Intel® IPP and third-party applications: How to use them together?

The following table lists links to the useful articles describing how Intel® IPP Library can be used with the third party libraries and applications



Third Party Application/Tool

Using Intel® IPP with OpenCV 2.1

This article show OpenCV* users how to use Intel® IPP with the OpenCV2.1 as well as how to integrate Intel® IPP into OpenCV. Provide two test cases to demonstrate the details and performance comparison on image Transposition and Image Match


Boosting OpenSSL AES Encryption with Intel® IPP

This article helps the OpenSSL* users get better performance by utilizing the Intel® IPP cryptographs package. It explains how to adopts IPP crypto in OpenSSL* and shows the performance gain of OpenSSL AES with IPP AES function


Performance Tools for Software Developers - Accelerating data compressing application with Intel® IPP

This application note illustrates how we can do a small change, and then get big performance gain into data compressing application by integrating Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) based zlib library


Ipp_zlib and ipp_gzip redesigned in IPP 6.1

This article show the new in  Intel IPP ZLIB, IPP gzip,

Zlib*, GZIP*

Using Intel® Math Kernel Library and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives in the Microsoft* .NET* Framework

This article describes how to use the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) and Intel Intel® IPP from from .NET framework


Optimizing JPEG coding in the Ksquirrel application with Intel® IPP

This article explains how to use the Intel® IPP JPEG library with Ksquirrel


Intel® IPP JPEG2000 and JasPer in Ksquirrel

This article describes the steps to integrate IPP JPEG2000 decoding to JasPer-based plug-in used in Ksquirrel

Jasper  Jpeg2000

Generating Thumbnails with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

This article explains how to Generating thumbnails with Intel IPP function to achieve the best performance and scalability on Intel® architecture with Intel® software tools.

Digital Camera Media Application

Accelerate Your Application via IPP Image Processing in Parallel Studio - C code vs. IPP Resize

This article show how to employ IPP image processing function to accelerate application and provide a sample to shows the performance difference between IPP and general C code on resizing image, which is wide-used functionality in image processing field

Image Processing function, Like ImageMagick*

Getting Started with Intel® IPP Unified Media Classes Sample

These guides helps the current video codec users develop simple code based on Intel® IPP UMC sample

Video codec application, IP Conference

Intel® AVX Realization Of IIR Filter For Complex Float Data

This paper describes complex Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter implementation by Intel® AVX instruction

IIR filter, AVX

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives - Samples License Agreement

This article provides free code samples and demo about existing IPP functionality.

Free code samples/demo

java, c++


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