Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Center for Research on Innovative Simulation Software (CISS)

Principal Investigators:

Dr. KATO, Chisachi (Professor)
Dr. GUO, Yang (Researcher)
Mr. YAMADE, Yoshinobu (Researcher)


The Center for Research on Innovative Simulation Software (CISS)—founded in April 2008—has successfully completed its first five-year mission involving the development and dissemination of Japanese cutting-edge simulation software for use in industries and for assistance to researchers and engineers capable of developing and efficiently using such software. CISS has developed over 10 types of cutting-edge simulation software, many of which are widely used in the industries.

In April 2013, CISS started its second five-year term and welcomed two new members. With the spread of the developed simulation software in related industries and the assistance to researchers and engineers, CISS is strongly committed in researching highly innovative simulation methods optimized for exa-scale computing and for the development of design methods that are fully equipped by such simulations.

CISS agreed with Intel to collaborate in HPC as a part of the Intel Parallel Computing Center program and is committed to port and optimize FrontFlow/blue (FFB), one of the cutting-age simulation software that CISS has developed, for the Intel many-core processor. CISS expects the outcome from this collaboration to work as a basis for the future development of similar simulation software for the exa-scale supercomputing environments.

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