vector code for Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE) but does for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX)
DPD200364348 C, C++ Feature Request: Source information for coverage tools
DPD200364682 C++ internal error: bad pointer preprocessing file with #line directives
DPD200367027 C++ ICC bug - Core dump when using '_allow_cpu_features(_FEATURE_AVX2)' and building with '-xAVX'
DPD200370873 C TLS variables re-load causes performance loss in TPCC
DPD200370874 C ": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **

Update 5 (Posted February 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200159143 Fortran "View Array" on debug menu added by Intel(R) Visual Fortran doesn't work with array visualizer
DPD200171501 C Using only Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel(R) AVX) intrinsics is resulting in mixed Intel(R) Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel(R) SSE)/Intel AVX code which results to a serious performance drop
DPD200181060 C++ /Qcheck-pointers:rw and std::shared_ptr<> leads to CRT memory corruption message
DPD200181681 Fortran F2015 Feature Request: Support for extended C interoperability TS 29113
DPD200237673 Fortran, C FE_INVALID exception in TANH at -O2
DPD200242045 C Intel math.h should include float.h
DPD200246961 Fortran IFLangServicePackage failed to load
DPD200253037 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with OpenMP* update clause and array element as subscript
DPD200256609 Fortran Different answers with optimization and debug
DPD200359558 Fortran Fortran DLL libraries are not built with /DYNAMICBASE
DPD200359641 Fortran Regression in vectorization/multiversioning
DPD200359891 Fortran Intel(R) microarchitecture code name Ivy Bridge target generated illegal (Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel(R) AVX2)) instruction if -r8 specified
DPD200361182 C icc incorrect auto-vectorized
DPD200361542 Fortran Matrix optimization framework with -fp-model precise and inlining gives wrong results
DPD200364348 C++ Feature Request: Source information for coverage tools
DPD200556019 C++ Stability issue on 14.0 compiler

Update 4 (Posted August 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200111137 C, C++ __declspec(selectany) doesn't seem to have an effect as expected
DPD200140206 Fortran Feature Request: Improve message for warning for use of uninitialized variables
DPD200157835 C++ calls to OpenMP* API functions like omp_get_num_thread() should be optimized to be called once only for each iteration chunk assigned to a thread
DPD200179651 Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Unresolved reference to host-side API OFFLOAD_NUMBER_OF_DEVICES() when no offload directives are present
DPD200179828 C++ internal error: 0_0
DPD200234632 Fortran OpenMP reduction clause for 3 dimensional array yields incorrect result
DPD200237118 Fortran erroneous error for select type when selector is an encapsulated function
DPD200240524 C Irrelevant OpenMP message with KMP_AFFINITY.
DPD200243253 C Significant increase in compilation time in High Level Optimization during Loop distribution for vectorization
DPD200244803 Fortran Value of KMP_ALL_THREADS makes the binary fail
DPD200244921 C, C++ _Pragma not expanded to pragma directive when preprocessing
DPD200250702 C warning #10120 missing in ICC 13.0 and 14.0
DPD200252338 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: - Static lib build fails due to mangled path to MIC.o when building under Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE
DPD200252371 C++, C automatic code dispatching for Haswell (-axcore-avx2) causes code to die by illegal instruction
DPD200252517 C, C++ icc: fastcall attribute causes internal error: bad pointer
DPD200252920 Fortran SSA in IP leads to infinite loop
DPD200253037 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with OpenMP update clause and array element as subscript
DPD200253318 Fortran ifort 14.0.1 Fortran Front End wrong indentation with associate
DPD200254084 C++ internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1204
DPD200254179 Fortran, C++ Math library DLL version numbers not updated, creates inconsistency between compiler install and Shared Libraries
DPD200254183 C, C++ gcc* defines add _mm256_insert_epiXX and _mm256_extract_epiXX but icc doesn't
DPD200254395 C++ Compile Error triggered by including stdexcept
DPD200254546 C icpc 14.0.2 crash: internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe.....
DPD200254556 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2013* IDE "Link only" command will delete all intermediate files and issue errors.
DPD200254611 C++ OpenMP code gets segfault when compiles with optimisation level higher than '-O0'
DPD200254762 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Internal Compiler Error: #20000_0: Unable to locate base VAR of an offloaded EXPR
DPD200254763 C optimization bug-double free or corruption (fasttop)
DPD200254833 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200254996 Fortran High Level Optimization: Internal compiler error at Unroll Jam phase.
DPD200254997 Fortran Early Predicates Optimization causes wrong array element reference.
DPD200255042 C++ performance regression: one loop of random number generator no longer vectorized
DPD200255086 Fortran "-no-simd" disable some loop optimizations in code without SIMD pragma.
DPD200255134 C++ internal error with explicit call to defaulted destructor on Windows* (Microsoft* object model bug)
DPD200255390 C++ compiler fails with segmentation violation when optimization is enabled
DPD200255414 Fortran ifort-14.0.2 Internal Compiler Error: Code Generator use def optimizations
DPD200255521 C icl 14.0/15.0 incorrect outputs per distributon of OpenMP loop
DPD200255525 Fortran compile time regression in Vectorizer
DPD200255546 C, C++ icc 15.0.0 Internal Compiler Error 04010002_1529 -- taking address of global "register array"
DPD200255547 C++, C No lvalue in asm for multidimensional array
DPD200255548 C++ Virtual inheritance with class function does not offload
DPD200255678 Fortran /MP multiprocessor Visual Studio compilation sometimes gets errors writing temporary files
DPD200255720 Fortran Vectorizer causes incorrect result.
DPD200255733 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Incorrect results with INTO when using -openmp and a local array
DPD200255885 Fortran The string "ActiveX SDI Code" is not translated in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* Intel(R) Visual Fortran project template
DPD200255939 Fortran Compiler loops for source compiled with /warn:interface
DPD200255992 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: signal used in offload should be added outer enclosing OpenMP parallel construct
DPD200256056 C++ compiler dies by access violations and/or internal errors when compiling C++11 source files in parallel
DPD200256178 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: incorrect use of _mm512_mask_permute4f128_epi32 (needs 4 arguments) in micvec.h
DPD200256240 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: xilib fails to find ar.exe with building a static library w/offloaded code on Windows
DPD200256291 C++ icl 14.0/15.0 Front End assertion compiling class with private explicitly-defaulted destructor
DPD200256296 Fortran Fortran project compiled with ifort 15.0 beta produces incorrect output
DPD200256464 Fortran SORTQQ broken for INTEGER(8)
DPD200256573 C, C++ Internal error: 010101_239
DPD200256646 C++ OS X*: compatiblity -- allow opaque enums to be part of other declarations in Clang mode
DPD200256949 C++ icc 14.0/15.0 (beta) Internal Compiler Error converting unexpected operand kind on incorrect code
DPD200257140 Fortran fredist.txt on Windows missing some redistributable libraries
DPD200257252 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: interprocedural optimization warning #11021 issued for unresolved symbols in the Intel(R) MIC Architecture-side binary that are only expected to be in CPU-side binary
DPD200357395 C++ Windows internal error on explicit defaulted destructor
DPD200357420 C++ pragma SIMD vectorization produces incorrect result with local 2D arrays
DPD200357422 C++ Cannot use paths in linker's dependencies project setting - works with Visual Studio* compiler (/LIBPATH not handled correctly).
DPD200357428 C++ type_traits(599): error : access violation (XL#54043)
DPD200357527 C++ Internal error loop: assertion failed
DPD200357586 C++ SIMD loop performance regression
DPD200357624 C++ internal error: 20000_27078
DPD200357689 Fortran Console window closes immediately upon program finishes
DPD200357781 C Generate gotpcrel relocation against static routine when -fvisibility=protected
DPD200357790 C++ failure to build offload solution with a static library
DPD200357961 C++ OMP ATOMIC for operation on structure component causes Internal Compiler Error in case structure has a defined destructor
DPD200358286 C Pointer Checker: Problem with dynamic library
DPD200358405 Fortran Visual Studio formatter with comments generates incorrect indentation
DPD200358651 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture internal error : bad pointer with OpenMP 4.0* simd and compiling with -openmp
DPD200359306 C++ icl-14.0.3 xilink internal error: 0_432 with compilation of /Qipo compilation of stdafx.cpp
DPD200359454 Fortran, C++, C some DLL libs are not built with “/DYNAMICBASE"
DPD200388855 C++ implicitly virtual function cannot be declared with "abstract" or "sealed" (final) modifier
DPD200515746 C++ LINK : fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error; RPC (23) '(0x000006BA)'
DPD200522781 C operand size mismatch for several Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel(R) AVX) instructions
DPD200522986 C++ Destructor called twice
DPD200524042 C++ internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200532919 Fortran reduction memref under condition not guarded in initial value read, yielding to SEGV
DPD200539828 C++, C -Werror -w does not ignore warnings

Update 3 (Posted May 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200140301 C, C++ feature request to add min/max reduction clause support on C/C++ for 8+ thread scaling performance
DPD200157800 C Internal Compiler Error: make_node_from_operand: on invalid reference of member function
DPD200173260 Fortran Coarray Feature Request: non-default option to remove job launcher
DPD200174760 C, C++ Feature Request: support gcc* option -Wchar-subscripts
DPD200236776 C++, C low precision sin returns result outside allowed range
DPD200237886 C++ Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): missed optimization opportunity for 1/sqrtf(x)
DPD200240531 C++, C Wrong value using unsigned long
DPD200243347 C++ CHECK POINTER: strcmp call to wrapper not generated by compiler
DPD200244270 Fortran fails to compile with pre Beta Release 14.0 compiler(composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.040 - 14.0.0 20130417)
DPD200246273 Fortran Use-associated name in doubly nested contained procedure not seen
DPD200246433 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qcoarray /debug
DPD200248833 C++ C++ atomic usage errror with icc...
