Intel® Laptop Gaming TDK Release Notes


Minimum System Requirements


The following are requirements for installing and using the Intel® Laptop Gaming TDK (as tested). Other configurations may also work, but have not been verified.


  • Intel® Core™ Duo Pprocessor or faster recommended.
  • Minimum 512 MB Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • Minimum 128 MB Video RAM, using AGP 4x or PCI Express* Bus.
  • 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) or Fast Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) connection.


  • Microsoft Windows* XP (Professional/Home/Media Center Edition), Windows Vista*. Both x32 or x64 platforms are supported.
  • Microsoft Windows* SDK for Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime. In addition, if running on Windows XP users must download Wireless LAN API (KB918997).
  • Microsoft DirectX* 9 SDK - April 2007 version or later (in order to compile the Basic Physics sample app and Basic Physics AdHoc sample app).
  • Microsoft* Visual Studio 2005 (C++).




See the “Getting Started” section of the Intel® Laptop Gaming Technology Development Kit (TDK) User’s Guide for step-by-step instructions on installing the Laptop Gaming TDK.

Release 1.1

  • A memory leak was found in NetworkInfo class. This would affect anybody who is running TDK in threaded mode to watch for some of the wireless capabilities. The best way to diagnose this problem would be to monitor the number of handles in the task manager. If the number of handles keeps increasing, you need to download Release v1.1
  • Removed some complexity within the API class. This should not affect any existing users.
  • Changes the installer form install shield to use Microsoft Installer. The earlier downloadable file had an .exe extension. Starting Release v1.1, it will use Microsoft Installer and hence would have an .msi extension.

Release 2.0

  • AdHoc networking capability is added in this release. This component is compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 only. To use AdHoc network component, users should download Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime. And if running on Windows XP, users must download Wireless LAN API (KB918997) from Microsoft.
  • There are two new sample code sets showing how to use Adhoc component: Adhoc Tester and Basic Physics AdHoc. They are compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 only. Also, for Basic Physics Adhoc, users should download two dll files from Microsoft, msvcp71d.dll and MSVCR71D.dll.

Release 2.1

  • Up to Release 2.0, the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK works only with Windows XP 32-bit. The release 2.1 expands current features so that they work in either Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit.
  • A new API is added to allow users to release no- longer needed memory, previously allocated by in Network APIs in the TDK.


Known Issues


The following are known issues as of the date of these release notes:

Reference No.




GetCPUUtilization API specification causes reduction of frame rate.

If you press the "U" key in the Basic Physics sample app (in order to display CPU utilization) you will see a reduction in frame-rate. This should not be a big issue when used sparingly.


Adhoc capability is not supported on Windows XP 64-bit platform.

The Wireless LAN API (KB918997) is for XP 32-bit only. There is no equivalent hotfix for XP 64-bit. As a result, the Adhoc features are not supported on Windows XP 64-bit.


Function SetCurrentPowerScheme is not supported in Vista.

There is no Windows API exists for setting power scheme in Vista.

Please report all other issues to Intel Premier Support at


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