Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Composer Edition and Intel® System Studio 2016 Compiler Fixes List

NOTE: This list shows defect fixes and feature requests that have been incorporated into the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition Compilers (C++ and Fortran) and the Intel® System Studio Compiler (C++). Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, The fixes list for Intel® Composer XE 2015 Compilers can be found here.  The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.3 can be found here.

Update 3 (Posted April 2016), Package IDs below 
Intel® System Studio Update 3 coming soon

DPD200013323FortranMicrosoft Visual Studio* IDE debugger does not represent CHARACTER data
DPD200250303FortranDifferent data dependency output on IA-32 and Intel(R) 64 for the same loo.
DPD200253978FortranCall into TBP of extended abstract type gets access violation
DPD200344384C++Issue with template member convertion function access
DPD200361722C++error #2084: designator may not specify a non-POD
DPD200365368C, C++FTZ and DAZ are not set as expected under Microsoft Visual Studio IDE environment
DPD200365668C++gcc* 5: and headers SFINAE errors in -std=c++11 mode (core issue 1558 unused arguments in alias template specializations)
DPD200366448C, C++Microsoft Visual Studio IDE integration doesn't embed 'manifest' information into application by default
DPD200368949Fortran, C++, C[L10N-15.0] Japanese optimization report messages displayed in Microsoft Visual Studio contain corrupted strinigs
DPD200372114FortranSwitch "-warn interfaces" causes compiler to loop "forever"
DPD200373950C++[L10N-16.0] The default value of Use Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel(R) DAAL) property is not translated in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* and 2013*
DPD200375355FortranUser-defined derived type READ of extended type incorrectly reads parent component
DPD200375834FortranError 8182 issued for module procedure marked public and used to bind local type definition to another procedure
DPD200375935Fortran, C++, CMicrosoft Visual Studio manifest options not being passed onto the linker
DPD200376293C++, CIntel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Values for global variables in lexical scope of offload are not copied to target
DPD200376352C++no instance of function template matches the argument list followed by internal stack overflow
DPD200377431FortranInternal compiler error
DPD200377478Fortranifort 16.0 : Vectorizer : Internal Compiler Error with O2 on
DPD200377491C, C++catastrophic error: could not open source file "limits.h" with v16.0 -isystem
DPD200377513FortranIncorrect results with GETLOG when redirecting stdin
DPD200377546Cgcc 5.2.0 build failure with error: declaration is incompatible with function template
DPD200377848C++Compiler 16.0 doesn't support RHEL 6* binutil and
DPD200378091FortranDO CONCURRENT loop with PURE function call
DPD200378117C++, C[L10N-16.0] In the Microsoft Visual Studio's About dialog, the update info is missing from the Installed product name.
DPD200378147C++type trait incompatiblities with Microsoft Visual C++*
DPD200378244C++[L10N-16.0] -opt-report:5 is not handled properly when compiling C++ offload code.
DPD200378358Cinternal error in lower_name.c on std::pair constructor lowering of lambda defined in static data member initializer
DPD200378445FortranInternal Compiler Error on code with OpenMP* and OFFLOAD directives
DPD200378627Cicc Interprocedural Optimization hangs indefinitely
DPD200378914FortranUnexpected errors #6303 and #6366 issued with parameterized derived types
DPD200378972FortranMissing error for violation of C1218 for a procedure pointer where explicit interface is ELEMENTAL
DPD200379431FortranAccess violation with assignment to large PDT array
DPD200379496Fortran!DIR$ ASSUME with logical expression gets Internal Compiler Error
DPD200379709C++icl 15/16 unstable OpenMP runtime library performance
DPD200379800C++internal error: couldn't convert to ptr
DPD200379834C++Unexpected FTZ (/Qftz not set correclty in IDE, works fine in CMD
DPD200379839C++SIMD Data Layout Template (SDLT) - SLDT_SIMD_LOOP_BEGIN macro contains bug, undefined "lane_count"
DPD200379896FortranIPO internal error with -O3 -ipo -g -debug pubnames
DPD200379927C++problem with digit separator
DPD200379990C, C++Bad SVML exp() performance on Intel(R) MIC Architecture code named KNL
DPD200380524Cicl: command line error: option '/Qopt-matmul' not supported
DPD200380633C++problem opening source file if directory is included with both -I and -iquote
DPD200380721FortranPURE functions should allow OMP SIMD, DECLARE SIMD, and DECLARE TARGET directives
DPD200380917FortranInternal Compiler Error with QuantumEspresso*
DPD200380931C++display discretionary error expr_not_a_modifiable_lvalue when it occurs in system headers for gcc compatibility
DPD200381053CC Front End needs to define the __cpp_rtti feature macro
DPD200381101FortranDummy argument name same as host type name in submodule interface confuses second procedure - Error 6463
DPD200381106FortranBad code for vectorized DO CONCURRENT
DPD200381114FortranPRIVATE type-bound generics of component type not recognized in same module
DPD200381151C++, CInternal Compiler Error in shared/il0/il0_scalarization.c, line 3550, when compiling __sec_reduce_add call
DPD200381329C++Privatization of __intel_cpu_indicator in program
DPD200381358FortranMissing check that procedure pointer and target have BIND attribute as characteristic
DPD200381365FortranInternal compiler error, regression, for user-defined derived-type I/O of type with pointer to same type component
DPD200381389FortranOpenMP link error when IL0 Replace Subscripts With Vars is done
DPD200381407CLink error with Pointer Checker
DPD200381534Comp_get_level() returns unexpected result when used with Windows threads
DPD200381641FortranIncorrect data read during unformatted sequential I/O
DPD200381658Fortranifort 16.0 SEGV in test case per Scalar Replacement (regression wrt 15.0)
DPD200381662FortranError 6833 for REAL MODULE FUNCTION
DPD200381668Cinternal error: when compile with -check-pointers=rw
DPD200381669C++Internal Compiler Error in glue on instantation of array type within class
DPD200381813C++__is_empty returns true for union type
DPD200381818FortranInternal compiler error (segmentation fault) involving constant expression with zero-sized array
DPD200381840FortranInternal compiler error caused by extra parentheses in call
DPD200381903Fortran, C, C++xiar: internal error: Assertion failed (shared/driver/linker.c, line 6832)
DPD200382121FortranInappropriate error 8414 for OPEN with NEWUNIT= and STATUS specified with variable
DPD200382232FortranMissing error for mismatched END of MODULE PROCEDURE
DPD200382235FortranMicrosoft Visual Studio debugger can't show value of nested, allocatable type on Intel(R) 64
DPD200382294FortranStructure constructor for extended type, non-matching generic interface, gets error 6284 for valid constructor
DPD200382337C++-traceback got internal error
DPD200407363C++Compile fails for vector with large initializer list of strings
DPD200407576C++Linking problem with -static and -std=c++11
DPD200407582Cicc 16.0 fails to link example with -ipo, but links with or without -ip
DPD200407587CInternal compiler error when building mpich using libfabric built with -ipo
DPD200407666Cinternal error: The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