DPD200248989 Fortran Traceback prematurely terminated on Windows/x86
DPD200249067 Fortran module incorrectly needs to be imported twice to get code compiled - a regression
DPD200249354 C++ Ambiguity between templated member operators and free templated operators when -std=gnu++0x specified
DPD200249357 Fortran VALUE attribute inconsistently applied in 14.0 with structure
DPD200249365 C++ norm var replacement causes incorrect code for union using __uint128_t data type
DPD200249430 C Cache directory entries to reduce system calls for include directory lookups
DPD200249442 C++ problem with floating point literals in constant expression in microsoft mode
DPD200249459 Fortran Module variable rename for unique derived types produces error #8032 - Generic procedure reference has two or more specific procedure...
DPD200249466 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for call to type-bound procedure of derived type array element
DPD200249495 C++ Inliner (?) generates infinite loop
DPD200249702 C++, Fortran OS X* compilers C++ and Fortran, remove link crt1.0 dependence
DPD200249725 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: offload_signaled malfunction in Fortran
DPD200249798 Fortran Internal compiler error - related to non-virtual type-bound assignment
DPD200249847 C++ icc-14.0 SEGV when using static __thread variables with the gold ELF linker
DPD200249881 C icc 14.0 IEEE754-2008 Floating Point Library bugs
DPD200249893 C++, C main thread hanging on OpenMP* join call, when BLOCKTIME=0
DPD200249951 C++ 14.0 drivers Internal Compiler Error internal error: Assertion failed (shared/driver/drvutils.c, line 663)
DPD200249961 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200249962 C High Level Optimization Scalar Replacement (70)internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200249994 C++ can't set "Base Platform Toolset" to "v110"
DPD200250110 C++ OS X C++11 features require -stdlib=libc++ which should now be default for icpc on OS X platforms
DPD200250276 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200250346 Fortran ALLOCATE statement generates error #8152
DPD200250381 C++ Intel(R) Cilk(TM) - Add reducer_vector.h to compiler kits
DPD200250454 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows* - Incorrect results/crash accessing a DLL module-based variable within an offload region
DPD200250533 Fortran Internal Compiler Error at PRESENT() intrinsic for program with OPTIONAL argument
DPD200250625 Fortran ifort 14.0 problem with recognizing type-bound operator
DPD200250676 C weak_ptr is thread unsafe when compiled with -restrict
DPD200250703 C Internal error on 32-bit OS for complex by value parameters
DPD200250749 Fortran Source control issues with Fortran projects, VS2013, Team Foundation Server
DPD200250759 C Internal Compiler Error in frontend verification
DPD200250854 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - xiar/xild not finding newly named/pathed k1om-mpss-linux-ar.exe under MPSS 3.1.x
DPD200250935 Fortran Internal compiler error 010101_13220 on OMP ATOMIC READ and check all enabled.
DPD200250952 Fortran internal error for using OpenMP declare target in module
DPD200250964 Fortran MATMUL of coindexed coarray gets bounds error
DPD200251078 Fortran ifort !$omp target update with false 'if' condition fails for host fallback computation
DPD200251097 C++ std::convertible is not returning the right value
DPD200251099 C++ MIC_LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set by redistributable
DPD200252247 Fortran ifort 14.0 correctness issue with SSE4.1/SSE4.2 (regression)
DPD200252252 Fortran Internal Compiler Error occurs when -fpp -extend-source applied
DPD200252333 C internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1178
DPD200252407 Fortran ifort-14 incorrect output OpenMP 4.0* Example 48.4f
DPD200252449 C icc-14 incorrect output OpenMP 4.0 Example 48.1.c
DPD200252452 C icc-14.0 comp fail OpenMP 4.0 Example 48.2c
DPD200252655 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows error: cannot overload functions distinguished by return type alone (xtgmath.h - pow/_GENERIC_MATH2_CALL)
DPD200252680 C++ Default destructor doesn't have noexcept flag
DPD200252739 C++ problem with virtual dispatch with virtual inheritance in GNU* mode
DPD200252783 Fortran Incorrect vectorization of outer loop after complete unroll of inner
DPD200252838 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for TRANSPOSE of a coarray
DPD200252852 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with -no-simd and SIMD directive with reduction clause
DPD200252853 C, C++ zero used for undefined preprocessing identifier
DPD200252875 C++ icc 14.0 inconsistent performance behaviour when offloading to multiple cards
DPD200252906 C, C++ Incorrect result with -std=gnu99 on native Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200252940 C++ the compiler no longer generates default contructor under some circumstances
DPD200253045 Fortran Allocatable components of INTENT(OUT) argument not deallocated on entry
DPD200253433 C icl 14.0.1 fails to return error code with /MP and breaks nmake
DPD200253698 C error in OpenMP runtime: threadprivate variables not threadprivate
DPD200253712 C++, C Microsoft Visual Studio 2013* atl com dll project build error in debug config
DPD200253774 C++ Switch -tcollect causes compilation to die because of heap corruption
DPD200253796 C++ bogus syntax error on default argument of template template parameter in microsoft mode
DPD200253873 C++ Microsoft* incompatibility on template deduction involving const pointer with member function pointer
DPD200253922 C++ /Zp8 causes static assertion
DPD200254005 Fortran Data corruption with stream formatted non-advancing READ
DPD200254135 Fortran -O3 causes Internal Compiler Error in HLO framework
DPD200254164 C Internal Compiler Error (14.0 production, 15.0 nightly)
DPD200254197 C++ Incorrect result if SIMD loop is strip mined
DPD200254279 Fortran Go To Definition does not work on type extends
DPD200254361 Fortran ifort 14.0.2 error #7146: This object must not be used as an allocate-object
DPD200254375 C++ After upgrading Xcode* to 5.1 the icc 14.x compiler doesn't show up in Xcode any more
DPD200254399 C Internal Compiler Error in symbol_tbl.c on call to __is_trivally_constructible type trait
DPD200254533 Fortran offload from OpenMP parallel region fails
DPD200254723 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload_main: rfunc/myorfunc.c:317: myoiRFuncThreadFunc: Assertion `func' failed.
DPD200254792 C++ OS X:libc++ broken
DPD200255246 Fortran Unexpected compile-time errors related to ASSOCIATE statement use in a PURE procedure
DPD200255469 C libirc.a and other static libs are not listed as redistributable in fredist.txt and credist.txt
DPD200295115 C __builtin_signbit does not work with long double value -1.0L
DPD200390417 C++ error #3377: constexpr function return is non-constant should only be error in strict mode for function templates
DPD200405203 C++ HPO Vectorizer: ": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200511191 C++ Vectorizer problem: When upper bits are zero, lower 32-bits are duplicated in 64-bit integers
DPD200515605 C Code Generation: icc compile time 100 times longer than gcc
DPD200515852 C++ enum class: error : expression must have a constant value
DPD200516926 C++, Fortran, C profmerge fail: *** glibc* detected *** profmerge: double free or corruption

Update 2 (Posted February 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200040695 C, C++, Fortran minor issues with new processor-specific switches
DPD200050708 C, C++ Test-case for efficient mixed datatype vectorization
DPD200121197 Fortran ifort 11.1 warning/incorrect output for dummy argument with OPTIONAL and VALUE attributes
DPD200156538 C Feature Request: differentiate _mm256_castps128_ps256 for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) and SSEx
DPD200161119 Fortran Long compilation time
DPD200165977 Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) failure to vectorize after inlining with IPO
DPD200170323 Fortran ifort v12.1 beta -- error in reference counting code
DPD200171083 C Emit high_pc and low_pc for compilation units
DPD200175737 C Internal Compiler Error on corrupt files
DPD200236289 C++ Large obj file when -g is on
DPD200236776 C++, C low precision sine returns result outside allowed range
DPD200239428 C, C++ global variable symbol info for function eliminated with -ipo
DPD200240512 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: internal error for OpenMP 4.0* directive with -no-offload
DPD200240635 C Tests failing with icc/hw pl....
