Intel Mobile at Mashup Camp

David Berlind and Eleanor Kruszewski came up with the idea to host an unconference to share awareness and discuss the use of APIs being published by companies like Yahoo!, Google, A9 (Amazon), eBay, Microsoft, EVDB, and others. The first event was held on February 20-21, 2006. Intel is actively participating in the July 12-13, 2006 event and will be demonstrating API based mashups with Amazon and Elephant Drive.

What is a mashup?
A website or web application that used web services or APIs to combines content from more than one source.

Why have a camp?
The mashup community is built on the open availability of useful information and technology pulled together from all over the globe. The community is innovating very quickly and benefits from getting together for live demonstrations and direct interaction with each other. The agenda for the camp is roughed out before the event and is built by the participants at the kickoff.

What was Intel doing at this event?
Intel presented the Mobile Web 2.0 API with two mashup demonstrations. The first combines the Intel mobile platform status and Amazon’s API information. The second mashup combines Elephant Drive's online backup capabilities with platform status information. We have posted the highlights from the event.

Who would be interested?
If you are a mashup developer, and have a demo that shows off your chops or are looking to join a community of dedicated mashup developers, then this is the event for you. The camp attracts a broad level of technical abilities in software development. Bring your passion!

When is the next camp?
The date for the next camp is in the works. Visit the Mashup Camp web site to stay up to date on the next unconference.
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