DPD200407800FortranProgram using MATMUL gives wrong results at -O3
DPD200407819Fortran, CLinking against Windows Store variant (WinRT/Metro) of Microsoft Visual C* LIB creates undefined references to kernel32 routines
DPD200407835CRDECLs which are COMDAT do not appear as weak in ELF symbol table
DPD200407977Cdynamic allocation of shared_ptr array gets access violation
DPD200408000FortranError 6457 for TYPE in FUNCTION declaration with RESULT where USE defining type is in specification section
DPD200408129C++Compiler Seg Fault with template use in OpenMP parallel region
DPD200408195Ccompilation problem with gcc 493 nested namespace inside extern "C" not scoped
DPD200408202C++typename does not work with initializer_list constructors without parenthesis
DPD200408252FortranAccess violation for assignment to parameterized derived type in OpenMP parallel region
DPD200408333C++icl 16.0 fails to assign function pointer for DLL imported class
DPD200408393C++in-consistance code generated between vector new and operator deleted call due to default destructor
DPD200574412FortranString evaluation shows garbled value
DPD200579009C++__regcall: internal error: 04010002_1865
DPD200579462CInternal compiler error with _Generic: internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/folding.c", line 6844

Update 2 (Posted February 2016), Package IDs below 

DPD200138544FortranInternal compiler error on unusual OpenMP* usage
DPD200139111Fortran, C++, CFeature request to provide compiler setup scripts for Cygwin* and support for Cygwin-style paths
DPD200181605FortranAdding /syntax-only to /gen-dep produces incorrect dependency info
DPD200232899C++, CPointer Checker: Feature Request: Report Log should flag read or write....
DPD200358966FortranVALUE ignored for deferred-shape array
DPD200360359FortranINTEGER*8 being optimized away, leading to a wrong answer
DPD200362462Fortranifort 15.0 incorrect output with !$omp declare simd vectorized function
DPD200363624Fortran, C++, CSome libmmd functions are not identified in Intel(R) VTune Amplifier details for Intel(R) 64
DPD200363712FortranCompilation of finalized parametrized derived type doesn't complete.
DPD200365027C, C++Bug found with writing to self-defined Data Segments and try catch statements
DPD200365543C++, CAdditional .trace section when compiling with Intel icl 15.0 compiler.
DPD200365668C++gcc 5*: and headers SFINAE errors in -std=c++11 mode (core issue 1558 unused arguments in alias template specializations)
DPD200365974C++constexpr bug with std::is_same array to pointer decay in dependent constant expressions
DPD200367112CCFileException is not handled properly.
DPD200367540C++Unclear vectorization report message when compiling with exceptions
DPD200368070FortranPassing array with VALUE attribute doesn't work in various ways
DPD200368457C++icl/icc inefficient code for std:min/std::max when used in funtion with a reference/pointer argument
DPD200369403FortranIntel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows install exits early
DPD200369789FortranInternal Compiler Error, regression with long module+symbol names
DPD200370511FortranMissing error for use of polymorphic associate name in ASSOCIATE without SELECT TYPE
DPD200370823FortranOpenMP code 3x slower when compiled with ifort 15.0.3 as compared to ifort 14.0.0
DPD200371104FortranUndefined symbol link error with debug and generated interface and uncalled internal procedure
DPD200371399C++, CAn Error has occured. See error log for more details. Could not initialize class
DPD200371768C++ICC+Intel(R) MKL+OpenMP - memory leak
DPD200372758C++The -traceback option causes problems when also using the -pie option
DPD200373025C++Linking error when build with #pragma omp simd in debug with exeption handling enabled
DPD200373851Fortransubroutines in threads write to same address
DPD200374016FortranRTL error with -init=snan,arrays -auto
DPD200374125C++only do needed instantiations of in-class initializers for static data members in template classes
DPD200374226FotranInternal Compiler Error for cp2k* when compiled with -openmp or -fopenmp
DPD200374298FortranUnexpected error #6808 for use of a type-bound procedure returning a POINTER type in the ASSOCIATED intrinsic
DPD200374373C++dvec.h F64vec8 and not(F64bec8, F64vec8) lacks inline
DPD200374485C++, CBeta 2015 Update 2 Dll problem with "libmmds.lib" linkage
DPD200374597CSTL vectorization killed by /Qprotect-parnes
DPD200374865FortranInternal error with Intel(R) AVX-512, OpenMP and IF clause
DPD200374900FortranArgument mismatch error 6633 for parameterized derived type dummy/actual, PUBLIC/PRIVATE
DPD200374956FortranInternal Compiler Error for elemental call to type-bound procedure of extended type
DPD200375133FortranMemory leak with nested OpenMP regions with IA-32 executable
DPD200375220FortranIncorrect external name in the BIND(C)
DPD200375460Fortran, C++, COpt report should distinguish hardware from software gather (indexed or strided load)
DPD200375489FortranInternal compiler error involving structure constructor
DPD200375652FortranInternal Compiler Error when calling Generic type-bound procedure
DPD200375701CInconsistent behavior with OpenMP CANCEL and schedule runtime clause
DPD200375803C++Compilation error with dllexported base class with deleted constructor
DPD200375877FortranNo finalization (deallocation) for move_alloc use with non-scalar allocatable objects
DPD200375960FortranCompilation error #6834 for function with RESULT() fails when appearing in submodule
DPD200375984FortranProject with submodules completely rebuilt when one change made to source file not related to the module or submodule
DPD200376074FortranInternal compiler error for openmp task
DPD200376155C, C++abort in get_expr_rescan_info when a template dependent nontype argument is used in both a deduced and nondeduced context
DPD200376261C++internal error: assertion failed
DPD200376314CCompile time is higher compared to gcc
DPD200376337C++boost test case gets ambiguous message with -fpermissive
DPD200376369C++, CProton IL Dump - Routine not allocatable
DPD200376418CComparability between Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2016 and Visual Studio 2015 - can't find float.h header file
DPD200376492FortranCPUv6/wrf assertion using 64 bit ifort ith -m32
DPD200376599Cinternal error: 101004_61 during STREAM compilation
DPD200376655C++, Clibipgo.lib contains external symbols "close()" and "getcwd()" that are deprecated in VS (2012 at least)
DPD200376685C++Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 C++ package Fortran runtime dependency k1om-mpss-linux-ld.exe: cannot find -lifcoremt
DPD200376754COffload application fails with offload stack pointers
DPD200376756C++Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2016 Composer Edition does not like Xcode* 7 underlying enum type for 1 << 31
DPD200376759Fortran, C, C++Incorrect dimension information with iso_fortran_binding when passing slice of two-dimensional array
DPD200377021FortranPXFFILENO function issue for preconnected units on Windows
DPD200377056FortranBounds of assumed-rank dummy argument not equal to actual argument
DPD200377155FortranCharacter concatenation in OMP-parallel loop compiles to Internal Compiler Error in case -openmp -heap-arrays is used; a regression
DPD200377261C++Vectorization report is not generated to a file / compilation fails with internal error
DPD200377262FortranInternal Compiler Error with O2 or higher: #20000_4485: Expr not found in worklist. Cannot remove.
