Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Release Notes

This page provides the current Installation Guide and Release Notes for the Intel® Parallel Studio product. All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required.

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SP1 Initial release, September 6, 2011: release_notes_studio.pdf
Update 2 release, March 28, 2011: Release_Notes_update2.pdf
Update 1 release, December 14, 2010: Release_Notes_update1.pdf

Initial release, September 2, 2010: Release Notes.pdf
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The ReleaseNotes on this article are for the Intel Parallel Studio 2011 that is different than the Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows or Linux.

the Intel Parallel Studio 2011 contains the Intel Parallel Composer 2011 that is a light version of the Intel C++ Composer XE for Windows.

The ReleaseNotes for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 are here (including both Windows and Linux):

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All of the documents linked to from this page are for Windows platforms. The page and the link to get here make no notice of that. Where are the Linux documents? If you're going to do high performance systems would you do them on the client or the server? On the server, of course. What do high perforance servers have as an OS? Look at the top supercomputers, look at Oracle's high perforance database machines, look around! They run Linux! Windows for HPC is a waste of your resources. If I'm going to build an HPC machine for a Quant it will be on Linux and if he wants a Windows interface, it will run on another machine. Anyway, where's the Linux stuff?

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