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Intel® Mash Maker is an extention to your existing web browser tat allows you to easily augment the page that you are looking at with information from other web sites.

While our long term aim is that Mash Maker should be so easy to use that one does not need to look at documentation, in the short term some documentation is needed, particularly for people creating new mashups, or people trying to work out how Mash Maker works.

Expect these docs to evolve rapidly as the tool evolves itself.

We suggest that new users start out by replicating the mashups in the example videos.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Intel® Mash Maker?
  2. The Basic Interface
  3. Standard Widgets
  4. How Intel® Mash Maker Works
  5. Creating Mashups
  6. Writing Extractors
  7. Plans for the future 

These documents are a work in progress. New information is being added regularly as Mash Maker evolves. 


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