DPD200377280FortranLoop distribution for vectorization causing bad result
DPD200377293C++template instances with (template type parameter from anonymous namespace) should probably be local to compilation unit
DPD200377638Fortranifort - Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200377729FortranDocument new modifiers to the LINEAR clause on OMP DECLARE SIMD directive
DPD200377751C++C++ Loop Iterator in OpenMP leads to internal compiler error
DPD200377753C++C++ Template with MPC Privatization
DPD200377897Fortran, C++, CICL and Ifort compiler driver is down with /fp:except
DPD200378087C++Cannot use alignas when defining a structure inside a function
DPD200378127C++, C[L10N-16.0] Segmentation violation happens when compiling a offload code with /fp:extended.
DPD200378181C++, Cerror MSB 6006: "icl" exited with code -1073741819 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*
DPD200378187C++OS X*: Internal error IERROR_MODULE_ID_1288
DPD200378250Fortranfortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200378488FortranIFPORT Header typo leads to incompatibility between 15.0 library and 16.0
DPD200378498C++sdlt include headers are not installed with Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 1 pkg Professional/Cluster editions
DPD200378504C++OS X 10.11 El Capitan does not allow use of DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as previous OS versions
DPD200378585Cphase Vectroizer related issue causes code generation fault:THEN-Block in IF-Expression executed although test should be FALSE
DPD200378645FortranSwitch -heap-arrays for code with SELECT CASE statement causes severe (stack-) memory leak
DPD200378775FortranSIGSEGV deallocating saved array
DPD200378960FortranDLLEXPORT ignored for procedure pointers
DPD200378979C++, CElemental function generates access violation when large stack/local arrays are defined and used
DPD200379011FortranInternal Compiler Error with /O3, /Qopt-report /QxAVX /debug and MAXLOC
DPD200379064C, C++__FUNCTION__ is not treated as a string literal for concatenation in pragma comment and pragma message
DPD200379075FortranInvalid MPI_Op error using mpi_f08
DPD200379085FortranFinal subroutines not called when exiting block
DPD200379128C++typeid behaves different in Microsoft* C++ Compiler vs Intel(R) C++ Compiler
DPD200379208Fortran, C++Seg fault in HPO_Get_Dgi_String_For_Var()
DPD200379349FortranProblem with OpenMP Collapse
DPD200379375CIntel SSA -diag-enable=sc option still shows up in man pages...
DPD200379390FortranInternal compiler error segV when mixing a pre-16.x compiler produced .mod with 16.0 compiler
DPD200379496Fortran!DIR$ ASSUME with logical expression gets Internal Compiler Error
DPD200379532C++Internal Compiler Error in vectorization phase when using switches by "-xMIC-AVX512 -fp-speculation=safe"
DPD200379550CGenerating different offset when compile with mpx
DPD200379898FortranVectorizer - incorrect conditional jmp code with "-ip" enabled.
DPD200379909FortranMPI_ALLREDUCE call causes Internal Compiler Error when MPI_F08 module is imported
DPD200379912FortranSECNDS result sticks at 86400 seconds when duration spans midnight
DPD200380205C++O3 corrupts data and segfaults regression in 16 and 17
DPD200380297FortranInternal compiler error with many continued lines
DPD200380653C++Suppress HUGE_VALF out of range for Microsoft compatibility
DPD200570668C++Offloading arrays of pointers does not work if class member
DPD200571669C++internal error - using constexpr array in lambda
DPD200572418FortranISO_C_BINDING: Internal Compiler Error with mapping function pointers
DPD200572667C++Lack of inlined versions of vlog2f function leads to ineffective code on Intel(R) Xeon(TM) Phi 2nd generation
DPD200573242FortranSlow Performance of OpenMP Loops containing Fortran Allocate
DPD200574519CWrong code generated for __movsq intrinsic call
DPD200575209FortranInternal Compiler Error avx3-20150902 compiler
DPD200575884C++, Cvectorization of std::min causes semantic change
DPD200575935Cassertion failed: find_seq_in_lookup_table: seq_number not found (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 4083)
DPD200575974C++, CWarning: value 0xffffffXX truncated to 0xXX
DPD200576149C++, Ctask depend on function argument fails
DPD200576993C++assertion in num_array_elements when folding an array of elements with constexpr constructor
DPD200577057C++, Cctors from micvec.h missing for dvec.h (Intel(R) AVX-512)
DPD200577079Cicl comp.errors on Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1* RC:"identifier "__builtin_nan" is undefined"
DPD200577138Fortranundeclared "IBSET"
DPD200577205CInlining produces wrong results with ICC 16.0
DPD200577844C++emulation of microsoft bug to drop high level const/volatile qualifiers in top level casts needs to be fixed
DPD200578675C++assertion in folding.c when folding a vector type used as constexpr object

Update 1 (Posted November 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200050667C++OpenMP* infinite loop if using openmp_shed_dynamic
DPD200234430C++Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Structure Of Arrays vs Array Of Structures vectorization: Intrinsic on Knights Corner outperforms ICC vectorized code by 2x
DPD200248284FortranStructure constructor overload failure - apparent name conflict w/elemental intrinsic of same name - Error #8212
DPD200249801FortranErroneous error #6405 - same named entity from different modules cannot be referenced
DPD200250007C++inlining causes hint provided by __builtin_expect() to be ignored - negative performance impact
DPD200254145Fortranallocatable array doesn't shrink in class
DPD200358379C++constant value does not have a constexpr problem error -- problem with constexpr static data member initalization containing a template dependent argument
