Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2018 Bug Fixes list

Intel(R) MKL 2018 Update 4 ( September 2018)

MKLD-3796Fixed an issue with the ?GEEV routine producing segmentation fault when user allocates required workspace. 
MKLD-3794Renamed macro name DEPRECATED to MKL_DEPRECATED.
MKLD-3793Fixed an issue with the ?GEEV routine producing an error related to incorrect value of Parameter 2 for ZGEHD2.
MKLD-3786Fixed an issue with the P[S,D,C,Z]GEMM routine returning incorrect result under specific conditions.
MKLD-3736Fixed an issue with the P[S,D,C,Z]GESVD routine producing an error related to illegal value for Parameter 19. 
MKLD-3725Fixed an issue with the [S,D,C,Z]]SYEVR routine producing an error related to incorrect value of Parameter 6 for DSTEIN. 
MKLD-3719Improved the performance of Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters in the backsubstitution phase for multiple right-hand sides.
MKLD-3690Fixed an issue with  2D FFT routine producing incorrect results when MKL_DYNAMIC is set to ‘false’.
MKLD-3686Fixed an issue with ScaLAPACK SVD single precision (PSGESVD) routine returning incorrect size of the work array. 
 MKLD-3684Fixed an issue with build operation of custom DLL for cluster components requiring modifications to makefile depending on OS.
MKLD-3681Fixed an issue with [S,D,C,Z]GESDD routines not  converging for specific input matrices.
MKLD-3613Fixed an issue with building FFTW3 interfaces when makefile does not allow multiple jobs using the -j X command line argument.

Intel(R) MKL 2018 Update 3 ( May 2018)

MKLD-3534Added descriptions of MKL_LAPACK_[s,d,c,z]_TREVC3 routines in the MKL Developer Reference manual.
MKLD-3528Fixed an issue with the DSYEVR routine producing "Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 12 was incorrect on entry to DSBRDB" message when problem size >= 6144
MKLD-3459Introduced support of cross index-layout combinations for BSR matrix format of MV, ADD, SPMM, SP2M, SYRK, and SYPR Sparse BLAS Routines.
MKLD-3570Fixed the performance regression of DGEMV function for specific problem sizes.
MKLD-3645Fixed a performance problem of MKL_SPARSE_[S,D,C,Z]_ADD routine.
MKLD-3378Fixed an issue with Intel PARDISO returning the wrong number line of the first pivot elements when number of threads > 1.
MKLD-2729Introduced Schur complement matrix in sparse representation format by Intel PARDISO.

Intel(R) MKL 2018 Update 2 ( March 2018)

MKLD-3390Fixed inconsistent behavior in MKL_LINK_TOOL routine.
MKLD-3532Fixed failure in CLUSTER_SPARSE_SOLVER routine with IPARM(2) = 10
MKLD-3531Introduced triple product functionality A*B*AT with sparse/dense matrix B.  
MKLD-3458Fixed crash on exit after calling Intel® MKL Vector Mathematics. Functions.
MKLD-3497Fixed issue of P?HEEV routine producing incorrect size of LRWORK. 
MKLD-3446Improved performance of MKL FFT routines in the case of few threads. 
MKLD-3445Fixed run-time failure of P?GEMM routine for specific problem sizes. 
MKLD-3424Improved performance of MKL LAPACK_CPOSV_WORK routine for Intel® Xeon® processor supporting Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512)  instruction set.
MKLD-3414Fixed issue with MKL BLACS_EXIT() routine causing unstable behavior. 
MKLD-3364Fixed runtime problem failure of vslSaveStreamM and vslLoadStreamM with MKL Niederreiter BRNG routine.
MKLD-3362Improved performance of MKL DGBTRS routine for multiple right hand sides (RHS).
MKLD-3229Fixed issue with Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters routine failures on the release all internal solver memory stage. 
MKLD-3217Fixed hanging problem with MKL PDTRAN routine when number of MPI processes exceeds 10000.
MKLD-2846Introduced support for Schur complement (dense), partial solving, and customer reordering in Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters.
MKLD-2776Improved the performance of Intel MKL Pardiso routine in the case of multiple RHS and linking with Intel® Threaded Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) threading layer.
MKLD-2750Improved performance of MKL FFT routines for specific problem sizes on Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors based on Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).
MKLD-2997Improved performance of MKL ?SYTRI routine.
MKLD-240Introduced support of OOC mode for Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters routine. 
MKLD-209Improved performance of MKL ?SYGVX routine.
MKLD-60 Improved performance of MKL P?SYEVR routine.
 Fixed issue when double precision complex SVD workspace query returns too small workspace size

Intel(R) MKL 2018 Update 1 ( November 2017) 

MKLD-3387Fixed the problem with pdpotri routine which produces wrong results with some specific sizes and environment
MKLD-3350Fixed the problem with LAPACKE_dgesvd routine with some specific input parameters (jobu = 'N' and jobvt = 'A') and when routine returned "Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 11 was incorrect on entry to DGEMQR" in output
MKLD-3292Fixed the overflow exception problem with dgemm routine when the product of doubles exceeds the maximum floating point value allowed
MKLD-3233Fixed the MKL FATAL Error on loading function mkl_vml_serv_threader_c_1i_2o issue
MKLD-3182Fixed the wrong result PZGETRF routine issue with some specific version of Intel MPI
MKLD_3169Fixed the problem with Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters failure when using MPI Nested Dissection Algorithm ( error = -2) 
MKLD-3116Introduced an option --quiet to mkl_link_tool routine
MKLD-3090Introduced LAPACKE_set_nancheck routine for disabling/enabling nan checks in LAPACKE functions
MKLD-3072Improved the MKL FFT performance with and without scaling factor across all domains
MKLD-2740Improved the MKL FFT performance for batched real-to-complex 3D for  Intel® Xeon® Processor supporting Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) (codename Skylake Server) 

Intel(R) MKL 2018 ( August 25, 2017)

MKLD-3074Added LAPACKE ?larcm function description to the Developer Reference for MKL 2018 - C
MKLD-3053Fixed the wrong result issue of IGEMM_s16s16s32 routine when it linked with OpenMP library statically
MKLD-3054Improved  the performance of cblas_gemm_s16s16s32 routine
MKLD-2999Fixed a problem with LAPACKE_dstein routine when it uses nth element of the off-diagonal array (which is supposed to have n-1 elements)
MKLD-2769Improved the performnce of SGEMM routine for some specific problem size on Intel® Xeon Phi™  processors based on Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512)
MKLD-2767Fixed the significant performance degradation of DGETRF routine for some specific problem sizes on Intel® AVX2 systems
MKLD-2753Fixed a problem when MKL FFT is used via FFTW Interface
MKLD-2948Fixed the wrong result issue when calling zgetrf by MKL_DIRECT_CALL
MKLD-2740Improved a Intel MKL FFT 3D problem performance on Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family x200
MKLD-2733Fixed the _MSC_VER mismatch again MKL installation problem
MKLD-2924Fixed a problem when MKL Automatic Offload mode doesn’t work if LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains incompatibility paths
MKLD-271Improved the performance of functions DORCSD2BY1 routine


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