Intel® IPP Library 6.1 Fixes List

Intel® IPP Library 6.1 Fixes List

The tables below summarize specific customer issues or feature requests that have been addressed by the indicated product releases. Some items span multiple architectures and/or operating systems and some relate only to a single architecture or operating system.

NOTE: The issues, defects, bug reports, and feature requests summarized below represent specific issues with specific test cases. An item listed here does not imply that it necessarily applies to your application(s). If your situation does not match the specific test case you may not have experienced the error or problem associated with that update. It is not possible to describe the details of every issue and its specific test case in these tables.

Providing a complete description of each item in the list below is impractical. For that reason we ask that you post a message on the IPP user forum and reference this page and the "DPD" number of interest if you have further questions regarding the information in these tables. A DPD number with more information has a link.

These tables are updated regularly to correct errors and omissions.

NOTE: The bugs listed below are for both the IPP library and the IPP sample code. Always upgrade the IPP library and sample code at the same time.

IPP v6.1 update 6 (30 Jul 2010)

DPD200155165        UMC simple_player app does not work with Windows Aero interface.
DPD200154198        Data Compression error in ZLIB (deflate.c) when source buffer size >=48K.
DPD200154900        Data compression error with deflate() under certain variable block size conditions.
DPD200153276        Change alignment in H.264 UMC decoder to DECLALIGN macros insted of __ICL alignment.
DPD200087211        Documentation: Example 9-4 ippiFilterColumn() needs to include border information.
DPD200154874        Documentation: ippsFIR() descriptions are misleading or incorrect in description of "numIter" parameter.
DPD200186071        Documentation: Correct example 6-1 using ippiRGBToYUV() -- wrong ROI size: should be {3,3} not {9,3).

IPP v6.1 update 5 (9 Apr 2010)

DPD200150333        Output image has small corruption on top edge when applying WarpAffine with dst roi size (1920 x 240).
DPD200150883        Delphi sample code error on loading file name (sample has been updated).
DPD200089782        JPEG grayscale lossless compresion distortion.
DPD200150199        Error in DIB_PAD_BYTES in UIC picnic sample.
DPD200151794        Corrected results for the ippGetNumCoresOnDie() function on multi-core processors.
DPD200151952        IPP-zlib compress generates spurious compressed data that cannot be decompressed.
DPD200089070        UMC H264EncoderFrameList_InsertFrame() fails allocating 15MB frame buffer, returns null pointer.
DPD200092946        Picnic sample application produces invalid JPEG 2000 files when saving in lossless format.
DPD200187089        ippiRGBToGray_8u_AC4C1R and ippiRGBToGray_8u_C3C1R translate RGB(255,255,255) to 254.

IPP v6.1 update 4 (10 Feb 2010)

DPD200149498        Memory leak in H.264 UMC sample code with resolution change on same instance of decoder.
DPD200150122        IPP_BZIP2 data corruption -- data sensitive and isolated to a 3mb fragment of a specific binary file.
DPD200149570        IPP samples redistribution file and EULA updated for clarification.
DPD200087613        ippsFilterNoiseDetect* "ascending noise detection" problem fixed. PESQ was increased by ~0.01.
DPD200148808        Cryptography function ippsECCPComparePoint* contains a misprint: "equial" should be "equal."

IPP v6.1 update 3 (26 Nov 2009)

DPD200140668        ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C1R has differing results depending on CPU (rounding error problem)
DPD200134986        DFT performance optimization for lengths 8*n, 16*n, 13*n, p*n (p>50)
DPD200084751        Correct ippiColorToGray_8u_C3C1R rounding errors
DPD200086319        ippiSegmentWatershed_8u16u should use the value IPP_MAX_16U for border pixels but uses 8u instead
DPD200084408        Problem with IPP linking in kernel mode for Intel64 (em64t red zone in ring0 and interrupts)
DPD200087170        ippiCopy_8u_C1R performance on v8 architecture (v8 code slower in Core 2 Duo than t7 and w7)
DPD200141560        Feature request: BZIP2 with ipp_ prefixes