DPD200360864C++/MANIFESTUAC:"level='requireAdministrator' uiAccess='false'" doesn't work
DPD200361293C++, CIntel(R) MIC Architecture: internal error: #0_0: Bad aid (shared/util/assoc.c, line 517)
DPD200361582FortranVALUE attribute inconsistently applied when calling BIND(C) procedure
DPD200362207FortranCall stack language shows Fortran in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*, Unknown in Visual Studio 2012* and 2013*
DPD200362476Cstatic_assert error: GNU*/Clang* consider classes with private member to still be __is_pod types
DPD200363673FortranSymbol table variables in optimization report
DPD200363930FortranAccess violation in final procedure when deallocating intermediate LHS of assignment statement
DPD200364471C, C++icl: deprecate /Qvc9 option in 16.0, remove in mainline
DPD200364670C++Mismatching pointer to aligned class in overridden new[]/delete[] produces heap corruption
DPD200364699C++/Qipo results in linker error: fatal error LNK1243: invalid or corrupt file: COMDAT section 0x30FE associated with following section 0x0
DPD200365149C++, Cinlining prevents loop interchange - a factor of 12 performance difference
DPD200365365FortranBad Handling of function call with heap arrays
DPD200365558FortranUnwarranted uninitialized variable error on call to EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE
DPD200365815FortranF2015: Lift restriction on STOP and ERROR STOP in PURE/ELEMENTAL procedures
DPD200365875C++, COS X*: ld and icpc incompatability
DPD200366176C++, C, FortranIntel(R) MIC Architecture-Windows*: Toggling "Use Intel MKL" corrupts Intel(R) MIC Architecture target compile options under "Additional Options for MIC Offload Compiler"
DPD200366334Cicl 15.0 floating point exception
DPD200366425FortranArray slice passed to BIND(C) routine ignores offset
DPD200366474FortranLOC of POINTER dummy argument returns address of pointer, not target
DPD200366616FortranInternal Compiler Error with INTENT(OUT), ALLOCATABLE argument with extended type
DPD200366869C++Failure to compile variadic template function with late specified return type
DPD200366968FortranIncorrect results for dynamic common containing one array of structure
DPD200367089FortranIncorrect error 6160 referencing component of PDT (parameterized derived type)
DPD200367279FortranOmitted ALLOCATABLE/POINTER OPTIONAL argument dereferenced when passed to OPTIONAL argument
DPD200367536FortranLocal variable with parameterized derived type with length parameter gets access violation on reference
DPD200367539C, C++#pragma simd assert doesn't generate error after failing vectorization
DPD200367800COpenmp switch without pragma prevents vectorization, disrupts disambiguation
DPD200368084C++vectorization fails when shared_ptr is used
DPD200368358C++, CSupport vectorized version of Floating Point general functions (_finite, isfinite, etc.)
DPD200368591C++HHVM* build failure: more than one partial specialization matches the template argument list of class
DPD200368745FortranDelayimp.lib missing from VS2010 Shell install
DPD200369005C++spurious reference to local variable of enclosing function is not allowed diagnostic in header of generic lambda
DPD200369079C++internal error: 010101_2010 with -xSSE or -msse for 32bit compile
DPD200369137C++icl gcc* mode (-Qgcc-dialect:490) generate incorrect obj if __attribute__((weak)) is used
DPD200369228FortranInternal compiler error for integer overflow in constant expressions
DPD200369403FortranIntel(R) Fortran Composer XE 2015 Update 2 for Windows* install exits early
DPD200369611C++problem with call of template conversion operator in GNU/Clang modes
DPD200369681C++Switching C++ OpenMP project to /Qopenmp_stubs produces unresolved symbols
DPD200369689FortranMixture of explicit shape and assumed shape improperly accepted
DPD200369777FortranFortran 15.0.2: RTE with OPEN txt file stored in folder with name in Japanese
DPD200369832FortranPassing null pointer to optional argument triggers /check:pointer error
DPD200369844Fortranbeta 16.0: error #8541: Not yet implemented: type containing ALLOCATABLE field of same type. - disappears with added declaration
DPD200369922FortranError 6818 for empty CONTAINS section in module procedure
DPD200370032FortranInternal compiler error with PDT (parameterized derived type)
DPD200370059C++variadic template as array bound in parameter results in "error: parameter pack was referenced but not expanded
DPD200370162FortranErrors passing PDT (parameterized derived type) function result to assumed-PDT parameter dummy argument
DPD200370375CPerformance regression for the attached OpenMP sample from 15.0 Update 2 to 16.0 beta
DPD200370661FortranTRANSFER function leads to dependency
DPD200370873CTLS variables re-load causes performance loss
DPD200371086Fortranifort 15/16 Internal Compiler Error 010101_13492 per Loop Multiversioning
DPD200371106Fortranifort fails to reject a STOP statement contained in a CRITICAL statement block
DPD200371154C++, Csupport environment variable PreferredToolArchitecture
DPD200371157C++, CIntel C++ Composer Xilink Failures When PreferredToolArchitecture=x64
DPD200371257C++bug with initializer list type deduction
DPD200371313Fortranifort 16.0 Beta: Internal Compiler Error when using orphaned OpenMP directives. REGRESSION: compiles in 15.0
DPD200371368FortranInternal Compiler Error, bad results from PACK
DPD200371461CAccess Violation on unary - with __m128 on Windows
DPD200371462C, C++stdafx.cpp should be recompiled but instead gives error: cannot find precompiled header
DPD200371531Copenmp declare reduction : internal error: 20000_0
DPD200371618C++problem matching function template with default arguments
DPD200371669C, C++OpenMP: Error #13: Assertion failure at kmp_cancel.cpp(155).... both on Windows and Linux*