DPD200240941 C glibc: warning #2210: asm name ignored for previously defined entity
DPD200241721 C++ include causes multiple defined symbols
DPD200241745 C Problem in for _Decimal64 & _Decimal32 in -std=c99
DPD200243738 C++, C Feature Request: side-by-side installation from Silent installation on Windows*
DPD200243746 C++ -fpermissive might result in application crash
DPD200244270 Fortran Application fails to compile with pre Beta Release 14.0 compiler(composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.040 - 14.0.0 20130417)
DPD200244277 C 2013 SP1 beta: internal error: 0_1911
DPD200244318 Fortran Performance regression for penta-diagonal sparse solver kernel on Haswell client system
DPD200244837 C, C++ Parallel build results in build error
DPD200245060 Fortran fit_lookup: Line_seq_number 0000000000000000 was not found
DPD200245474 C++ Ctrl+C leads to zero-sized .obj file, which is not rebult any more
DPD200246215 Fortran 14.0 localization: Fortran IDE integration options dialog needing consistant localization wordings
DPD200246348 C -parallel produces incorrect output
DPD200246376 C++, C 14.0 localization: installation dialog for debugger extension is not fully translated
DPD200246459 Fortran keep spaces added with for inserting snipits in block or smart mode
DPD200246473 Fortran, C++, C 14.0 localization: need localizing the Debugger Extension content in all the installation dialogs
DPD200246708 Fortran Fortran Internal Compiler Error returns 04010002_1529
DPD200247009 Fortran, C++, C 14.0 localization: and irc_msg.msg are not translated to Japanese
DPD200247224 Fortran Error 8363 for reference to allocatable coarray component of parent type in extended type
DPD200247366 C++, C Array notation initialization optimized out?
DPD200247388 C++ icl 14.0 incorrect output
DPD200247851 C++ fail to compile tuple template code when using -mic
DPD200247915 Fortran IOSTAT for end-of-file in coarray images other than image 1 is 781 instead of -1
DPD200247962 C Statically linking to OpenMP* creates executable stack security exposure
DPD200248067 C, C++, Fortran SIMD missing from optimization report message
DPD200248092 Fortran catastrophic error: Include files and/or DICTIONARY statements nested too deeply
DPD200248106 C++ Internal Compiler Error: assertion failed for small code and OpenMP
DPD200248124 C++ packed attribute on struct causing type conversion issues on field
DPD200248144 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Variables listed in NOCOPY are still transferred to the card
DPD200248209 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: "Illegal unknown packet at module level"
DPD200248273 C++ assertion in lower_constant when lowering an abk_temporary constant
DPD200248286 Fortran Internal compiler error - possibly related to use of FORCEINLINE
DPD200248311 Fortran 14.0 localization: Inconsistent translation style used in Microsoft Visual Studio's* "Tools > Options > Text Editors > Fortran" in Intel® Visual Fortran IDE integration
DPD200248350 C++ gcc 4.7 4.8 cxxlib incompatible error internal error: array_element_type: non-array type
DPD200248441 Fortran 14.0 localization: some text on project properties mis-translated
DPD200248453 Fortran Incorrect assumed-shape array bounds when code compiled w/OpenMP
DPD200248472 C Using /Qgcc-dialect option with __uuidof is causing the Internal error : Access violation
DPD200248506 C icc: cannot determine the exception specification due to circular dependency for default keyword
DPD200248526 Fortran Vectorizer generates incorrect code for loop operating on COMPLEX data and calling SQRT
DPD200248554 C++ icc 14.0: error when calling the constructor is called with an initializer list
DPD200248555 C icc -std=c11: incorrect error with new GCC* C11 standard, OK for C99
DPD200248587 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with print '(dt)' and structure constructor
DPD200248736 Fortran Runtime failure (variable 'var$nnnn' is being used without being defined) - loss of PRESENT status for optional argument
DPD200248743 C++ Possible alignment issue when using -openmp flag
DPD200248756 C++ C++11 lambda capture of parameter packs inside cilk_for loops
DPD200248770 Fortran ifort 14.0 Internal Compiler Error with OpenMP 4.0 declare target/target construct in contained procedure
DPD200248789 Fortran IsDebuggerPresent is missing from kernel32 for Intel(R) 64
DPD200248809 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture _mm512_prefetch_i32gather_ps does not emit VGATHERPF1DPS with _MM_HINT_T1
DPD200248830 C++, C Variable read-back missing after asm statement
DPD200248835 Fortran INQUIRE fails with forrtl: severe (2): not implemented error after opening > 2100 files
DPD200248902 C++ access violation when break inside template function
DPD200248921 C++ Bug in OpenMP firstprivate implementation
DPD200248927 C OpenMP target pragma fails when followed by OpenMP critical pragma (runtime crash, offload error: process on the device 0 was terminated by signal 11)
DPD200248940 C, C++ OpenMP version visible to pre-processor
DPD200248941 Fortran Inquire to other file fails after open with NEWUNIT
DPD200249007 C++ Code supposed to be part of Transaction is spilling out of the transactional region while using TSX intrinsics
DPD200249080 C Internal Compiler Error:assertion failed: dump_expr_il0: NULL expression (shared/cfe/edgglue/edg_expr.c, line 5371)
DPD200249175 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio formatter for Fortran files
DPD200249228 Fortran ifort 14.0 funny looking output with -assume noold_ldout_format
DPD200249357 Fortran VALUE attribute inconsistently applied in 14.0 with structure
DPD200249365 C++ norm var replacement causes incorrect code for union using __uint128_t data type
DPD200249390 C, C++ icl 14.0 update 1 failed to build project "x64" config
DPD200249414 Fortran Apparent erroneous errors #8485 (no match for type bound generic function) and #8497 (illegal procedure name use)
DPD200249415 C Incompatible macro expansion, token pasting in floating point literal
DPD200249447 C internal error: backend signals when using pragma code_seg and pragma intel optimization_parameter
DPD200249452 C++ Problem using range based for loop with enum
DPD200249465 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio tool tips, goto definition doesn't work on ACCEPT, READ ()
DPD200249490 C++ "warning #3441" is generated for simple code when targeting Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200249502 Fortran Auto-formatting when editing (breaking) lines containing numeric values into multiple lines leads to undesired formatting
DPD200249512 Fortran Fortran TYPE Name Is Prefixed With Invalid Type Scope
DPD200249528 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on passing structure constructors to extends_type_of
DPD200249585 Fortran Customer claims use -f -axSSE4.2 prevents execution on Opteron* 2384
DPD200249608 C++ vectorization generates incorrect code for user-defined complex class
DPD200249641 C missing default rescan info (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/exprutil.c, line 4284)
DPD200249646 C __block rvalue assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/folding.c", line 6595
DPD200249779 Fortran ifort 14.0 __kmpc_global_thread_num() high overhead for /Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat
DPD200249798 Fortran Internal compiler error - related to non-virtual type-bound assignment
DPD200249837 Fortran for_read_int_nml and for_write_int_nml not exported from libifcoremd.dll
DPD200249928 C Debug info with multiple references to offset 0 in the line number table
DPD200249988 C, C++, Fortran Can't reproduce old -ax behavior on non-Intel systems
DPD200250066 Fortran Inaccuracy on Fortran OFFLOAD documentation of INTO
DPD200250069 Fortran Internal compiler error while doing pack symbol table optimization phase
DPD200250131 Fortran TRACEBACKQQ fails for dispatched code added to shared library
DPD200250149 C++ bug in uniform initialization and copy constructors
DPD200250181 C++, C error : Element has an invalid value
DPD200250386 Fortran CLASS in TYPE declaration breaks Microsoft Visual Studio source parser
DPD200250462 C typedef float * __restrict DLB_CLVEC; doesn't take effect
DPD200250493 Fortran MBINDEX() returns incorrect values for Japanese string
DPD200250633 Fortran Endless compilation with -O2, runs with -O1
DPD200250684 Fortran Module build order wrong in Microsoft Visual Studio
DPD200250765 C++ CRITICAL std::string bug with c++11
DPD200250951 C++ allow list initialization for constexpr variables
DPD200250955 Fortran Bug in iflogmt module
DPD200252274 C Linking Error
DPD200252302 Fortran Access violation
DPD200345901 C Strange behavious about -mkl placement
DPD200347517 C, C++ segfault with -openmp -static
DPD200348608 C++ Loop not vectorized due to dead break statement
DPD200349886 Fortran PDB file is created in project directory although default property value is $(IntDir)\vc.pdb
DPD200352442 C++ error #13212: Reference to EBX in function requiring stack alignment
DPD200383051 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: compilervars_arch.bat is rewriting MIC_LD_LIBRARY_PATH set by mklvars.bat and tbbvars.bat
DPD200383481 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: #pragma simd causes compiler 14.0 to generate incorrect code.
