Which Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) libraries are "Redistributables"?

When you consider distributing Intel® IPP libraries through your products, you may choose the following options:

1. Copy Intel IPP dlls directory from directories .\bin and .\stublib (for Window*) to your destination application folder.  (for Linux* and Mac OS* X, find shared libraries from directory \sharedlib

2. Create your own dll for your redistributions by using Intel IPP customdll linkage.

3. Use Intel IPP merged static library and dispatch static library from \lib directory.

If you are using Intel IPP stand-alone product:
Check the redist.txt file located in <Intel IPP install directory> \Documentation\en_US\ipp for more details (Please note, this file is only contained in the full product package)

If you are using any files from Intel IPP Samples:
Check the redist.txt file located in Intel IPP Sample root directory for more details : <installdir>/ipp-samples/*.*
(Please note, this file has been added since Intel IPP v6.1 update 4)

If you are using Intel IPP from Intel® Parallel Studio [XE]/Composer:

Check the credist.txt file located in Paralle Studio/Composer documentation directory C:\Program Files\Intel\Parallel Studio\Composer [XE]\Documentation for details.

Additional reference for Intel Parallel Composer redistribution topic can be found here.

If you are using Intel IPP from Intel® Compiler Professional Edition:

Check the redist.txt file located in Intel IPP directory <Intel IPP install directory> \Documentation\en_US\ipp  for more details.

Additional reference for Intel Compiler Professional Edition product redistribution can be found sorted by OSs: Windows*, Linux* and Mac OS*

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As an additional to the three options mentioned above in this article, you may choose the following options as well:
4. Use threaded static libraries support ( under \lib directory)
because of the redist.txt file is not completed and this issue will fix in the version
this option works since version IPP 5.3 Update 1.

As a result, the redist.txt file has contains the additional list of redistributed libraries:


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The Intel C++ compiler 11.1 does not contain redist.txt.

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The Intel C++ compiler 11.1 for Windows and Linux do not contain redist.txt for IPP.

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Could you please list the content of redist.txt for IPP in Intel C++ compiler 11.0 professional edition?

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You can find the specific ipp redist.txt in Compiler 11.0 subfolder ..\cpp\ipp\ia32

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In the EULA, it is wrote:
"12. THIRD PARTY PROGRAMS. The Materials may contain third party programs. The license terms with those third party programs apply to your use of them."

Is there a list of these programs or licenses included in the IPP libraries?
Is there any constraint on distributing IPP libraries linked to these programs and their licences?


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Can you point me to a document describing the legal constraints on redistributing the IPP cryptography libraries.

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Please any buddy tell me complete process of redistribution of dll ....
And it's necessary to install Intel IPP software at end user system..