Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* - Linker reports 'short data section overflowed' when short data exceeds 2MB

The linker for IA-64 reports "short data section overflowed" when the size of the short data section exceeds 2MB. On Itanium® -based systems, the short data section can accommodate up to 256,000 entries of 8 bytes in the default memory model. If this capacity is exceeded, the message "short data section overflowed" is generated at link time.

Recommended solution:

If using version 10 compilers or later, rebuild the application using -mcmodel large -shared-intel (the huge memory model). It is important that the whole application (source code and any static libraries; C and Fortran) is built using the same memory model.

If this is not possible, or if using older compilers, the following steps may be tried in order to alleviate this problem, in order:

  1. On Linux*, ensure that your version of ld comes from binutils 2.13 or later. Earlier versions may generate unnecessary short data section entries.
  2. For C or Fortran, where possible, allocate short data locally rather than globally. (In the Intel® Fortran Compiler, local scalars are allocated automatically on the stack, unless -save or a SAVE statement is used.)
  3. Avoid making many explicit references to single array elements, e.g., for Fortran, A(1), A(2), A(3), A(4), etc. This sometimes occurs in automatically generated codes.
  4. For Fortran, group static scalars together into a single common block, to reduce the number of short data section entries.
  5. Increasing the optimization level may sometimes reduce the number of symbols that need to be kept in the short data section.
  6. The linker options -G0 or --gpsize=0 may sometimes reduce the number of short data section entries.
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