Source Code Examples from Intel IPP book

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Please notice that the source code samples are from IPP book. They are valid for early IPP 4.0 version.
Some of samples are upgraded  for latetest IPP version in Intel® Compiler and Intel® Parallel Studio. Please see
Upgrade Code Examples in IPP Book for Intel® Compiler and Intel® Parallel Studio

Category Summary
Using Intel IPP Four ways to build an Intel IPP application
Basic Techniques Introduction to programming with Intel IPP functions
Digital Filtering Fundamentals of signal processing
Audio Processing Audio signal generation and manipulation
Image Processing Creating and processing a whole image or part of an image
Image Filtering and Manipulation General image affine transformations
Graphics and Physics Vector and small matrix arithmetic functions
Special-Purpose Domains Cryptography and computer vision usage

Using Intel IPP

Basic Techniques

Digital Filtering

Audio Processing

  • Generating DTMF tones (Fig. 6.2): DTMF.cpp
  • Using IIR to create an echo (Fig. 6.21): IIR.cpp
  • Using FIRMR to resample a signal (Fig. 6.23): Resample.cpp

Image Processing

Image Filtering and Manipulation

Graphics and Physics

  • Performance comparison, vector vs. scalar (Fig. 11.4): perform.cpp
  • Performance comparison, buffered vs. unbuffered (Fig. 11.5): perform2.cpp

Special-Purpose Domains


  • Download the additional package, which contains additional files required to build some of the above samples.
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