Intel® Parallel Amplifier – What's new?

The Intel® Parallel Amplifier 2011 Update 1
• A few bugs were fixed.
The Intel® Parallel Amplifier 2011:
• Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 support.
Microsoft Windows Server 2008* R2 support.
Activation Tool.

Intel® Parallel Amplifier
Update 2:

• Now Microsoft Windows 7* is supported.
• Several minor bugs were fixed.
Update 1:

• Added a command line interface for regression analysis. Now you can automate tests you want to run frequently. (see "About the Intel® Parallel Amplifier Command-line Interface" in the Visual Studio* integrated help)
• Better performance. Collection is faster and results finalization is faster.
• CPU time accuracy is improved for applications with short scheduler time slices.
• New data collection options, including limiting the size of the data collected.
• Compare results can now open the source view.
• Several minor bugs were fixed.

Intel® Parallel Amplifier Release Notes
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.