DPD200387370 C Test fails, incorrect dllimport propagation
DPD200388161 Fortran Pointer disambiguation does not work for vectorizer
DPD200389919 C++, C internal error: backend signals with #pragma simd reduction
DPD200390009 C Performance issue with restrict keyword honored and not so....
DPD200390421 Fortran OpenMP SEGV: use of private class type pointer
DPD200390794 C++ range-based for loops do not work with variable length arrays
DPD200393868 C wrong results with O2 and -fstrict-aliasing
DPD200396313 C++ Incorrect result on workload
DPD200398088 Fortran Incorrect results

Update 1 (Posted October 2013), Package IDs below 

DPD200011983 C++ 29% greater code size at -O2 compared to gcc*
DPD200153736 C++ gcc compatibility: replace #pragma system_header with #line 3 when preprocessing
DPD200160592 C++ Would like debugger to show variables captured by lambda
DPD200164607 Fortran Complete KMP_DUPLICATE_LIB_OK message
DPD200172918 C++ Need support for -stdlib=libc++
DPD200176977 C++ Feature request for reducer for multiplication for Intel(R) Cilk(TM) compiler
DPD200179391 C OpenMP* Collapse clause prevents vectorization
DPD200233636 C linux: -[no]align option does not change command line to mcpcom
DPD200233661 C++ Intel compiler can't find stdarg.h
DPD200236021 Fortran MOVE_ALLOC does not update size of polymorphic array
DPD200236855 C++ Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) offload SHOC S3D performance regression with Intel(R) Composer XE 2013.0.079
DPD200241300 Fortran Auto dispatch /QaxSSE4.1 crashed on source file contains many subroutines
DPD200241314 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows*: liboffload.lib linked only when calling OFFLOAD_NUMBER_OF_DEVICES() from source file named h.F90 or h.f90
DPD200241520 C internal error on bitfield in struct
DPD200241694 C++, C ICC does not vpbroadcastw from memory
DPD200241806 C Add crtbegin.o and crtend.o to redist.txt file
DPD200241830 Fortran Remove inappropriate C++ references from the Fortran compiler documentation
DPD200242741 C++, C Extended thread local storage feature
DPD200242954 Fortran ifort 13.1 gives 0_46031 catastrophic error when compiling with Visual Studio 2008* debug mode
DPD200243264 C Internal Compiler Error on const volatile variable (": internal error: backend signals)
DPD200243369 Fortran Vector subroutine with intent(out) argument gives error
DPD200243378 Fortran Assignment of array element with polymorphic component assigns to whole array
DPD200243400 C Vectorized erand48 loop seg faults without pragma simd
DPD200243416 C++ icpc core dump with many if then else statements
DPD200243495 C CHECK POINTER: bounds problem with data stored in thread storage with O0
DPD200243595 Fortran Incorrect results generated for -mmic -O2, correct results for -mmic -O1 and for all builds for Intel(R) Xeon(R)
DPD200243944 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when initializing allocatable array with structure constructor in type declaration
DPD200244115 C, Fortran 14.0 beta require nofusion to avoid breakage
DPD200244345 Fortran -check uninit with unused OPTIONAL parameter produces spurious severe(193) run time error message
DPD200244378 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture - marking lambdas within an offload pragma as shared
DPD200244440 Fortran ifort failed with interal compiler error
DPD200244459 C icc terminated by unknown signal(139)
DPD200244709 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compilation of virtual shared extensions with -offload=none -openmp results in undefined MYO references
DPD200244728 C Code using header from gcc 4.7 doesn't compile with icc
DPD200244767 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for HYPOT with different kinds for arguments
DPD200245000 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows* - xiar/xild error #10037 could not find x86_64-k1om-linux-ar.exe
DPD200245098 C icc Backend Signals on Asynch Offload w/ OpenMP Task
DPD200245228 C Mozilla build problem on Windows - #include files not found
DPD200245263 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - status variable of type _Offload_status requires target(mic) attribute decoration
DPD200245305 C++ pragma offload with "in" clause fails when using -> operator
DPD200245310 Fortran Use clause problem
DPD200245327 C++ instantiation of array class with string type causes "constexpr member function is only permitted in a literal class type error
DPD200245347 C icc produces bad assembly file
DPD200245378 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: GENERIC type-bound procs and PRIVATE
DPD200245468 C icc -check-pointers-dangling=stack -check-pointers=rw -g backend signals
DPD200245469 C icc -check-pointers=write Internal Compiler Error 04010026_0
DPD200245470 C icc -check-pointers=rw -g Internal Compiler Error IERROR_MODULE_ID_1270
DPD200245472 C icc -check-pointers=rw Internal Compiler Error 04010012_20010
DPD200245506 Fortran Internal compiler error with debug options
DPD200245573 C Pointer Checker: internal error: backend signals
DPD200245610 C qualifiers dropped in binding reference of type "float &" to initializer of type "const float"
DPD200245611 C++ Internal Compiler Error when polymorphic allocatable var assigned to empty constructor under defined assignment
DPD200245613 C++ Incorrect error on thread-local variable be dynamically initialized.
DPD200245639 C -check-pointers-dangling fails in SPEC2000
DPD200245737 C++ C++ NULL should not give warning #1881: argument must be a constant null pointer value
DPD200245769 Fortran Derived-Type IO not return from formatted read.
DPD200245890 C++ C++11 strongly typed enums should not implicitly convert to int in overload resolution
DPD200245892 Fortran Internal compiler error in 14.0.
DPD200245905 C++ pack expansion does not compile (variadic templates / C++11)
DPD200245966 Fortran PROTECTED variable improperly allowed when passed to procedure with INTENT(OUT)
DPD200245980 Fortran Undefined Symbol when linking with certain module USE patterns
DPD200246050 Fortran Coarray of derived type with allocatable component gets wrong value or access violation
DPD200246096 Fortran Failure with /Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat
DPD200246193 C++ 14.0: support MacOS 10.9 + Xcode 5.0
DPD200246223 Fortran vectorized loop appears to access optional argument that is not present
DPD200246241 C vectorization makes the output value wrong.
DPD200246261 C internal error: assertion failed
DPD200246332 Fortran Huge PDREF set for OpenMP threadprivate common blocks
DPD200246528 Fortran Runtime crash with 4 openmp threads after loop multiversioning
DPD200246597 C++ 14.0 localization: -opt-report causing "internal error" when trying to report IPO ROUTINE ATTRIBUTES PROPAGATION
DPD200246600 Fortran -no-ip causes unresolved reference to vector function
DPD200246628 C++, C, Fortran Feature Request: implementing a driver option to set assembler name in OS X* compiler.
DPD200246635 Fortran incorrect array notation print for array not starting at 1
DPD200246670 C++, C vectorization will only occur if inner loop counter is double (inner loop has conditional break)
DPD200246671 Fortran Problem with structure constructors for polymorphic objects
DPD200246672 C++ Internal Compiler Error for range based for loop inside OpenMP parallel region
DPD200246763 Fortran /Qcov-gen- not recognized
DPD200246783 C++ Segmentation fault on intrinsic assignment with finalizable parent component's component
DPD200246786 Fortran Use of "initial-exec" TLS mode in results in failure to load Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL) BLAS
DPD200246815 Fortran Error 6402 for TYPE IS with type-spec based on kind of other variable
DPD200246825 C++, C _allow_cpu_features not working, need at least function-level support
DPD200246844 C++ Wrong C++ mangling due to leaked-in align attribute
DPD200246880 C++ __sec_reduce_all_nonzero crashing compiler with backend signals
DPD200246881 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for OpenMP TASK
DPD200246967 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - Compilation fails when using IEEE module within offloaded routine
DPD200247024 C++ Cannot vectorize a parallel loop with unit stride when only elemental function declaration is available
DPD200247078 C 2x vperm2i128 can be reduced to 1x vpermq
DPD200247131 Fortran Linkage failed with "argument is too long" error.