DPD200371699C++[regression] Failure to link code containing C++11 thread_local variable
DPD200371756C, C++problem with sizeof of a variadic pack
DPD200371812Fortranifort 16.0 bogus warning #6477 for CRITICAL/END CRITICAL statements with -stand f08
DPD200371842C++is there a libc++ version of libcikrts.5.dylib
DPD200371869Fortran/fpconstant not honored for signed value in initialization expression
DPD200371884Fortran[2016Beta] ifort rejects valid contiguous assumed-rank dummy argument
DPD200372009Fortran, C++, CUpdate documentation to distinguish between Knights Corner and Knights Landing under "Intel(R) MIC Architecture"
DPD200372017FortranCompliant OpenMP program allocating CHARACTER component of DERIVED type in an OMP PARALLEL loop compiles to faulty code
DPD200372189C++Improving misleading vec-report diagnostics: loop with early exits cannot be vectorized unless it meets search loop idiom criteria
DPD200372285Fortranfailure to recognize available specific subroutine for generic type-bound procedure
DPD200372346C, C++icc does not generate xrelease for __ATOMIC_HLE_RELEASE
DPD200372481Fortranifort 16.0 beta: argument with contiguous attribute in BIND(C) interface incorrect results
DPD200372522FortranIncorrect bounds checking error for reference to parameterized PDT array component
DPD200372595FortranFeature Request: support gdb 7.9.1* for 16.0 compiler
DPD200372670FortranIssue with EXIT inside BLOCK inside DO CONCURRENT
DPD200372689FortranInternal Compiler Error with structure constructor for polymorphic component
DPD200372734FortranNo output, non-zero exit status from OOP code
DPD200372765FortranVEC - Code wasn't vectorized for Knights Landing Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) and slower than Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2)
DPD200373025C++Linking error when build with #pragma omp simd in debug with exception handling enabled
DPD200373050CCompiler mis-optimizes htonl() and ntohl() to constant 0 when there is no prototype in scope
DPD200373111C, C++member xxx already has an explicit dllexport/dllimport specifier
DPD200373387C, C++TokuDB: error: strcmp function call must have a constant value in a constant expression
DPD200373471C, C++constructor inheritance fails for recursive inheritance and type alias
DPD200373486C++[L10N-16.0] The Japanese tbb files are located under en folder.
DPD200373558FortranVery poor I/O performance on gluster* filesystem with unformatted reads and writes with big_endean.
DPD200373599C++[L10N-16.0] C++ .optrpt shows internal variable instead of actual variable
DPD200373656C++[L10N-16.0] cpp file with cout results in mcpcom.exe error
DPD200373673C++[L10N-16.0] C++ Windows message dump contains corrupted characters
DPD200373854C++template dependent call in noexcept specifier leads to spurious "expression must have a constant value" error
DPD200373957C++[L10N-16.0] Microsoft Visual Studio* build error occurs in Evaluation Mode in C++ Windows
DPD200374026Fortran, C++[L10N-16.0] Some items are missing from the Japanese Visual Studio's* Help > Compiler and Libraries.
DPD200374223C++, CIncompatible type/declaration for _mm_stream_si64() intrinsic
DPD200374225Cbug in struct copy at -O2 with icc FreeBSD* compiler...
DPD200374278C++C++ templates and ordered simd
DPD200374370FortranMicrosoft Visual Studio 2015* and Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 4 crash when opening specific Fortran source file
DPD200374476Cwarning #11071: Inline not honored with ICC for FreeBSD output..
DPD200374493CWrong default for ICC_OPT_PROVIDE_FRAME_PTR Xcode* build setting variable
DPD200374497C++Internal Error in simple SIMD program
DPD200374579Fortranallocatable function return of derived type needs unnecessary allocate
DPD200374626C++Intel Compiler doesn't use the specified Toolbase
DPD200374634Fortran, C++, CMacro missing for CORE-AVX512
DPD200374660CFeature Request: vexp2pd cannot generated by Intel Compiler for Knights Landing
DPD200374746FortranInternal Compiler Error in routine me_make_temp_array() when switch -standard-semantic is used
DPD200374857C++Missing export symbols for methods on a class using the C++ 11 "default" keyword when they contain an SLT type
DPD200374983C++Failure to compile std::vector::erase when T is movable but not copyable
DPD200375063C++regression - High Performance Optimization blocking causes incorrect code mainline, 16.0, 15.0
DPD200375090C[FreeBSD] [16.0] Compile takes a long time....
DPD200375100C, C++ICC optimizations disabled when an unsupported GCC* pragma is encountered
DPD200375105C++The difference of -fno-builtin and -fno-builtin- [XLsoft-kent#59504]
DPD200375143C, C++preprocessing problem on Windows when user defined literals are enabled
DPD200375155Cicc doesn't honor force_align_arg_pointer attribute
DPD200375283FortranError 6946 for RESHAPE of TRANSFER in initialization expression
DPD200375286FortranError 6258 for PACK(TRANSFER()) in initialization expression
DPD200375296FortranInternal Compiler Error, incorrect error 6123 for TRANSFER where mold is array constructor with implied do loop
DPD200375302FortranError 6258 (character string longer than 7198) for TRANSFER of character expression
DPD200375338FortranCompilation hangs and never completes
DPD200375567CInternal error: The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
DPD200375573FortranRegression: incorrect code generated for -O3
DPD200375683FortranOn Windows, with multithread library, each internal write leaks a process handle
DPD200375704C++__sec_reduce_all_zero syntax error
DPD200375926C++, CHang after OMP parallel region executed 2^30 times
DPD200376047FortranNo debug symbols in executable (-arch x86_64) when Interprocedural Optimization is enabled.
