Intel® Parallel Studio Release Notes

This page provides the current Installation Guide and Release Notes for the Intel® Parallel Studio product. All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required.

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Service Pack 1, November 2009

The Release Notes for the individual components are also available:

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Добрый день!
Я с удовольствие вам помогу. Только мне не ясна ваша проблема. Если не трудно, опишите ее более детально.
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Я простой пользователь, INTEL знают ВСЕ! Нужна помощь в правильной настройке ситемы и закрыть ее на замок. Настроить реестр. Мой первый компьютер был INTEL -это МАРКА! Спасибо .С уважением Васильев В Е

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The release notes for Intel Parallel Studio, unfortunately, don't tell you WHY you should download this... you'd have to plow through the individual release notes of the components to see the reasons.

SP1 is well worth downloading and installing - here are some of the reasons:
(1) Parallel Inspector can be driven (for automating test suites) by a command line!
(2) Bug fixes - of course - not many issues needed fixing, but you may appreciate the ones bugs that were found and fixed!
(3) Window 7 support (Parallel Studio came before Windows 7, now that it is released - we had a few things to update)
(4) TBB 2.2 and other improvements to align with the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

I'm sure there are more - these are the highlights as I see them.

Download SP1 - you'll be glad you did!

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