Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2014 R2

Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2014 R2
March 14th, 2014


Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) is a powerful, agile developer tool suite for analyzing and optimizing games, media, and other graphics-intensive applications. The product supports applications intended for the Windows* OS platforms or Intel® Atom™ based phones running the Android* OS. The toolset is a free download from the Intel GPA Home Page.

Available now, Intel GPA 2014 R2 includes updates to these key features:

Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer

The legacy Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer has been replaced with a new version supporting both Android* and Windows* OS workloads. For a detailed breakdown of new features, see the Intel® GPA Release Notes link below.

Intel GPA for Android* OS

Intel GPA System Analyzer

  • By default, Intel GPA now installs to a new path on Windows* OS: C:\Intel\INDE\GPA\
  • The tool now supports Android 4.4 on devices based on the Intel® processor codenamed Bay Trail.
  • The System View can now show metrics on 8" tablets based on the Intel® processor codenamed Bay Trail using recent Android 4.4 system images.

Intel GPA Frame Analyzer

  • Resources are now compressed when frame captures are taken, leading to faster playback response times to a connected device.
  • The glFinish and glFlush calls are no longer tracked as Ergs, to avoid incorrect processing of these calls as draw calls for asset exploration and experiments.
  • You can now open frames that use compressed texture formats not supported by the device such as GL_PALETTE_RGBA8_OES.
  • You can now open frames with the number of uniform vectors used in the frame exceeding the device limit.
  • The tool now supports glBindVertexArrayOES, which resolved an application crash when analyzing workloads utilizing this method.

Intel Frame Debugger (Beta)

  • This new companion tool to the Intel GPA tool suite provides frame capture and debugging capabilties across Intel Atom(TM) based devices for OpenGL-ES 1.X/2.X workloads.  Originally released in R1, this update to the Beta product provides new shader editing support for 2.X workloads.

Intel GPA for Windows* OS

Intel GPA System Analyzer

  • Added IP address whitelist feature enhances security for connections between Windows* OS client and target systems.

Intel GPA Frame Analyzer

  • Added IP address whitelist feature enhances security for connections between Windows* OS client and target systems.
  • Fixed a defect that caused an infinite loop when analyzing applications with Intel GPA.

The product also adds other minor enhancements and stability improvements, so all users should download and install this latest version of the product from the Intel GPA Home Page.

Next Steps

To find out more about the Intel® GPA tool suite, check out one or more of these on-line resources:

  • Intel GPA Release Notes: Recent updates, detailed product requirements, installation information, legal information, and version-specific technical issues and workarounds for the product.
  • Intel GPA Home Page: The product's home site provides detailed information about the tool, including links to training and support resources, as well as videos on the product to help you get started quickly.
  • Intel GPA On-line Help: A web-based version of the product documentation, providing details on the product tools and metrics for various platforms.
  • Intel GPA Support Forum: Browse to this page to ask questions or report issues about the product, or let us know what other features would help make the tools more useful for your work-flow.
  • Intel GPA Knowledge Base Articles: A list of useful technical articles, including tips & tricks and workarounds to help you get the most out of the product.
  • Intel GPA Getting Started Guide for Windows* OS: If you are new to Intel GPA, this is the place to start for analyzing Microsoft* DirectX* applications running on the Microsoft* Windows* OS platform -- we introduce you to the key concepts of the product, getting you up and running with the tools in no time at all!
  • Intel GPA Getting Started Guide for Android* OS: An Android*-specific version of the Getting Started Guide -- everything you need to know to start using Intel GPA to analyze Android* OS applications running on Intel® Atom™ based phones.
  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (code name Haswell): Provides an overview of the latest processors from Intel, including detailed information about the architecture. Also, you'll find a Graphics Developers Guide showing how to optimize your games and graphics applications for systems based on this architecture.

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


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it's really good tools for me or us...................................................

thanks for this tools
#DPL13 #IntelAndroid #IntelDZ

The Game Creators's picture

Cannot install R4 as R3 must be uninstalled first. I have deleted my original R3 MSI, and R3 is no longer available for download so cannot get another MSI of R3. No way to get the latest GPA on my PC without a complete re-format or a clumsy registry clean. Whoever thought making the uninstaller dependent on the original installer must have plenty of hard drive space ;)

Neal P (Intel)'s picture


For "The Game Creators":

I'm a little confused as to exactly what issues you are seeing. The Intel GPA 2013 R4 installer should remove the 2013 R3 version before installing 2013 R4 -- if it doesn't happen, please let us know so that we can fix this. So if this is a problem, please right-click on the Intel GPA Monitor in the notification area, and copy the "About..." info here.

However, one other suggestion -- note that you always have the option of removing Intel GPA 2013 R3 from the Windows Control Panel ("Programs and Features"). Again, if this doesn't work please provide more details.




Joshua G.'s picture

This new Platform analyser doesn't seem to have the same functionality the original did?
i.e. There are no task statistics available anymore? Which was really what platform analyser was good at before.

When can we expect this functionality back?

Neal P (Intel)'s picture

Hello Joshua G.,

Thanks for your feedback on Intel GPA Platform Analyzer -- I've forwarded your comments to the product owner for the tool.



jack l.'s picture

where can i download the old version?

like 4.3

Neal P (Intel)'s picture

Hello Jack,

Intel GPA 4.3 is no longer available or supported -- only the latest version of Intel GPA is available for download -- get the latest version from the Intel INDE site or the Intel GPA Home Page.