Intel® Parallel Composer Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, /en-us/forums.  


Update 6 (Posted April 2010)

DPD200008769 C, C++ Need include file with supported intrinsics for IA64
DPD200010963 C++ ICL does not allow implicit float->int conversion on template type
DPD200139206 C++, C batch build does not support vc project using TBB
DPD200139634 C, C++ incorrect conversions when using /RTCc switch
DPD200141228 C++ Internal compiler error when using -RTC1 with -Qdiag-enable:sc1
DPD200141410 C++, C /FR does not generate SBR file and icl gives error "problem with Microsoft compilation"
DPD200148838 C, C++, Fortran OMP: System error #126: The specified module could not be found
DPD200149857 C++ icc/icl 10.x/11.x ICE 0_456 per [IL0] const prop with -openmp option
DPD200149861 C++ Compiler generates erroneous code when openmp is enabled
DPD200150202 C++ pop_stop_token_stack: wrong number of pops
DPD200150553 C _BitScanForward64 bug
DPD200151295 C++ Exception catching problem when using boost::variant and boost::any
DPD200151649 C++ Endian problem with c99 _Complex float
DPD200151820 C++ Problem with Composer conversion from VC to Intel and Intel to VC projects

Update 5 (Posted February 2010)

DPD200013691  C, C++:  -par_report0 option doesn't suppress "LOOP WAS AUTO-PARALLELIZED" remark 
DPD200041293  C++  Callback functions needs to be used by NSK compilers when reporting an error 
DPD200119863  C++  unhandled exception in FNPLicensingService64.exe 
DPD200138351  C++, C  incorrect warning for referencing thread-local-storage variables when using "__declspec( thread )" 
DPD200138840  C++, C  Exception results for 2D DP AVX Code 
DPD200138941  C, C++  /Qparallel causes "loop dependency" 
DPD200140125  C++  Microsoft Compatibility: on allowing template parameters in nonstandard specialization issue 
DPD200140185  C++  MS Compatibility: namespace mismatch causes link error 
DPD200140455  C++  Bug with std::locale and debug builds in 11.1 
DPD200140779  C++  icc code runs 2x slower than MS VS2005 
DPD200141619  C  Parallel Composer Install w/VS 2005 TBB issue..... 
DPD200141637  C++  unresolved external symbol on __declspec(dllimport) symbol where a local extern symbol is also created 
DPD200142541  C++  vectorization causes code generation bug in phase PRE EXPR 
DPD200148280  C, C++  compiler fails with internal error: 0_1270 

Update 4 (Posted December 2009)

DPD200034046  C  "fabsl()" isn't inlined with intrinsic when using "-Oi" or "-Oi -Qlong-double" 
DPD200084693  C++  link error: unresolved external symbol with /Qlong_double enabled 
DPD200136502  C++  unable to obtain mapped memory when using precompiled header 
DPD200136749  C, C++  Switch to fixed address memory mapping by default for PCH 
DPD200136843  C++  cvtps2pd erroneous generation (vector instead of scalar)
DPD200140141  C++  compiler hangs "forever" in IPO-phase of xilink eventually terminated using up all memory 
DPD200140317  C  Wrong output when vectorizing 
DPD200140450  C++  problem with debug info of enum bit-fields with pch (internal error: 0_45080) 
DPD200141468  C, C++  incorrect code when optimizing with last num optimization [IPO] 

Update 3 (Posted November 2009)

DPD200012215  C, C++  Documentation about application register access in user manual is vague 
DPD200110916  C++  VC compatibility issue on allowing pure virtual specifiers in prototype instantiations 
DPD200136502  C++  unable to obtain mapped memory 
DPD200136749  C, C++  Switch to fixed address memory mapping by default for PCH 
DPD200136996  C++  (0): internal error: backend signals 
DPD200136996  C++  (0): internal error: backend signals 
DPD200137318  C, C++  /Qprof-psa-* options should be removed from /help 
DPD200139432  C, C++  "internal error: 0_1149" when using /fp:fast 
DPD200139624  C++  (0): internal error: backend signals in termination test in openmp iterator loop 
DPD200140317  C  Wrong output when vectorizing 
DPD200140450  C++  problem with debug info of enum bit-fields with pch (internal error: 0_45080) 
DPD200140550  C  Internal compiler error in PCG 

The Intel® IPP Library 6.1 Fixes List can be found here

Update 2 Revised (Posted October 2009)

DPD200139120 C, C++ - Update 2 list below has more details on this issue. Note: The package was rebuilt to correct an issue where the compiler would not run on certain Windows 7* and Windows Server 2008* systems. Correctness of the generated code is not an issue.

