Intel® Math Kernel Library 2019 Bug Fixes

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2019 Update 4 (May 2019).

MKLD-3969Fixed Segmentation fault when static linking to sequential MKL.
MKLD-4026Fixed the error returned by MKL_SPARSE_D_EV when the matrix size is 16 million.
MKLD-4051Fixed the issue with cluster_sparse_solver hangs on certain mpi processes.
MKLD-4054Fixed the error of HPCG returning the exit code 11 when n is equal to 400.
MKLD-4066Fixed the issue Intel® MKL PARDISO showing negative scalability at the solving stages.
MKLD-4095Fixed the compatible issue between mkl_cblas.h and netlib cblas.h.
MKLD-4152Fixed the accuracy issue of the function ZGETRI in Intel® MKL 2019 Update 1.
MKLD-4172Fixed the contradiction between the mkl_spblas.h and the mkl reference manual.
MKLD-4174Fixed the issue with the function DFEAST_SYGV returning the error -4.
MKLD-4227Fixed the issue the parallel version of DSTEVX returning zero eigenvectors.
MKLD-4233Modified to handle special matrix sizes.
MKLD-7665Modified the Intel® MKL Pardiso to improve the factorization stages
MKLD-7808Fixed the issue with ?POTRI slowing down OMP_NESTED is TRUE and MKL_DYNAMIC is disabled.
MKLD-7817Fixed the error in the Sparse BLAS matrix transpose function.
MKLD-7820Fixed the issue with the function LAPACKE_DSYEV returning incorrect results when using the row major layout.


Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2019 Update 3 (March 2019).

MKLD-3933Fixed the issue the Intel MKL Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters reporting MPI errors
MKLD-3940Fixed unhandled exception when starting either MKL_SPARSE_QR_REORDER() or MKL_SPARSE_D_QR()
MKLD-3966Fixed the issue that PARDISO cannot be interrupted using the MKL_PROGRESS function
MKLD-3975Fixed the issue mkl_sparse_d_mv returns "Intel MKL ERROR: CPU 1 is not supported" when MKL_CBWR is set to COMPATIBLE
MKLD-3976Fixed the error the pdsyevx function returns "PDORMTR parameter number 12 had an illegal value" message when calculating some eigenvalues
MKLD-3980Fixed the discrepancy between header (mkl_vml_functions.h) and MKL Reference
MKLD-3981Fixed the issue trevc3 returns Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 14
MKLD-3999Fixed the issue LAPACKE_ssyevd fails when upper triangular part of the matrix is filled with random numbers
MKLD-4044Fixed the issue DORMQR returns "Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 12 was incorrect on entry"
MKLD-4052Fixed the issue the FFT executable code size increase by 2x from Intel® MKL version 11.3.3 to 19.1
MKL-4131Fixed the error PARDISO returned nan into solution while the input matrix is ill-conditioned


Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2019 Update 1 (November 2018).

MKLD-3969Fixed segmentation fault error during static linking to sequential MKL.
MKLD-3930Fixed an issue with the QR Eigen function performing slower than MKL QR
MKLD-3886Fixed a degradation in PARDISO performance when compared to Intel® MKL
MKLD-3865Fixed an issue where the VSL_RNG_METHOD_GAUSSAIN_ICDF method is called and RNG throws an exception for large sizes

Fixed a performance issue with the CPBTRS functions in Intel® MKL 2018 Update 3 when compared to Intel® MKL

MKLD-3820Added information about the P?HSEQR ScaLAPACK functions to the document.
MKLD-3786Fixed an issue with the PDGEMM function returning incorrect result under specific conditions
MKLD-3706Added descriptions for the sizes of E, X and Res arrays of the MKL_SPARSE_?_EV functions.
MKLD-3626Fixed segmentation fault problem when virtual memory is low in Linux OS.


This is the list of bug fixed in the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2019 (September 2018).

MKLD-3857Fixed problem with cluster_sparse_solver fails when MPI version of the nested dissection and factorization algorithm is used
MKLD-3794Renamed macro name DEPRECATED to MKL_DEPRECATED
MKLD-3793Fixed ZGEEV gives different result
MKLD-3765Fixed segmentation fault issue with DGEHRD routine
MKLD-3757Fixed JIT_SGEMM crashes at the mkl_jit_destroy stage
MKLD-3725Fixed error: Parameter 6 was incorrect on entry to DSTEIN routine
MKLD-3717Fixed MKL_SPARSE_D_GV failure in the case of cluster eigenvalues
MKLD-3690Fixed the problem with 2D FFT with OpenMp common descriptor when MKL_DYNAMIC is set to false
MKLD-3686Fixed the problem that caused ScaLAPACK SVD routine to return incorrect array sizes
MKLD-3684Added cluster components to the MKL builder tools for all supported operating systems
MKLD-3654Added const modifier to some Sparse BLAS and Inspector-Executor APIs
MKLD-3643Added error codes to the document for cluster sparse solver routines
MKLD-3613Fixed the issue "using make -j 16 will break the makefile of FFTW3 interface
MKLD-3534Added [sdcz]TREVC3 routines that are missing from Intel(R) MKL 2018 Update 1
MKLD-2729Added sparse matrix support to Schur complement matrix in Intel MKL PARDISO
MKLD-60Improved performance of SEP (Symmetric Eigenvalue problem) SBR for LAPACK
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