DPD200247164 C++ Code generated for conditional select operator converts one result pointer to bool unnecessarily, causing COM exception
DPD200247184 Fortran Assignment of section of array of type with polymorphic component uses full array size, not section
DPD200247188   Feature Request: add an internal option to get all the external diagnostics that customer might encounter
DPD200247198 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for assignment to elemet of array dimensioned by num_images()
DPD200247218 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Allocation of User defined types fail on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) coprocessor
DPD200247227 Fortran Error 8212 for structure constructor of extended type with parent component specified as array element
DPD200247319 Fortran Visual Studio* navigation bar empty when character(:) used in declarations
DPD200247329 C++ bad pointer in update_parameter_pack_symbol_values in GNU* 4.7 and later modes
DPD200247439 Fortran SELECT TYPE statement results in seg fault for associated polymorphic type component
DPD200247488 C Compiling a code using OpenMP 4.0 TARGET construct results in Internal Compiler Error - but only for native Intel(R) MIC Architecture compilation
DPD200247514 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qopenmp /Od
DPD200247712 C Internal compiler error with OpenMP 4.0 target data construct.
DPD200247880 Fortran Problems with elemental finalization routines
DPD200248030 Fortran Incorrect output by auto-vectorization.
DPD200248095 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when assign procedure to procedure pointer component of derived type
DPD200248102 Fortran subsystem:console directive should be removed
DPD200248140 Fortran endless call chain of routine expand_record_ioitem() when compiling code with formatted derived type IO
DPD200248141 Fortran inline regression: Incorrect code after in-lining
DPD200248144 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Variables listed in NOCOPY are still transferred to the card
DPD200248420 C icc stats all entries in /etc and /tmp
DPD200248434 C++, C Compiler 14.0's -openmp removed the inner loop?
DPD200248508 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture - LAMPSS (IISC) error: a signal qualifier may not be empty
DPD200332483 C, C++ Using /MP for parallel compilation results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200338962 Fortran Corrupted stack around for_deallocate
DPD200342839 C++ icc 14.0 OpenMP loop collapse(2) collapse(3) broken
DPD200346092 C++ cilk_for does not accept pragma simd, but accept pragma vector always
DPD200349106 C, C++ Vectorization fails - dependency assumed in inner loop due to optimization bug
DPD200349603 C, C++ Offload with partial copy (offsets) does not correctly work...
DPD200349775 C++, C Incorrect results with libbfp754....
DPD200351558 C++ -fmudflap internal error: backend signals
DPD200354109 C icc compilation failure on spec_omp2012/367
DPD200384395 C++ g++ compatibility bug: allow float constants in integral constant expressions

Initial Release (Posted August 2013), Package IDs below 

DPD200009746 Fortran Feature Request to add user-defined "prologue" routine to handle run-time errors
DPD200016908 C++ Template name incorrectly (re-)bound on instantiation
DPD200029264 Fortran Fortran Module wizard (and user docs) use derived type GUID and not T_GUID
DPD200029777 C++ Double-precision loop not vectorizing because of complex dereference
DPD200034156 C++ Improve vec report
DPD200034565 Fortran Incorrect variable in "use .., only" list is not diagnosed by compiler
DPD200037459 Fortran Debug tooltips on type components
DPD200040289 Fortran Very slow compilation of Fortran file
DPD200044929 C, C++ Feature Request: enforce the -prof-dir option (don't fall back to current directory)
DPD200111547 C, C++, Fortran -g should cause -save-temps to be included for compilations on OS X*
DPD200111654 C++ OpenMP* loop not parallelized
DPD200120407 Fortran OpenMP firstprivate not copying character trimlen for dummy arg with assumed length
DPD200139115 Fortran, C, C++ document that -ftrapuv unmasks fp-invalid exception
DPD200140746 C++ Intel C++ OpenMP msg "for-incr does not conform" for iter=iter-1 and iter=1+iter, but should be OK
DPD200148680 Fortran F2003 Implement input/output of derived types
DPD200151471 Fortran fpp does not honor /assume:source_include (explicit or default)
DPD200154401 C++ c++0x: The icc compiler doesn't support raw-string and unicode literals
DPD200154876 Fortran Feature Request: decouple right margin wrap at 80 from RECL
DPD200155077 Fortran Wrong arguments in intrinsic functions don't cause errors
DPD200155668 C++ HPO loop can't be parallelized
DPD200155686 Fortran Incorrect declaration of RaiseException in module KERNEL32
DPD200156136 C++ Need to document __declspec (const)
DPD200157277 C++ Gnu compatibility requires ignoring extern template when optimizing
DPD200157351 Fortran Coarry Fortran program hangs or segmentation fault with re-allocatable component of co-array
DPD200157722 C++ Qsrd=c99 should be qStd=c99 in the document
DPD200157782 C++ name lookup of type declared after nested class of template class not visible inside nested class
DPD200157821 C Gcc compaibility, icc fails to recognize attribute force_align_arg_pointer
DPD200158045 Fortran INQUIRE statement returns "stdin" as a dummy name for standard-input when stdin is a pipe
DPD200159516 Fortran ifort hang on compiling F77 init within a structure
DPD200159578 C++ Excess compile time in optimizer
DPD200159665 C++, C Need Array of structures tutorial for Array Notation
DPD200160533 Fortran OBJCOMMENT Directive not accepted in contained subroutine
DPD200161371 Fortran Coarry Fortran: local allocatable coarray in recursive procedure already allocated
DPD200163163 C, C++ icc -Wshadow fails to warn of shadowing variables
DPD200163892 C++ Compiler document error
DPD200164410 Fortran Unwarranted warning 7925 for inherited abstract interface
DPD200164525 C icc v12 vectorizes code at -O2 but not at -O3 (another loop)
DPD200164971 Fortran Internal compiler error with module indirectly USEing itself (illegal)
DPD200165227 Fortran Erroneous warnings for valid generics in presence of conflicting symbolic name for module and dummy arg
DPD200165252 C Functions to check decimal Floating Point status flags are undocumented
DPD200166286 C, C++ More room for improvement in test case for compile time
DPD200169201 C, C++ Feature Request: more detailed version definitions
DPD200169357 Fortran Missing error for inconsistent passed procedure interface
DPD200169774 Fortran /warn:interface triggers error 8212 when STRUCTURE and array have same name
DPD200170323 Fortran ifort v12.1 beta -- error in reference counting code
DPD200170530 C variadic template syntax error when used in ctor initialization -- effects deque gcc45 header
DPD200171246 C++ support for c++11 implicit move constructors and implicit move operators
DPD200171495 Fortran, C, C++ Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture)FR: Optimize implicit data transfers to use a default IN/OUT/INOUT clause that mimics a variable's access (RO,WO,RW)
DPD200171569 Fortran Don't give error when name clash from different modules occurs but not used
DPD200172090 C, C++ The Code Generator intrinsics table needs to be fixed to have the correct set of clobbered/preserved registers for the SVML functions
DPD200172823 Fortran Bad result for function result array dimensioned by component of derived type array dummy argument
DPD200173725 Fortran Coarray Fortran: Unpredictable behavior for print of allocatable array component of derived type coarray
DPD200174990 C memmove() >4x slower than memcpy()
DPD200175918 Fortran [ifort] compiler\include\kernel32.f90 - RaiseException incorrect
DPD200177464 C -Wconversion warning #1682 output by gcc but not icc
DPD200177736 Fortran Feature Request to support parenthesis highlighting in the source editor
DPD200178864 C debug register name "db" not supported in the AT&T* style inline assembly for Windows* platform
DPD200178905 C++ c++0x feature: delegating constructor
DPD200179376 C, C++ Options -std=c99 and -std=gnu99 options should be ignored in C++ mode
DPD200179392 C -diag_dump behavior inconsistent
DPD200179670 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture loop was not vectorized: subscript too complex
DPD200179715 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Please document all conditions that cause offload compiler errors
DPD200180044 C, C++ Intel(R) C++ Composer XE issue on Mandarin OS Windows* 7
DPD200180177 C Vectorization too conservative - doesn't vectorize loop inside OpenMP region
DPD200180310 C++, C Adding /QxCORE-AVX2 & /QxCORE-AVX-I to IDE integration
DPD200180554 C -help-pragma option doesn't work
DPD200180569 Fortran /stand:f08 (-std08) warning 7601 for passing internal procedure as actual argument
DPD200180596 C++ Inefficient F32 to u8 conversion
DPD200181387 C++ Vectorization issue of propagating data dependent pragmas into lambda function
DPD200181430 Fortran Intel(R) Visual Fortran projects default to DLL libraries
DPD200181485 C++ Massive warnings on OS X* during compiler build (issued by linker)
DPD200181491 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Host process dies when offloaded Intel(R) MIC Architecture process dies
DPD200181496 Fortran Internal compiler error for coarray program using an array of derived type with allocatable component
DPD200181503 Fortran Program freezes during read from stream file
DPD200181569 C gcc -Wuninitialized should map to warning #592 and be off by default
DPD200181715 C Setting __NO_INLINE__ at default optimization is different from -O2
DPD200181716 C++, C remove "_export" & "__export" predefined macros
DPD200181819 C++ loop not vectorized with O3 + IPO.