IPP v6.1 update 2 (18 Oct 2009)

DPD200084538        UIC sample picnic.exe (64 bits) cannot be started
DPD200085298        Linking problem on 64-bit Mac OS X with IPP fuctions
DPD200084177        Image artifacts in jpeg2000 image
DPD200140266        DMIP crashes when reusing graphs
DPD200140194        BWT error
DPD200138989        Running application in debug causes heap corruption at the end of functions that use UIC classes
DPD200133386        mp3 encoder produces fuzzy results with 8k sampleing rate PCM
DPD200136808        IPP C# wrapper bugs
DPD200134685        ippiAbs_32f_AC4IR failed with 300x300
DPD200134689        C++ sample ippi.hpp missing ippiCopy_16u_C1R
DPD200134691        Remove description of ippiGrayDilateBorder/ippiGrayErodeBorder
DPD200132032        ROI is reversed in ippiResizeSqrPixel_x_P
DPD200132261        Fix the jpegview makefile for OpenMP from MS VC.NET 2005
DPD200128941        Small destination block size optimization
DPD200132721        Crypto sample error: add -lguide -lpthread in
DPD200133648        ippiSwapChannels_8u_C41R crashes with small image width
DPD200133653        OverFlow in 10-bit DCT ippiDCT8x8Inv_16s_C11()
DPD200134288        Bug in WarpBilinearBack function with NN interpolation
DPD200134697        Problem with ippiFilterGaussBorder_32f_C1R
DPD200133374        Correction to custom DLL section of the User Guide
DPD200133665        Document: Output for example 12-27 in ippsman.pdf is incorrect
DPD200134755        Incorrect decoding for IPP MJPEG sample in UMC
DPD200130124        JPEG color conversion functions
DPD200133693        Line 741 of umc_frame_constuctor.cpp
DPD200134726        Document error: ippiMirror returns ippStsSizeErr
DPD200134712        Distored JPEG output
DPD200134959        Unexpected result with ippiColorToGray with integer inputs
DPD200134967        UMC::ColorSparceConversion YUY2->YV12 error

IPP v6.1 update 1 (02 Jul 2009)

DPD200133747        ippiForegroundGaussian does not produce expected results
DPD200134979        ResizeSqrPixel function crash when size<=6
DPD200133708        ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C1R performance issue
DPD200132114        ippiQualityIndex_16u32f_C3R() error
DPD200131846        Inconsistent use of const specifier for some IPP functions
DPD200133631        Improve scripts to display clear error message
DPD200131102        No explanation of nonpic libs (linux) in documentation
DPD200134358        NHM (Intel Nehalem microarchitecture) function optimizations
DPD200133920        ippsFIRSparse is slower than using SSE compiler intrinsics
DPD200134752        Incorrect conversion of RGB to Gray
DPD200134693        redist.txt missing ipp*merged_t.lib
DPD200134748        Redistribute and document libmmds.lib
DPD200134969        Gather interface for accumlulating AAD for AES-GCM
DPD200136077        Sample build problem: file not found: libiomp5.dylib
DPD200082620        G711 bug in PLC
DPD200134973        UMC::ColorSpaceConversion YUY2 -> YV12 error
DPD200134862        Bug in umc_video_processing.cpp
DPD200134779        ippsCIS_32fc_All does not work
DPD200134356        IPP ZLIB fails to compress image after gzrewind
DPD200134270        ippiNormDiff_L1_8u_C1R error
DPD200133638        ippsNorm_L1_16s32f bug
DPD200132645        MPEG4 decoding problem
DPD200132341        Makefile error for UMC
DPD200131704        Resize function error
DPD200131142        ippiUndistortRadial function gives wrong results
DPD200130292        Performance issue for ippsAccCovarianceMatrix_32f64f_D2
DPD200130035        Add notes for ippiDCTQuantInv8x8LS_JPEG_16s16u functions
DPD200133943        Improve MPEG2Mux
DPD200133939        IppiCrossCorrValid_NormLevel_8u32f
DPD200130294        Performance issue for IPP String processing function on EM64T systems
DPD200134815        ippsResamplePolyphase_32f performance issue
DPD200134750        Internal function cpMul_BNU_FullSize does not obey the IPF software conventions
DPD200134716        ippiCrossCorrFull_NormLevel gives unexpected results
DPD200134707        Crash inside ippiInterpolateAverage16x16_8u_C1IR
DPD200133569        Intermediate computational errors
DPD200129130        Wiener filter MaskSize error
DPD200129122        2D media filter performance
DPD200134399        Incorrect Redist.txt file
DPD200134254        Modify IPP ZLIB sample to get better performance
DPD200128923        Watershed segmentation for 32 bit float images added
DPD200134378        Crypto sample does not work with latest OpenSSL package
DPD200133670        Problems encoding 16u_C1 jpeg2000
DPD200130345        Add destructive versions of ippsNthMaxElement_32f_I

