Where can I find the serial (non-threaded) version of Intel® MKL?

The non-threaded serial (or sequential) version of Intel® MKL is incorporated in the standard Intel® MKL package for versions 10.0 and later. There will not be any separate download available for the Intel® MKL serial version. Sequential version of MKL requires no Run-time library (RTL) layer, that is, no Compatibility OpenMP* or Legacy OpenMP* run-time library and does not respond to the environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS. However, it is thread-safe, which means that you can use it in a parallel region from your own OpenMP* code. The sequential version may be helpful when using Intel® MKL with programs threaded with non-Intel compilers or in other situations where you may, for various reasons, need a non-threaded version of the library. To obtain sequential version of Intel® MKL, in the Threading layer, choose the *sequential.* library to link. 

For instructions on how to link to the serial libraries, please refer to Intel® MKL User's Guide.

Please visit the Intel® MKL product Web site for more information and also to download a 30-day evaluation of the latest Intel® MKL release.

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