DPD200182110 C++, C Intel(R) C++ Composer XE 2013 Static Analysis hangs
DPD200186376 C++ Members of anonymous namespace are global
DPD200190276 C++ c++0x: support for general initializer lists
DPD200232581 Fortran Improve error message for actual procedure must be module procedure or external procedure
DPD200232729 Fortran Array FINAL procedure called to finalize scalar
DPD200232935 C, C++ Interprocedural Optimization link mentions mentions options not supplied by user
DPD200232973 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture native > 6x performance regression
DPD200233016 Fortran Corray Fortran: deallocate(x[*]) results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200233030 C -Wdeprecated doesn't indicate deprecated options
DPD200233147 Fortran Internal compiler error for OpenMP atomic capture directive
DPD200233245 C Unroll skews the Vectorizer heuristics
DPD200233252 Fortran Display traceback for /check:arg_temp_created (array temporary) warnings
DPD200233360 Fortran segfault due to missing procedure
DPD200233377 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture auto vectorization failed on loop of vector<complex> data type.
DPD200233760 Fortran OpenMP tasks not working properly
DPD200233763 C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture linker not behaving as expected
DPD200233973 Fortran MBINDEX() returns incorrect values for Japanese Command Prompt
DPD200234064 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: Invalid keyword in structure constructor
DPD200234083 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture vbroadcast instruction should be masked when used for scalar code
DPD200234116 Fortran standard compliant support for denormalized numbers in IEEE arithmetic modules missing/incomplete.
DPD200234603 Fortran USE of generic ASSIGNMENT(=) incorrectly rejected as unresolved reference
DPD200234836 Fortran Quick Info displays types incorrectly
DPD200234877 C, C++ Two docs updates for -Wall and for -fjump-tables
DPD200234881 Fortran parameter attribute prevents vectorization with SIMD
DPD200234975 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for reference to type-bound generic where ONLY list names only the type
DPD200234992 Fortran ALLOCATE (Source=) succeeds but ASSOCIATED returns false
DPD200235001 C++, Fortan Request for method for offload error handling
DPD200235134 Fortran Copying types with allocatable character component using -assume realloc_lhs copies incorrectly
DPD200235160 C Vectorization of complex outer loops with temporary arrays
DPD200235332 C++ invalid designator kind on initializer list containing lambda
DPD200235354 C++ Inconsistent code generated for the inner-loop in two samples
DPD200235367 Fortran Simple loop having unknown array size with indirect access does not vectorize
DPD200235384 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: report actual variable names for "-opt-report-phase:offload" and "H_TRACE"
DPD200235415 C++ Intel(R) CILK(TM): Compiler internal error when _Cilk_spawn is called at global scope
DPD200235485 Fortran Compile time regression in importing modules
DPD200235493 C++, C Excessive use of memory (Compiler ciscization issue) while building with /QxAVX
DPD200235569 Fortran Compiler incorrectly finds a type/rank/signature match for generic binding
DPD200235601 Fortran malformed interface declaration accepted by the compiler
DPD200235644 C++ Suppress non Intel(R) MIC Architecture Packs during Intel(R) MIC Architecture compilation.
DPD200235743 Fortran Regression: Endless recursion in ifort front end routine use_associate_entity()
DPD200235767 C++ Runtime performance icc 12.0 and icc 13.0 is slower than gcc 4.7 and gcc 4.4.5
DPD200235782 C++ pragma noprefetch at begin of function must immediately precede a statement
DPD200235900 C++, Fortran Need directive for local FMA suppression
DPD200236017 C, C++, Fortran Application compiled by "-xHost -axSSE2" doesn't run on AMD* architecture while "-axSSE2 -xHost" does
DPD200236088 Fortran Incorrect error 6780 when assigning to a pointer component in ASSOCIATE where the selector base variable is INTENT(IN)
DPD200236117 C++ System include files should not produce warnings (use -isystem to avoid)
DPD200236258 C++, C Request to have -Qoption,cpp,--print_include_stack on by default on Linux*
DPD200236337 C++, C Add all the supported -std[val] /Qstd[val] values to icc/icl help
DPD200236373 Fortran Feature Request: Improve compiler message for unsupported ISO_10646 character type
DPD200236510 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in Fortran Front Eend routine ret_sym_for_type()
DPD200236554 Fortran Internal compiler Error for use of abstract interface
DPD200236555 Fortran Confusing diagnostic for PASS/NOPASS error in procedure pointer component declaration
DPD200236556 Fortran Invalid errors for use of host-associated variable in specification expression
DPD200236607 Fortran Feature Request: new feature to enable buffering of STDOUT
DPD200236611 Fortran value not assigned to array in user defined type when value is both assigned and used within loop
DPD200236642 Fortran Result from getlog is not padded with blank when login name is only one less than the actual parameter length
DPD200236782 C++ Compiler is not able to link clang's c++ library
DPD200236889 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Accessing array pointer + stride values from Object vs. PlainOldData breaks alignment
DPD200236930 Fortran Spurious standards warning 7363 when passing INTENT(IN) argument to a generic where specific has INTENT(IN)
DPD200237040 C++, C allow de-select files in "Use Intel C++ Compiler" dialog in Performance Guide
DPD200237079 C -xcpp-ouput has no effect, poorly documented
DPD200237085 C++, Fortran Wrongly fused loops
DPD200237101 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: contained subroutine uses program scope variables including complex variable
DPD200237117 Fortran inconsistant warning for function with interface returning type where encapsulated variables are defined
DPD200237121 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: pass int(integer) to class(*) dummy argument
DPD200237125 Fortran erroneous error: compiler confused by subroutine in another module with input argument name the same as user defined type variable
DPD200237144 Fortran change of behaviour in -O0 compiler option (ifort now adheres to the F2008 Standard)
DPD200237268 C, C++ Need to remove the remark "#pragma once is obsolete"
DPD200237427 Fortran Compilation with -assume realloc_lhs exposes internal compiler error
DPD200237444 Fortran Finalization not called when a derived type contains a pointer to another derived type and assignment occurs
DPD200237452 Fortran Illegal syntax (missed parentheses) causes an Internal Compiler Error
DPD200237536 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request - provide _Offload_get_physical_device_number() API
DPD200237668 Fortran Generated interface .f90 omits ALLOCATABLE attribute, OPTIONAL attribute for derived types
DPD200237804 Fortran Internal Compiler Error related to PROCEDURE POINTER construct
DPD200237944 Fortran Internal compiler error for LOC of a type-bound procedure
DPD200237952 C, C++ Feature Request: support of /doc option
DPD200238060 C, C++, Fortran Document -qlink-name and -qasm-name options
DPD200238121 Fortran Memory leak with ALLOCATE(SOURCE=), derived type with polymorphic components
DPD200238124 C++, C several files always rebuild even right after project "rebuild"
DPD200238143 Fortran Internal error when variable declared in host scope used via IMPORT in pure function
DPD200238279 Fortran Automatic reallocation gives wrong bounds when RHS is expression
DPD200238332 Fortran Internal compiler error using module with polymorphic type
DPD200238344 Fortran Missing ifort compiler version in dwarf DW_AT_producer
DPD200238388 C mainline Linux Intel(R) 64 compiler: -45.88% regression of run time on Intel(R) microarchitecture code name Sandy Bridge with -O3 -fast -parallel -ipo -no-prec-div optimization
DPD200238462 C, C++ Feature Request: #pragma equivalent for compiler option -opt-prefetch-distance=n1,n2
DPD200238465 C++ [C++11] Copy constructor that should be implicitly deleted is generated, even if explicitly deleted
DPD200238475 Fortran No diagnostic for illegal PACK() Fortran intrinsic
DPD200238538 Fortran Building Intel(R) MIC Architecture code with -g results in objdump errors in .debug_info section
DPD200238644 Fortran access violation when deallocating associated variable when /auto set
DPD200238705 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture FR: Support offload of zero-length allocatable arrays in Fortran
DPD200238710 Fortran Extending outlining feature for type definition and interface blocks
DPD200238728 Fortran warn:interfaces option enabled results in error #6636
DPD200238768 C Bug in icpc: omitting function call
DPD200238782 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for procedure pointer assignment where target is abstract interface
DPD200238805 Fortran severe performance regression in unformatted I/O
DPD200238820 Fortran Incorrect error #6405 for a subroutine argument with 13.0 Fortran compiler
DPD200238821 C++ internal error: assertion failed: walk_entry_and_subtree: bad expr node kind (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/walk_entry.h, line 1788)
DPD200238913 Fortran Compiler unroll much slower than hand unroll
DPD200238933 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request - Trigger offload link when only _Offload_number_of_devices() present in source
DPD200238936 Fortran module performance issue (example uses mpi)
DPD200238974 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: DLLIMPORT subroutine argument
DPD200239070 Fortran Incorrect error #6285: There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call
DPD200239087 C, C++ Support for computed goto on Windows
DPD200239112 C++ Incorrect warning #734, should be move instead of copy.
