Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2017 R4

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to some of the Latest features for the

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers tool suite


profile Microsoft* Windows Mixed Reality titles

Space Pirate Trainer opened up in the WMR Portal, with Intel GPA injected into the game.

Optimize for a better playing experience on Windows Mixed Reality titles. Use Intel® GPA to expand your target audience and support both mainstream and premium VR.


Enable the new User Interface

Before opening a DirectX* 11 frame in Frame Analyzer, enable the new Beta UI to take advantage of the latest features available in Frame Analyzer. By doing so: improve workflow, have access to more resources and views, and experience greater flexibility in the way data is presented.


Quickly Identify bottlenecks 

Group ergs by bottleneck and state using Hotspot mode to quickly identify the hardware bottleneck affecting the most amount of ergs within a frame. See a comprehensive breakdown of how critical each bottleneck is within a grouping by viewing the color-coded 3D pipeline. Receive additional information about each hotspot through notifications in the message pane.


 view resource dependencies

Use Resource History to determine how a resource is used within a frame. See incremental changes by going through each API call and determine when and where your resource is used as an input or an output throughout its lifetime.


Download for free on the Intel® GPA sitE!

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


Pablo S.'s picture

when trying to install i get an error message about a missing dll but i cant find what dll that is

Neal Pierman's picture


For those who are interested in getting more information about using the new version of Intel GPA Platform Analyzer, please see this article.



ps-> ... and thanks for your comments, as these pointed out a hole in our documentation -- we neglected to provide you with sufficient information on how to transition from the old version to the new product release (which the above-mentioned article provides)

Neal Pierman's picture

Hello Jack,

Intel GPA 4.3 is no longer available or supported -- only the latest version of Intel GPA is available for download -- get the latest version from the Intel INDE site or the Intel GPA Home Page.



jack l.'s picture

where can i download the old version?

like 4.3

Neal Pierman's picture

Hello Joshua G.,

Thanks for your feedback on Intel GPA Platform Analyzer -- I've forwarded your comments to the product owner for the tool.



Joshua G.'s picture

This new Platform analyser doesn't seem to have the same functionality the original did?
i.e. There are no task statistics available anymore? Which was really what platform analyser was good at before.

When can we expect this functionality back?

Neal Pierman's picture


For "The Game Creators":

I'm a little confused as to exactly what issues you are seeing. The Intel GPA 2013 R4 installer should remove the 2013 R3 version before installing 2013 R4 -- if it doesn't happen, please let us know so that we can fix this. So if this is a problem, please right-click on the Intel GPA Monitor in the notification area, and copy the "About..." info here.

However, one other suggestion -- note that you always have the option of removing Intel GPA 2013 R3 from the Windows Control Panel ("Programs and Features"). Again, if this doesn't work please provide more details.




Lee Bamber's picture

Cannot install R4 as R3 must be uninstalled first. I have deleted my original R3 MSI, and R3 is no longer available for download so cannot get another MSI of R3. No way to get the latest GPA on my PC without a complete re-format or a clumsy registry clean. Whoever thought making the uninstaller dependent on the original installer must have plenty of hard drive space ;)

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it's really good tools for me or us...................................................

thanks for this tools
#DPL13 #IntelAndroid #IntelDZ

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