DPD200376062C++internal error in select_overloaded_copy_constructor
DPD200376284C++, C[L10N-16.0] C++ diag-dump results in many "unexpected CFE message argument" errors in both IA-32 and Intel(R) 64 Command line
DPD200376345C++constexpr constructor bug - regression
DPD200376379C++Segmentation violation when using std::make_exception_ptr with string arguments
DPD200376429Cintel-iss-icc-target recipe name change
DPD200376482Cicc generates incorrect location for debug info
DPD200376525Fortranifort 16.0 SEGV with zero trip count loop (regression)
DPD200376528FortranRun-Time Library - REWIND error in ifort 15.0 and 16.0- REGRESSION -no error in ifort 14.0 or lower
DPD200376593Fortranifort 16.0 executable doing billions of fork-joins hangs on high OpenMP thread count machines
DPD200376655C++, Clibipgo.lib contains external symbols "close()" and "getcwd()" that are deprecated in Visual Studio (2012 at least)
DPD200376680FortranVectorization regression: scalar variables local to each iteration cause output dependencies which easily should be taken care of
DPD200377104FortranInternal compiler error if compiled with Interprocedural Optimization
DPD200377256FortranLocalization Issues in Visual Studio IDE integration in 16.0 Update 1
DPD200565420C++, CFeature Request: Implement more flexibility for size of PCH file as threshold limit for /MP parallel compilation
DPD200569375C++[Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) issue] bogus incompatible exception specification error with inherited virtual destructors
DPD200571551FortranInternal Compiler Error with OpenMP
DPD200571707C++std::atomic - cannot be referenced -- it is a deleted function
DPD200572286C++Compiler does not vectorize a loop reminder for sse3 instruction set
DPD200572845CIntel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) Flag Usage + Interprocedural Optimization: Segmentation violation signal raised.
DPD200572993CThe dll for reading and writing the .pdb file not found
DPD200573018CBlock Ordering Fix for -Os
DPD200573242FortranSlow Performance of OpenMP Loops containing Fortran Allocate
DPD200573761Cinternal error: #20000_6801: ORDERED enode look up failed
DPD200573781Fortran, C++, COpenMP for coprocessor only does not work
DPD200574038C++, Comp declare simd does not reproduce consistent results
DPD200574533C++, Cinternal error: assignment of element to SIMD register/vector

Initial Release (Posted August 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200008725C++ambiguous base class should not be detected in Microsoft* mode
DPD200025169FortranF2003: Support transformational and elemental intrinsics in initialization expressions
DPD200035314C, C++icc: warning #10164 despite -g being explictly set.
DPD200045540C, C++Feature Request: Add an option or use /nologo to let xilink not to print executing 'link'
DPD200137173FortranF2008: 8.2 extend Exit statement to more construct names
DPD200137238FortranF2008: Execute_command_line
DPD200137250FortranF2008: Elemental procedures that are not pure - IMPURE
DPD200156408Fortranifort should detect mismatching interfaces
DPD200161364C++Need 32B memset/memcpy support in libraries
DPD200169830C++, CNo compiler warning/error for __thread keyword preceding static keyword
DPD200171248C++, CIntel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Loss of vectorization with -offload-build, 'subscript too complex' and 'unsupported data type'
DPD200173341C++Feature Request: support <<, >>, %, and [] for user-defined SIMD vector types
DPD200175919FortranInternal compiler error for specification function invoking nested pure functions
DPD200180818Fortranfpp - Selecting a different preprocessor: fpp-name
DPD200181468CSuppress generation of remainder loop when trip count is good and no dynamic peeling
DPD200181616C, C++Support GNU* statement expressions with result type requiring nontrivial copy construction or nontrivial destruction
DPD200232361C++SIMD outer loop with elemental functions inner does not vectorize on Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200233236FortranInternal Compiler Error on calling a pure function with a dummy procedure
DPD200233309FortranCoarray Fortran general performance improvement by xfer blocking
DPD200236246C, Fortran, C++Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Forcing --whole-archive to link a Intel(R) MIC Architecture static archive (.a) breaks the ld usage model
DPD200236786C++, CLightweight option for compiler to respect parentheses
DPD200238504FortranIntel(R) MIC Architecture: Building -O3 code with -g changes optimizations (can improve/hurt performance
DPD200239079FortranInconsistent Type conversion for Array Constructors
DPD200239082FortranExtending intrinsic with PROCEDURE instead of MODULE PROCEDURE gives Internal Compiler Error
DPD200241157FortranInternal compiler error with FORCEINLINE attributes
DPD200243578FortranTRANSFER doesn't see KIND of PARAMETER mold
DPD200243620FortranMissing error for inaccessible components of derived type in I/O list
DPD200243688C, C++warning #592: variable is used before its value is set is not identified correctly
DDPD200244156C, C++Support for GCC* 4.8 -gsplit-dwarf option
DPD200244456Fortranifort f90 array assignment won't vectorize with -openmp
DPD200244538Fortranifort -assume realloc_lhs broken on Linux*
DPD200244743C++-vec-report should indicate # of simd lanes occupied
DPD200245551CFloating point exception error with /O2 and feenableexcept(FE_ALL_EXCEPT)
DPD200246505FortranMissing standards warning for C strings
DPD200246646FortranLoop over CLASS member fails to vectorize
DPD200246670C++, Cvectorization will only occur if inner loop counter is double (inner loop has conditional break)
DPD200247459Fortran"overloading" of operator(+) via type-bound procedure ignored at in ALLOCATE statement at run-time
DPD200247982FortranInternal Compiler Error: Pure function call in function return value declaration
DPD200248057FortranInternal Compiler Error: when pure function is invoked as function argument
DPD200248183FortranIncorrect access to private component of derived type outside defining module
DPD200248335Fortranifort 14.0 Internal Compiler Error #010101_13220 with sourced allocation
DPD200248423FortranInternal Compiler Error with implied DO in array constructor in constant expression
DPD200248430FortranIncorrect error 6683 for constant array element as KIND argument to INT
DPD200248434C++, CCompiler 14.0's -openmp removed the inner loop?
DPD200248964C++Intel(R) MIC Architecture: icpc 14.0 error: function "std::shared_ptr<_Tp> a deleted function
DPD200249038FortranInline for allocated abstract object procedure
DPD200249389C++Feature Request: Support decimal in C++ on Windows* (at the level it is supported in C on Windows*)
DPD200249519Fortran, CPossible bug in ERFC_SCALED quad precision
DPD200249880C++Feature Request: add de-mangled names of C++ routines in the comment of .asm when /FAs like Microsoft Visual C 2010* or newer
DPD200252414C++, CFeature Request: provide a method to tell Xcode* to use the latest version of intel compiler installed
DPD200252763FortranAssignment to dervied type with allocatable components gets error in 14.0
DPD200253698Cerror in OpenMP* runtime: threadprivate variables not threadprivate
DPD200253728FortranMissing constraint C715 check for unlimited polymorphic data-target in pointer assignment
DPD200254019Fortran-gen-dep should ignore intrinsic modules - new option gen-depshow
DPD200254145Fortranallocatable array doesnt shrink in class
DPD200254165FortranSlow element-wise communication for a contiguous coarray.
