Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers: Game Development for a Mobile World

Reach new customers and prepare your software for the laptops and netbooks used by the fast-growing demographic of mobile gamers. The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) suite of software tools provides in-depth application analysis to help you optimize your game for Microsoft DirectX* APIs and Intel® HD Graphics-based computers. Use Intel GPA to bring your applications to new environments or develop innovative software for the future of mobile gaming.

  • Intel® Core™ microarchitecture and Intel® HD Graphics support. Start using a tool suite specifically designed to analyze and optimize games for the latest platforms, including Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® HD Graphics
  • In-Depth, real-time analysis. Identify bottlenecks, experiment with changes, and see results in real time.
  • Platform profile. Visualize performance of your game's tasks across the CPU and GPU to ensure the software takes full advantage of the processing power available.
  • Intuitive interface. Access a complete tool suite from an easy-to-use, configurable interface.
  • Remote network model. Eliminate the processing overhead of running tools on the same system as your software.
  • Open, programmable libraries. Extend the tools for your specific needs.

Reach new customers

Expand your customer base by ensuring that your game or DirectX application runs well on the millions of PCs equipped with Intel HD Graphics. Prepare for an increasingly mobile world by optimizing your software for Intel graphics-based laptops, including systems with new Intel Core processors and Intel HD Graphics

Access a complete tool suite

Intel GPA offers a complete set of tools for in-depth analysis of performance issues from the system level all the way down to individual elements, such as draw calls, within a single frame. GPA tools are designed to work the way you do, so you can benefit immediately with little ramp-up time.

Download The Full Product Brief

To read the rest of the Intel® GPA Product Brief, download:
Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers: Game Development for a Mobile World [PDF 204KB]

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