Intel® Identity Protection Technology with PKI - Technology Overview

Corporate enterprise, government entities, healtcare and more are looking to add additional security to protect access to their network and business information. Intel® Identity Protection Technology on the latest PCs with Intel® Core® vPro™ processor can be combined with authentication security solutions to address the need of these business, government and heathcare entities. Intel® Identify Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) is meant to augment security features that allow for user identification and encryption by adding a hardware layer of protection. Intel® IPT with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) acts as a hardware security module, similar to a Smart Card. However, it is as easy to manage as software PKI deployments. Intel® IPT with protected transaction display further protects PKI certificates with a PIN code entry generated in Intel technology using Intel’s integrated graphics. Display and entry of the PIN code is handled by secure hardware, making PIN theft very difficult. This document provides an overview of Intel® IPT with PKI and protected transaction display and describes the most common use cases such as secure VPN Login, email/document signing, and secure web access. Read the Intel® Identity Protection Technology with PKI technical overview paper, to learn the technical details.

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