DPD200254422FortranF2008: Missing checks for Fortran 2008 constraint C1255 - non-interoperable dummy argument
DPD200254958FortranALLOCATED intrinsic should support a coindexed object allocatable array as argument
DPD200254996FortranHigh Level Optimization: Internal compiler error at Unroll Jam phase.
DPD200255463C++, CNo vectorization with -msse2 -axcore-avx2
DPD200255473FortranUse of nested modules results in lengthy compile time for both the 14.0 and 15.0 compilers
DPD200255721FortranFeature Request: Coarray distributed startup uses hydra
DPD200255889C_may_i_use_cpu_feature generates scalar code when targeting for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) architecture
DPD200255892C_may_i_use_cpu_feature inefficient code-gen
DPD200256436C++#pragma simd inserts call to __kmpc_single and __kmpc_barrier functions
DPD200256943FortranVectorizer takes quite long time to finish.
DPD200324173C++, CLimit issue resolving symbols...
DPD200326505CDFP functions not available
DPD200357624Cinternal error: 20000_27078
DPD200358138C, C++icc option f[no-]protect-parens, similar to ifort -assume [no]protect_parens
DPD200358171FortranIncorrect behavior for type-bound operator
DPD200358411C++, CFeature Request: Add x86-32-support to Linux* C/C++ compilers
DPD200358715FortranFortran User Guide references environment for C compilations
DPD200358998FortranInternal Compiler Error in front end when compiling Coarray Fortran program with ALLOCATABLE coarray and SELECT block
DPD200359048FortranFeature Request: Provide way to disable registration of console control event handler on Windows*
DPD200359110C++VEC_mem* entry points should be put back into libirc builds
DPD200359245C++Comparing pointer-to-member functions to the same function can fail
DPD200359477C++, CAndroid* Windows* compiler sign-on message is not good
DPD200359566FortranLoop with call to simd-enabled function fails to vectorize
DPD200359784FortranMissing error for constraint C560 prohibiting VOLATILE for a use or host associated coarray
DPD200359892C, C++, FortranSYNC ALL after one coarray image does a STOP returns zero STAT; program then hangs
DPD200359977C++, CMissing Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel(R) AVX)-optimization of atan2f (__svml_atan2f8)
DPD200359986CPointer Checker: compilation aborted
DPD200360195FortranF08 constraint C644 (allocate object may not be coindexed) not checked
DPD200360465FortranInternal Compiler Error with finalization
DPD200360468Fortranifort fails to detect object by PASS attribute
DPD200360620FortranRegression: SPLITPATHQQ not properly blank-filling output strings
DPD200360813CProvide vector variant of isfinite() function in SVML
DPD200360853FortranSlow compile times for files with nested modules
DPD200360895FortranBLOCK construct prevents loop vectorization
DPD200360969C++A possible bug: uncaught exception if mixing clang++* obj with icl++ obj
DPD200361004Fortranautomatic reallocation causes data corruption when adding an element to an array of derived type
DPD200361056FortranMOVE_ALLOC misses type compatibility check
DPD200361280FortranError 5514 for formatted I/O of derived type with UDIO and pointer subcomponent
DPD200361372FortranInternal Compiler Error with /warn:interface for function returning pointer to class(*)
DPD200361541C, C++Intel compiler doesn't understand __builtin_nanf
DPD200361667FortranInternal Compiler Error for rename giving intrinsic name as local name
DPD200361764FortranCharacter component of the parameterized derived type is not initialized
DPD200361820Fortranifort 15.0 Internal Compiler Error with inverted end do and end block
DPD200362027FortranIncorrect results from elemental routine when used with CLASS declared allocatable derived-type array
DPD200362090Fortranifort 15.0 OpenMP* conditional compilation sentinel ignored when immediately proceeded by !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLIMPORT
DPD200362171FortranIntel(R) MIC Architecture: Target-side segV accessing derived-type allocatable component when using NOCOPY
DPD200362192C++icc 15.0 Vectorizer -O3 incorrect output with #pragma omp simd
DPD200362263Fortran, C++, C[L10N-15.0] Install: Architecture Selection screen - Intel(R) 64 is not translated
DPD200362265Fortran, C++, C[L10N-15.0] Install: Component Selection screen: Install option is not translated
DPD200362272C++Insufficient documentation of -check=uninit
DPD200362323FortranSuggested enhancements to Fortran LRM text on optional arguments
DPD200362379Fortrantranspose intrinsic in constant initialization expression is incorrectly flagged as error
DPD200362446Fortran[Optimization] ifort O2, O3 levels produce incorrect results
DPD200362482C++, CInterprocedural Optimization warning/error with unused global var "ipo: : error #11023: Not all components required for linking are present on command line"
DPD200362489Fortranifort 15.0 unable to recognize extended type operator override
DPD200362551FortranAdd ALLOW_NULL for lpUsedDefaultChar argument to WideCharToMultiByte in KERNEL32.f90
DPD200362591Fortranifort 15.0 incorrect output with 'target teams distribute parallel do reduction'
DPD200362715C++Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) Feature Request: Provide avx512vec.h, along the lines of fvec.h, dvec.h, ivec.h and micvec.h
DPD200362846C++boost, stl_algo.h: error: expression must have a constant value with -std=c++14
DPD200363334FortranPhase PDSE generates faulty code for Fortran code
DPD200363366FortranSwitch "-warn interfaces" causes Internal Compiler Error in set_call_convention_base()
DPD200363367FortranSIGSEGV at runtime when compiling with -ipo
DPD200363446Fortran[HLO] Loop distribution for vectorization causes wrong output.
DPD200363638FortranIncorrect option "/Qinit:zero- passed to ifort by IDE.
