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Product Overview

2012: This WhatIf project has been retired, but this page remains for historical/archival purposes.

Intel® Mash Maker is an extension to your existing web browser that allows you to easily augment the page that you are currently browsing with information from other websites. As you browse the web, the Mash Maker toolbar suggests Mashups that it can apply to the current page in order to make it more useful for you. For example: plot all items on a map, or display the leg room for all flights.

Intel® Mash Maker learns from the wisdom of the community. Any user can teach Mash Maker new mashups, using a simple copy and paste interface, and once one user has taught Mash Maker a mashup, this mashup will be automatically suggested to other users. Intel® Mash Maker also relies on the community to teach it about the structure and semantics of web pages, using a built in structure editor.

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Features and Benefits

Browse, Don't Program:
Intel® Mash Maker suggests mashups as you browse the web.

View the internet, not just a web page:
Intel® Mash Maker combines many pages into one view.

Build the semantic web as a community:
Intel® Mash Maker draws on the wisdom of the community to understand the structure and semantics of information on the web.

Technical Requirements

  • Firefox 2.0 or later
    • We intend to produce Internet Explorer and Safari versions later.
  • A fast internet connection
  • A modern, high performance processor
    • Viewing mashups is significantly more processor intensive than normal web browsing
  • Mash Maker has been tested on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS X.
    • It should also work on all operating systems supported by FireFox*

Developer Support Team

Rob Ennals
Rob is the project lead for Mash Maker and is a senior researcher at Intel Research, in Berkeley, California. Rob joined Intel in 2004, after doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK. Rob can sometimes be spotted performing standup comedy in the bay area, rolling down a hill on his snowboard, or annoying gridlocked drivers on his motorbike.

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i can't sign up for the tool! i clicked on the sign up button, but there was a server not found error!

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