Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) - Error:


I ran an Intel® IPP application and obtained one of the error messages below:

"No DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure."

"This application has failed to start because ippxx-x.x.dll was not found."

"No shared library was in the Waterfall procedure"


This problem happens because the application is unable to determine the location of the Intel IPP libraries or correct the correct processor-specific libraries.


Before using the Intel IPP dynamic libraries, add the location of the DLLs to the PATH environment variable. The instructions below are for a Windows* XP system. Please refer to your operating system help file for more information on how to set environment variables.

    1. Open Control Panel and select System.
    2. Click Advanced.
    3. Click Environment Variables.
    4. Double-click the variable PATH in User Variables.
    5. Add the path to the Intel IPP dynamic libraries to variable value.
      For example, if you installed the Intel IPP to the default location and are running a 32-bit application then add C:Program FilesIntelIPPx.xia32 to the PATH.
    6. Close all Control Panel windows.
    7. Close Microsoft Visual C++*.

    Note: Make sure to close Microsoft Visual C++ and restart to have the PATH variable take effect. Then rerun the application.

B. If under linux, the following command line should be entered to set the variable in the bash shell:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/intel/ipp/X.X/ia32/sharedlib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

When you redistribute Intel IPP dynamic libraries with your application, you need to redistribute both "dispatcher" libraries and processor-specific libraries.
For more information, please read the document Deploying applications with Intel® IPP DLLs.


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