Update 2 (Posted September 2009)

DPD200139120 C,C++  - Composer may hang or encounter a segmentation-fault when run on Microsoft* Windows 7* or
Windows Server 2008* R2. Please refer to the following links for more details:

1) The installation or uninstallation hangs at start up dialog during reading existing licenses
2) Program crashes or hangs on some systems

DPD200003663 C,C++  - Access mechanism inconsistency for #pragma section()/__declspec(allocate()) generated symbols 

DPD200040394 C++     - Split blocks at GP reload to improve debug order

DPD200042107 C,C++  - Proton compile time 100x of MS VC++ 7.0 due to long constant propagation time 

DPD200051151 C,C++  - FLEXlm server fails to start on Windows Server 2008 x64 architecture 

DPD200084262 C          - stack run time check reports failure for 64byte alignment 

DPD200111309 C,C++  - Need consistent correspondence between OMP hread ids and global thread ids in non-nested code 

DPD200111314 C,C++  - Error initializing foreign thread's OMP affinity mask 

DPD200120952 C++     - OpenMP task crashes with new class statement in Debug mode 

DPD200121133 C          - Problem caused by "Hoist Optimize Branches" with -O2 and -O3 

DPD200135696 C          - unresolved symbol with /Qipo in 11.x only - 10.x works 

DPD200135966 C++      - icc warning level (/W4) is incompatible with vc warning level 

DPD200136540 C          - runtime crash when /Qnum-opt = 25 

DPD200136776 C,C++  -  "(0): internal error: 0_0" with multi-source compilation 

DPD200136951 C++     - 0x5C Japanese Character resulting in garbled output 

DPD200137318 C,C++  - /Qprof-psa-* options should be removed from /help 

DPD200137781 C++     - Need scalar variable privatization support for std::complex data type with function call 

DPD200138343 C,C++  - "(0) internal error: backend signals" with openmp on "while" 

DPD200138609 C++     - Compiler fails to select correct template function for passed arguments 

DPD200139006 C++     - Error during project conversion with Intel C++ compiler in VS2008 

DPD200139120 C,C++  - Application hangs due to xgetbv in __intel_cpu_indicator_init() function 

Update 1 (Posted July 2009)

DPD200121459 - "Taskwaits" window of the Intel Parallel Debugger Extension not work

DPD200120676 - setting "Interprocedural Optimization" to "Disable (/qnoipo)" under property "Linker > Optimization" not working

DPD200112207 - memory leak using Parallel Debugger Extension on Thread Data Sharing Events

DPD200111854 - Environment macros are ignored in property sheets user macros.

DPD200121009 - icl driver handles -EHc- (turn off extern C) switch incorrectly

DPD200136451 - allowing namespace::classname redeclaration

DPD200136607 - internal error when creating a thunk for vector delete on Windows

DPD200136717 - -O2 causes unresolved symbol "___tmainCRTStartup"

DPD200135694 - problem with template argument deduction when unviable abstract base class type parameters are instantiated

DPD200032028 - missing many opportunities to break false dependences

DPD200039735 - compiler fails to specialize function template

DPD200040035 - preprocessor unable to process macro definition

DPD200118328 - explicit overriding of the virtual methods causes wrong results

DPD200119382 - loop was not vectorized: reduction property lost in IVS

DPD200119841 - /RTC1 does not mapped to /RTCsu

DPD200120035 - kmp_set_defaults() isn't working

DPD200120115 - Resource leak in libiomp5mt.lib

DPD200135887 - IDE integration can not launch c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe on a dual-boot system

DPD200136041 - Visual C++ 2008 and later allow virtual override when parameters differ in const/volatile qualilfication

DPD200135511 - /Zi with /Yu generates undefined symbols from Boost* header variables


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