Intel Developer Zone Overview

Intel Developer Zone

The Intel AppUp developer program has joined with the Intel® Software Partner Program, and the Intel® Software Network to create one comprehensive program designed to provide resources and support for development and marketing professionals engaged in creating and selling software and apps used by Intel powered devices.   This new, global program called The Intel® Developer Zone is the single source for software developers, software businesses, resources and support.   Intel AppUp developers will be able to access the Intel Developer Zone from HERE

This article will showcase joining Intel Developer Zone and present a quick navigational overview of the site. 

Joining Intel Developer Zone

1. Joining Intel Developer Zone is completely free to developers. If you are already a member of the previous App Developer Program, simply use your current login/password; all your previous information has been migrated over. Take a moment to verify the data is correct. Once validated, take a quick tour of the site and check out the new tools for Ultrabook™ app development. 
For those new to the developer program, please follow the steps below to join. 
To begin, press the [Get Started] button. 
2. Create a user account. Fill in the required information such as name, email, login, password, etc. 
3. We highly recommend that you check the box to receive the Intel Develop Zone Newsletter. Our online newsletter delivers the latest information from upcoming events to development opportunities, to new developer tools.   Below is a glimpse of the exciting news you’ll receive via email. 
4. Once registered, you will receive an email to verify the account. Please open that email and follow the instructions. 
5. You will receive a registration confirmation on Intel Developer Zone once the account is verified:
6. There is one last optional step. If developers  wish to submit and publish apps on AppUp, they must create an organization. Developers can also join organizations if they already exist. 
7. Registration is now complete. 

Intel Developer Zone Tour

Now that you have successfully joined, let’s take a quick tour around the site and showcase some of the key features. We recommend that you get familiar with the new content by just browsing around and see what is available to you.   Be sure to visit the Intel Appup Developers page to find specific information regarding Intel AppUp SDK and tools and selling your apps through the Intel AppUp center.
Let’s first take a look at the home page for Intel Developer Zone. 
We also highly recommend that you visit the Ultrabook™ links; there are additional tools available to help create applications for Ultrabook™devices.  
Once you have become comfortable with the layout, go to My Dashboard in the upper right hand corner. You will find a number of new tools and resources for development. 

My Profile

Let’s begin by filling in the developer a profile. This helps developers identify each other. The developer community is an excellent resource to ask and answer technical problems. 
Take a tour of the tabs within the My Profile menu. Finding resources to assist in app development is more accessible than before. We have made it easier to track points in Black Belt Activities, and it’s now easier to create technical content and earn points with the My Content feature. 

Software Profiles

A software profile allows you to manage and update select software activities and records. It is a requirement for many of the resources available within the program.

My Content

We strive to provide the most useful content for our site, but we love it when our members contribute. You are welcome to submit content to the Intel Developer Zone including blog and forum posts, videos, articles, and comments.

Black Belt Activities

We recommend using the developer community that has the most amount of traffic to find answers to your questions. The Black Belt program is still thriving and we highly encourage participation. Creating technical articles, blogs, and videos earns you more points. It begins with Red Belt and tops out at black belt.Don’t miss out on cool prizes and coming events. 

Manage Notifications

Select to receive email alerts, newsletters and other developer resource emails. 

My Organization

Typically, there is more than one person in an organization, and we’ve made it easier to add participants to your organization. Click on the My Organization tab and add members if you choose. You can control their access level, from simple user to full admin rights. 
Intel AppUp®
Software developers will publish their applications and track the progress in the Intel AppUp center tab. For those familiar, this new interface makes submission much easier to understand and more accessible. 


It’s clear, there are some huge new changes to the past developer program, but by combining the features, functionality and opportunities of the Intel AppUp® developer program, the Intel® Software Partner Program, and the Intel® Software Network into one comprehensive program, we could provide additional resources and support for those engaged in creating and selling software and apps used by Intel powered devices. This article only covered a few high level features of the new Intel Developer Zone, and there are many more new enhancements, so we recommend that you tour the site and get comfortable with the new layout. For previous Intel AppUp developers, the past information is all still available via For new customers, we hope you embrace the new developer program and you take advantage of the tools for app development. Our intention is that this new developer program will facilitate more interaction with our developer community and improve the app submission process. 
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