Intel® Debugger (IDB) for Linux - Error: A license for DbgL is not available


Reference Number : N/A

Version : 11.0

Operating System : Linux*/IA-32, Intel 64, IA-64

Problem Description :   The Intel Debugger (IDB) Version 11.0 provided in the new 11.0 Release of the Intel Fortran and C++ Compiler Professional Editions for Linux now has FLEXlm licensing enabled.


Use of IDB Version 11.0 on Linux requires the Intel compiler license file (.lic) contain the DbgL component. Attempts to use this version of IDB without the appropriate license file will result in the following error:


Intel® Debugger for applications running on Intel® 64, Version 11.0, Build [1.1510.2.66]


Error: A license for DbgL is not available (-5,357).


Make sure that a license file is being used that contains a license

for the requested feature.  If your license requires a license server,

make sure that the server is using the right license file (usually,

this would be the same license file that is being used by this

application), and make sure that you have not changed the license

file since starting the server.


License file(s) used were (in this order):

1.  Trusted Storage

2.  /opt/intel/Compiler/11.0/069/licenses

3.  /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses


Please visit if you require technical assistance.


could not checkout FLEXlm license

Resolution Status : This is a known issue that requires customers receive an updated Intel compiler license file (.lic) containing the DgbL component.

The resolution of this issue requires Linux only customers obtain an updated Intel license (.lic) file containing the required DbgL component. How to accomplish that depends on your license type.


For non-commercial customers with an active Intel Registration Center account, please follow the steps outlined below for Commercial customers. For all other non-commercial customers, please register for a new non-commercial license here.


For commercial and academic customers, please follow these steps:


1.       Log into the Intel Registration Center here.

2.       On the main landing page, click on the version # appearing in the Downloads (Build #) column for the Intel Fortran or C++ Compiler. Currently this will either be 10.1 (021) or 11.0 (069) or later depending on your specific Fortran or C++ product subscription. IMPORTANT NOTE: When both 10.1 and 11.0 verisons are listed, you must click on the 10.1 version to see the Upgrade option.

3.       On the next view, locate the table near the bottom of the page showing the Serial Number information for your subscription. Click on the Upgrade available link appearing in the Serial Number column and accept the free upgrade offer to have a new license generated and emailed to you.


Please contact Intel Premier Support here if you experience problems obtaining an updated license related to this issue.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

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