DPD200239376 Fortran Error 8032 for ambiguous generic reference when module is used both with and without ONLY
DPD200239387 C, C++ rebuild almost all files even only one source file is changed, when /MP is present
DPD200239415 Fortran FLUSH() for non-advancing output doesn't format the output the same as gfortran*
DPD200239426 Fortran, C++ No error/traceback output when Fortran routine called from C with try/catch block
DPD200239431 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when using DLLIMPORT instead of DLLEXPORT
DPD200239456 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal compiler error - segV in ipo_Build_Call_Graph_Segment(IPO_ENTRY_NODE_S*) ()
DPD200239490 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload RTL should disallow use of signal/wait "tag"variable with a zero value
DPD200239605 C++ Defaulted functions do not behave consistent with implemented functions in template instantiation
DPD200239685 C, C++, Fortran Using the -vec-report option along with the -guide option
DPD200239770 C++ DOUBLEPRECISION not recognized during array construction
DPD200239816 Fortran PUBLIC:: and PRIVATE:: incorrectly accepted
DPD200239818 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for code with with polymorphic types and SAME_TYPE_AS intrinsic: NOTREACHED
DPD200239833 Fortran Conforming code with structure constructor fails to compile by spurious error message about type compatibility to unlimited polymorphic type
DPD200239944 Fortran Continuation of directives does not work
DPD200239962 Fortran /check:bounds for substring triggers ICE with FORALL and implicit character(*)
DPD200240113 C, C++, Fortran request for internal option to prefetch memory accesses for specified initial iteration range for L2
DPD200240190 C optimization error caused by scalar replacement AND -fPIC with ICC
DPD200240415 C++ ICC issues warning instead of error for type on class variable definition
DPD200240464 C -xHost will select the architecture by CPUID, without checking the kernel support (XGETBV)
DPD200240561 C, C++, Fortran Enable indirect prefetches
DPD200240586 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for MOVE_ALLOC(FROM=polymorphic,TO=non-polymorphic)
DPD200240595 C++, C always_inline attribute needs to be ignored if inline is not also specified to be compatible with GNU*
DPD200240603 C++ _Cilk_shared causes internal error: backend signals
DPD200240605 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Win - icc WW04 compiler drop fork bomb
DPD200240624 C++ constexpr with string literals not working
DPD200240660 Fortran Component keyword cannot be used with array value
DPD200240698 C warning #32013 on atomic_load and atomic_store issue...
DPD200240752 Fortran Internal compiler error if compiled with -check all
DPD200240765 Fortran ALLOCATE (unlpoly,SOURCE=unlpoly) gets access violation
DPD200240770 C icc generates incorrect address for the memory reference
DPD200240877 Fortran Update 2 for some users makes Microsoft Visual Studio 2008* look for shell files even though they have full Visual Studio*
DPD200240887 C icc - missing debug info; no location information generated for variable....
DPD200240946 C++ error: no suitable user-defined conversion with gcc 4.7* compatible tuple type
DPD200241044 Fortran Windows* mic_lib module is missing for host and Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200241060 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows Option /Qmic incorrectly defines __INTEL_OFFLOAD
DPD200241157 Fortran Internal compiler error with FORCEINLINE attributes
DPD200241161 Fortran Description of PACKTIMEQQ and UNPACKTIMEQQ needs text about timezones and daylight savings
DPD200241162 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Wrong warning about "function has not been declared with compatible "target" attribute
DPD200241235 C++ problem with constexpr and static data member initialization
DPD200241311 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows /Qmic links ofldbegin.obj/ofldend.obj when offload directives present
DPD200241329 Fortran, C++, C Scalar replacement is enabled by default at -O2
DPD200241356 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Linker picks up obsolete aMIC.o file
DPD200241388 Fortran Very slow compile due to vectorizer when OpenMP is enabled
DPD200241398 Fortran Unable to process "Allocate( source = )"
DPD200241489 Fortran Deallocate of allocated polymorphic array gets "not allocated" error
DPD200241527 C++ "Clean Only" of a project using Intel C++ Compiler toolset, may clean other projects too
DPD200241529 C internal error on struct array initialization
DPD200241543 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for pointer remapping using polymorphic object
DPD200241572 Fortran Amendment to documentation of Fortran IF construct
DPD200241574 Fortran Unnecessary temporary array copy for non-overlapping array assignment
DPD200241601 Fortran Huge object files produced with Fortran compiler 13.1 versus 12.1
DPD200241630 C++, C "Performance Guide Workflow" window and "Performance Guide" window always pop up when Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 reloading the project
DPD200241653 C, C++, Fortran Inconsistency with description of /QxHost command line option under Windows
DPD200241669 Fortran /check:pointer gives inappropriate error on assignment of derived type with allocatable character component
DPD200241682 Fortran Attributes align directive can align start of common block
DPD200241686 Fortran Errors 8485, 8497 for reference to inherited type-bound generic procedure when user-defined operator is also declared
DPD200241697 Fortran Fortran integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* does not highlight the Storage_Size function
DPD200241831 Fortran Fortran directives in documentation and documentation samples need to be consistently !DIR$
DPD200241859 Fortran MOVE_ALLOC (FROM=non-polymorphic, TO=polymorphic) does not properly fill in destination
DPD200241877 Fortran Remove module WS2_32 from IFWIN
DPD200241887 C++, C codecov and profmerge startup banner not in log file
DPD200241912 C++ Array notation is not vectorized at -O1
DPD200241992 Fortran OpenMP: SEGV when initializing parallel loop local (private) variable
DPD200242120 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: A SIMD private array results in an internal error
DPD200242131 Fortran FSEEK Does not work for stream access
DPD200242231 C++, C add link to sample KB in samples.htm
DPD200242233 Fortran Parser does not recognize ";" syntax for modules
DPD200242235 Fortran error #6618: The INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full
DPD200242237 C++, C Intel compiler spews 1000 messages....
DPD200242250 C Need to emit error message and fail
DPD200242317 Fortran Empty error message box while using Intel® Visual Fortran Module Wizard
DPD200242343 C, C++ command line build with internal error, but can work in Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE
DPD200242424 C++ Warning about "fixed up whole archive" should be a remark
DPD200242440 C, C++ Custom build rules do not work after switching to Intel C++ Compiler in Visual Studio
DPD200242461 Fortran Internal Compiler Error
DPD200242499 C++ 28% regression in test on Intel(R) microarchitecture code name Sandy Bridge with 13.1 ipo build.