IPP v6.1 (25 Apr 2009)

DPD200134199        Feature request: Improve the UMC sample code buiding script
DPD200134679        V-plane Corrupted when input 640x480 YUV422 into encoder
DPD200134370        Bug in 'ippiRGBToYCbCr_8u_C3R'
DPD200134362        ippiTrueDistanceTransform_8u32f_C1R caps the maximum distance value at 1000.0
DPD200134360        ippiDecodeHuffman8x8_Direct_JPEG_1u163_C1 reads beyond input data
DPD200134387        Cannot use libipp_z.a and libipp_bzip2.a at the same time
DPD200134597        Error in color conversion function 'ippiRGBToYCbCr420_8u_C3P3R' for 'u8' variant
DPD200134372        Read error in 'ippiDCTQuantInv8x8To2x2LS_JPEG_16s8u_C1R' for JPEG decoding
DPD200134341        'ippiCompColorKey_8u_C4R' does not work correctly for some ROI widths
DPD200134447        Remove ippStaticInitBest() from Getting_started.htm
DPD200134092        IPP-Crypto- support to RSA_SSA1.5 nor RSA_PKCSv1.5
DPD200133906        ippiCrossCorrValid_NormLevel_32f_C1R on EM64T system
DPD200134376        Bug in colors for planar destinations at lower resolution option in 'JPEGView'
DPD200134386        Issue with ippiTrueDistanceTransform_8u32f_C1R function
DPD200133691        A number of UMC MPEG-4 decoder issues (IPP v. 5.2)
DPD200134366        Missing file from data compression sample
DPD200133646        ippsRandomRunform_8u does not produce the upper border value
DPD200133366        Resolution not saved in jpeg
DPD200134179        ippGetStatusString crash in C# sample code
DPD200133821        USC_EC delay issues
DPD200134368        Bug in the state of CABAC in that mode
DPD200133819        Add pixel aspect ratio as a configuration parameter
DPD200134284        Add info about RTI removal to the release notes
DPD200133689        A number of issues for the H.264 UMC decoder
DPD200134397        H264 encoder problem after running many hours
DPD200134487        UMC H264 parser memory leak

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


Arul J.'s picture

 DPD200131704   Resize function error 

May I know what is the exact issue in Resize function?


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i need this to improve my software

Gennady F. (Intel)'s picture

It should be noticed that the runtime problem
"Artifacts when usinng ippiResizeSqrtPixel_16_C1R with IPPI_INNTER_LINEAR for interpolation"
marked as fixed in IPP v6.1 update 2 (18 Oct 2009),
actually was not fixed in this update.
The fix will available in IPP(R) v.7.0 beta.

Chao Y (Intel)'s picture

A few more notes on IPP 6.1 update 2 bug fix:

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Hello "cen":

Previous version bug fix lists are included as part of the release notes in the product. Providing this list here, on the forum site, is something we just started doing with the 6.1 release.


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Hi Paul,
where can I find previous version's fixes list? Thanks a lot.

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