Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2011 floating license seat checkout

For an Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2011 suite a license seat represents only one allowed usage for all components.
It means that if all the licenses are consumed by one component users (e.g., VTune™ Amplifier XE),
then other components can't be used (e.g., Composer XE).
For example, one 5 seats Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2011 floating license allow only 5 uses of any component, total.
The same behavior is for borrowing feature - the entire suite is borrowed as a whole, not just a one component.

Please also find this article for more details about license checkout and check in.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


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License is not checked out when launching an instance of VS, it is checked out when the actual product is used, e.g. for compiler it is the time when you invoked the compilation from VS (using Build, Rebuild or Compile options). So, each time the compile is invoked a one seat of the floating license is checked out. For 5 seats license, 4 other seats will still be available and it means that at the same time while compiler is working (building your solution) you can invoke any other products(4 instances).

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You link to an article on "more details about license checkout and check in" that does not seem to fully address the "Studio" products (C++ Studio, Parallel Studio and all related tools, e.g. VTune) regarding check-in and check-out. It is difficult to find a solid answer to this anywhere, so could you please once and for all explain (article?) how floating licenses work with the different "Studio" products in combination with MS Visual Studio integration on Windows?
So when is a license checked-out? When just launching an instance of VS? Or just using/opening any "tool" (e.g. VTune result) window/tab in VS? Is is visually clear to the user that he/she holds a floating license checked-out - and is there then a simple way to release it?
Can we get an evaluation floating license to try it for our-selves before purchasing?


- Jay

PS. Feel free to do a private answer but I do still think the whole floating license and "Studio" products (with VS integration) is unclear and needs proper documentation.

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Dear Riley,

Please create a ticket using Premier Support or create a thread on our forum (Download, Registration and Licensing).
Looks like you have wrong host id in the license file. The reason can be in the new address of the server - in this case you need to update the license.


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Problems running flexlm for Composer XE for Linux on Sun x86_64 SUSE 11 patchlevel 1
14:07:13 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ...
14:07:13 (lmgrd) Started INTEL (internet tcp_port 49663 pid 6211)
14:07:13 (INTEL) FLEXlm version 9.23
14:07:13 (INTEL) Server started on lidsone for:
14:07:13 (INTEL) ID8CBD2CF (consisting of: ArBBL
14:07:13 (INTEL) CCompL DbgL FCompL
14:07:13 (INTEL) MKernL PerfPrimL ThreadBB)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:
14:07:13 (INTEL) /opt/intel/flexlm/server.lic
14:07:13 (INTEL) SERVER line says 002128a5d56e, hostid is (Can't get hostid of type 2 [])
14:07:13 (INTEL) Invalid hostid on SERVER line
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature ArBBL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature CCompL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature DbgL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature FCompL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature ID8CBD2CF(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature MKernL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature PerfPrimL(9154D3875829)
14:07:13 (INTEL) Disabling 5 licenses from feature ThreadBB(9154D3875829)

hostid for lidsone,
lidsone:/opt/intel/flexlm # ifconfig eth_s0_0
eth_s0_0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:21:28:A5:D5:6E

lidsone:/opt/intel/flexlm # hostid -v
Hostid is 138 (0x8a)

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