DPD200242741 C++, C Extended thread local storage feature
DPD200242778 Fortran Various run-time errors with asynchronous WRITEs
DPD200242779 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for type-bound procedure override
DPD200242784 Fortran SHAPE intrinsic makes temporary copy of its argument
DPD200242859 Fortran Subroutine causes compiler to fail
DPD200242891 Fortran Typo in remark 8577
DPD200242920 Fortran ifort catastrophic error 04010002_1529 when subroutine called from loop
DPD200242982 C++ 13.0 regression to 12.1 regarding in-lining
DPD200243075 Fortran Comment out blank line caused System.OutOfMemoryException
DPD200243104 Fortran, C++, C vec-report6 should give alignment information for Intel(R) Xeon(R)
DPD200243172 C++ Volatile Variable lenght array causes a compiler time Internal error in the Front end
DPD200243174 Fortran ifort generates code seg faults with very large structures
DPD200243178 C++ Holder reducer does not work when global and -O2
DPD200243231 Fortran Slice of derived type array incorrectly passed to assumed-shape argument, IA-32 architecture only
DPD200243275 Fortran Access violation while trying to create a dialog box using DLGMODAL
DPD200243411 C++ CodeCov produce fails trying to create files with names > 260 chars
DPD200243429 C Internal Compiler Error in "put_vla_dimension_var_to_be_shared" for small OpenMP program
DPD200243522 Fortran Incorrect duplicate interface error 8032 for generic made accessible through two paths
DPD200243579 Fortran derived type with allocatable component gives erronious I/O error
DPD200243629 C++, C Internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/ms_lower_name.c", line 586
DPD200243637 Fortran PUBLIC procedure pointer not recognized correctly - a regression
DPD200243650 C++ '-fopenmp' behaviour differs form '-openmp' // error
DPD200243773 C++ invalid union member error on volatile struct field inside anonymous union
DPD200243913 Fortran Internal Compiler Error C0000005 generated if generic type-bound procedure is declared without 'public'
DPD200243946 Fortran Runtime Function for Fortran Compiler needs to support Intel(R) MIC Architecture EMU Functions
DPD200243988 Fortran [Coarray] calling nested type-bound procedures causes segfault
DPD200243997 Fortran is_iostat_end isn't element function.
DPD200244054 Fortran USE, ONLY incorrectly reports "Name in only-list does not exist"
DPD200244097 Fortran Finalization not invoked when polymorphic variable is deallocated
DPD200244116 Fortran [CAF] 2nd dimension wrong for for allocatable type in coarray
DPD200244120 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal error (SIGSEGV) in Parallel Optimization when function return variable appears in IN clause
DPD200244122 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - Minor typo under topic: Displaying Options Passed to Offload Compilation
DPD200244123 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - /Qmic option is not documented completely
DPD200244132 Fortran, C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - /Qoffload-option “tool” argument description is incomplete for Windows
DPD200244135 C Internal Compiler Error from Vectorizer (78) (last opt)
DPD200244161 Fortran Internal Compiler error when using Coarrays and assume:realloc_lhs
DPD200244193 Fortran Overloading WRITE for derived type I/O by a 'defined output' routine via INTERFACE block is ignored
DPD200244195 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - Compiler driver incorrectly interprets linker option-list (when using /Qoffload-option,mic,link)
DPD200244196 Fortran Format edit descriptor '(DT)' for derived type list item not working correctly
DPD200244198 Fortran an extensible derived type argument of a user provided I/O routines is accepted as a TYPE argument where a CLASS is required
DPD200244199 Fortran Conforming program with user-defined I/O for polymorphic type fails to compile
DPD200244203 C++, C Visual Studio 2008* IDE integration appended "[AdditionalOptions]" to the custom build command as an option
DPD200244213 Fortran Fortran projects with Microsoft Visual C++* dependencies always relink (Intel(R) Visual Fortran 14.0 , Microsoft Visual Studio 2012*)
DPD200244238 C++ offload alloc_if and free_if: inconsistent behavior with C++ bool arguments
DPD200244250 Fortran compiler rejects to compile code with I/O for derived type containing PRIVATE component
DPD200244297 C++ Internal Compiler Error: extract_node_from_operand: converting unexpected operand kind
DPD200244343 Fortran ifort hangs when compiling
DPD200244347 C Block vectorized using unaligned loads for aligned data
DPD200244358 C need to have __intel_new_proc_init back in in 14.0 compiler
DPD200244362 Fortran "elemental" keyword blocks outlining for current and all subsequent subroutines
DPD200244369 C++ Internal Compiler Error with -fmudflap option
DPD200244390 Fortran internal error in use def opt
DPD200244403 Fortran ifort segment voilation
DPD200244439 C++ constexpr gives internal error: assertion failed: lower_expr: bad kind
DPD200244476 Fortran Interface conflict triggered by setting subroutine 'Abcdefg' as public
DPD200244483 Fortran Incorrect type bound generic operator resolution
DPD200244501 C++, C internal error: assertion failed
DPD200244502 C++ icl emits error with forward declared enums
DPD200244521 C++ icl internal error: assertion failed
DPD200244594 C++ Status of the deprecated option (alternative exist or no support in future) on mentioned in documentation
DPD200244666 C++ Linker error only with Intel compiler 2013 Update 3.
DPD200244699 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for use of character(*) function name in specification expression
DPD200244716 Fortran Internal Compilr Error with type-bound assignment in type extended from abstract, with expression
DPD200244719 C pragma omp parallel for simd reduction doesn't vectorize
DPD200244781 C++ variadic template, sizeof .... does not work any more in 14.0
DPD200244851 Fortran Internal Compiler Error occurs when parameter optimization is applied
DPD200244852 Fortran Bad code for elemental user-defined assignment
DPD200244857 C++, C Incorrect inheritance of project settings for individual file
DPD200244863 Fortran Inappropriate warning 7937, wrong results from PRESENT when OPTIONAL and VALUE are used together
DPD200244886 C, C++ trivial TYPO in GFX_samples NBody.cpp
DPD200244908 Fortran Inappropriate error 8284 when passing Hollerith constant to array
DPD200244914 Fortran *DOC* ATTRIBUTES VECTOR example and text incorrect
DPD200244943 Fortran ifort 14.0 Internal Compiler Error with generic interface block
DPD200244964 C++ bad code generated with -Qprof-use, -Qip after IPO Partial DCE
DPD200244966 Fortran IDE hangs when typing open bracket '('
DPD200245001 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - xiar/xild Error: fread and cannot read section headers
DPD200245018 Fortran Incorrect outer loop vectorization with -fp-model precise
DPD200245019 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with OOP example
DPD200245024 C Reduction involving an integer fails to vectorize in icc 14.0.40 that succeded in icc 13.0 update 2
DPD200245063 Fortran Error for unallocated lhs with -check pointer -assume realloc_lhs when type contains class
DPD200245206 C++, C dependent project is not included in /FU when the project is converted to Intel C
DPD200245249 Fortran Error and missing info in Fortran Compiler Limits table
DPD200245267 C++, C xhost doesn't work for Haswell
DPD200245270 Fortran, C++, C Need way to know what instruction set compiler is targeting with xhost
DPD200245276 C++ internal error: 20000_0
DPD200245306 Fortran Coarray program causes internal program error
DPD200245312 Fortran Feature Request: Increase IF/DO block nest limit - error 6370
DPD200245315 Fortran /debug:full /check:bounds causes lower bound of array reset after function call
DPD200245359 C++ [DOC] icl 14.0 (Windows) cannot support constexpr without MSVC++ support
DPD200245363 C++ icl error: an rvalue reference cannot be bound to an lvalue
DPD200245401 Fortran Adding Fortran source file to project causes Microsoft Visual Studio to exit
DPD200245433 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture C++ and Fortran User Guide changes needed to target-number (per mandatory default and use w/optional)
DPD200245449 C Compiler internal error generated while compiling the attached file
DPD200245461 C++ Option -vec-report needs more examples
DPD200245657 C++, C project with /arch:AVX failed to build when converted to Intel C
DPD200245661 C Static initialization of char array struct member fails
DPD200245841 C++ *Beta* #include string causes Internal Compiler Error (out of class noexcept specifier)
DPD200245911 C++ Copy into is not working inside a function of a template class
DPD200245912 C++ Async offload to Intel(R) MIC Architecture is not working inside template classes.
DPD200245934 Fortran Outlining issue with select type
DPD200246078 Fortran Mix of Fortran and C++ projects in solution causes source editor to not see /extend_source:132 for fixed-form source
DPD200246157 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200276700 C++ No way to detect Intel compiler in binaries compiled in Japanese environment
DPD200279364 C using envinronment variables in .cfg files
DPD200282610 Fortran Parallel region matches with wrong line numbers in debug info.
DPD200284855 C++ (Child of DPD200180177) Vectorization too conservative - doesn't vectorize loop inside OpenMP region
DPD200288781 C++ Missing MEMALLOC on intrinsics
DPD200289819 C++ allow scoped enum as case label (affects Gnu header)
DPD200297289 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: ieee double precision division sequence
DPD200298069 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: single sqrt FP sequence isn't marker IEEE (and isn't used)
DPD200306253 Fortran Fortran test crashes during execution because of Fortran Front End error on optional argument
DPD200318842 C++ Bug in dead code elimination - removing call
DPD200323857 C++, C hidden visibility does not work with duplicate static storage
DPD200344963 C++, C _mm_set1_epi8 is not resolved if -funsigned-char is set
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