Intel® OpenMP C++/Fortran Compiler for Hyper-Threading Technology

by Xinmin Tian, Aart Bik, Milind Girkar, Paul Grey, Hideki Saito, and Ernesto Su
Software Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

In the never-ending quest for higher performance, CPUs become faster and faster. Processor resources, however, are generally underutilized by many applications. Hyper-Threading Technology is developed to resolve this issue. This new technology allows a single processor to manage data as if it were two processors by executing data instructions from different threads in parallel rather than serially. Processors enabled with Hyper-Threading Technology can greatly improve the performance of applications with a high degree of parallelism. However, the potential gain is only obtained if an application is multithreaded, by either manual, automatic, or semi-automatic parallelization techniques. This paper presents the compiler techniques of OpenMP pragma- and directive-guided parallelization developed for the high-performance Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel Fortran Compiler. We also present a performance evaluation of a set of benchmarks and applications.

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