DPD200363676FortranIncorrect Windows* subsystem set for XP* support
DPD200363693C++, Cicl puts Intel include path ahead of path provided in env var INCLUDE
DPD200363710FortranErrors doing INQUIRE, READ and WRITE in parallel threads
DPD200363863FortranInternal Compiler Error on invalid move_alloc
DPD200363930FortranAccess violation in final procedure when deallocating intermediate LHS of assignment statement
DPD200364023FortranApplication of Code Generation post scheduler results in incorrect output at run-time
DPD200364037Fortran, C++, COpt report should warn when simd pragma prevents inlining
DPD200364274FortranUDIO direct, unformatted read/write don't call child routine, don't transfer data
DPD200364623Cignoring unknown option -fuse-ld=gold
DPD200364638FortranOpening /fpscomp:ioformat file for append incorrectly positions file
DPD200364714FortranSegfault for nested calls of functions with allocatable return type
DPD200364777CPure Virtual Function Incorrectly Inlined by Interprocedureal Optimization w/ Anonymous Union
DPD200364795Fortranifort 15.0 error '!$OMP TARGET directive must be contiguous' for array with explicit upper/lower bounds
DPD200364909FortranInternal Compiler Error for inherited component and type-bound procedure of same name
DPD200364910FortranDoc for OPEN(BLOCKSIZE= should specify maximum value
DPD200364932FortranInternal Compiler Error with extra closing parenthesis in structure constructor
DPD200364934FortranOpenMP* tasking breaks host association
DPD200364953FortranOpenMP* sections cause allocatable array is already allocated error
DPD200364979C, C++Internal Compiler Error: access violation for xmmintrin in lower_dynamic_init_aggregate_constant
DPD200364992FortranIncorrect results using pointer to unlimited polymorphic entity
DPD200364994C++Crash in unit tests with 15.0 compiler, due to Dead Virtual Func Elimination
DPD200365077FortranInternal Compiler Error: when using BLOCK: instead of issuing an error message, ifort segfaults
DPD200365079C++/Qtemplate-depth-N changed to /Qtemplate-depthN without notice/accepting old format
DPD200365108C, C++64-bit indexed gathers generated in place of aligned loads during outer-loop vectorization
DPD200365159FortranInternal Compiler Error with ifort
DPD200365172FortranIntel(R) MIC Architecture: LEO_Fortran_intro sample fails to build using make version 3.82
DPD200365302Fortranifort 15.0 !$omp simd linear(k : m + 1) 'error #8646: STEP operand must be a constant positive integer expression'
DPD200365326FortranError 6535 for KIND(func%component) when func named in MODULE PROCEDURE
DPD200365350FortranMissing error for BIND with NAME= in abstract interface
DPD200365365FortranBad Handling of function call with heap arrays
DPD200365489C++Fatal error in icpc 15.0 terminated by floating point exception
DPD200365592C, C++Feature Request: support #pragma strict_gs_check()
DPD200365611FortranMissing error for non-scalar passed-object dummy argument
DPD200365617Fortran[ifort] Erroneous EOF: forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read
DPD200365695CLiboffload: problem with size of multiple arrays in "omp target map" construct
DPD200365700Fortran, C++, CImprove documentation of -diag-enable and -diag-disable
DPD200365742FortranPRJ0019 error in japanese envrionment
DPD200365756FortranFortran RTL: QWIN INQFOCUSQQ function error when logical unit obtained with the NEWUNIT keyword in an OPEN statement.
DPD200365787FortranError #7882: Missing end statement issued when !DIR$ inline appears inside an empty subprogram body
DPD200365798FortranErrors in example for WAITONMOUSEEVENT
DPD200365802FortranInappropriate F2008 standards warning 8037 for module variable with component initialization and not SAVE
DPD200365818CVectorizer regression for simple assignment loop
DPD200365873COpenMP* triggers unexpected warning about shadowed variable
DPD200365917FortranF2008 BLOCK : character constant in character declaration in block construct compiled wrong
DPD200365924FortranBinding a generic ASSIGNMENT to a specifc subroutine should not depend on the name of the specific routine's dummy arguments
DPD200365943FortranRun-time seg fault occurs when Vectorizer applied to test case
DPD200366023FortranDLLIMPORT of variables largely broken since 14.0
DPD200366315FortranProblem deallocating zero sized array of polymorphic type allocated using mold or source
DPD200366353C++, CMemory leak when using asynchronous offloads (Intel(R) MIC Architecture)
DPD200366416FortranIncorrect error 8262,8383 for PDT with type-bound procedures
DPD200366424Fortranifort 15.0 issue with context of an initialization expression
DPD200366425FortranArray slice passed to BIND(C) routine ignores offset
DPD200366429CIn correct array size in map clause when lower bound is not zero
DPD200366431CSVML: i/udivrem8 do not work in Intel(R) AVX/Intel(R) AVX2
DPD200366449C++Intel 15.0 Update 1 compiler is slower than its predecessors
DPD200366474FortranLOC of POINTER dummy argument returns address of pointer, not target
DPD200366482Fortranifort 15.0 assignment from polymorphic fails with ' The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument'
DPD200366574Fortranifort 15.0 Internal Compile Error with type(t(*,*)), intent(inout) :: this
DPD200366586FortranInternal Compiler Error in error logging routine of file ffe_err.c caused by asynchronous READ
DPD200366587Fortranifort 15.0 incorrect output with scalar coarray containing derived type allocatable component
DPD200366589FortranSegfault when accessing inherited component
DPD200366616FortranInternal Compiler Error with INTENT(OUT), ALLOCATABLE argument with extended type
DPD200366703C++Internal compiler error - Segmentation fault in RoutineManagerNode::get_bblock_mgr
DPD200366742C++, CIntel(R) MIC Architecture: Local pointer value not updated when using OUT() with persistent data
DPD200366752FortranMOD of array in constant expression returns wrong result
DPD200366756FortranFPUTC incorrectly starts new record every RECL characters
DPD200366764C++C++11 variadic template argument deduction with class with default arguments broken
DPD200366813C++, COpenMP* threadprivate variables
DPD200366869C++Failure to compile variadic template function with late specified return type
DPD200366938FortranAssociations not passed out of module
DPD200367017Fortranifort confusion between intrinsic len and local variable by the same name
DPD200367042C, C++error: class "__m128" has no suitable assignment operator in C++ mode
DPD200367065FortranDeclaring pdtKIND with a default value that is a parameter from a module fails
DPD200367073FortranBounds error for assignment to parameterized type component passed to CLASS(*) unlimited polymprphic argument
DPD200367078FortranInternal Compiler Error (fit_lookup) with PDT (parameterized derived types)
DPD200367091FortranAccess violation, bad IL errors for program using PDTs (parameterized derived type) on x64
DPD200367112CCFileException is not handled properly.
DPD200367121C++a tuple of tuples. icc doesn't compile, while clang does (noexcept evaluation issue)
DPD200367157C, C++NativeExecutablePath environment contains duplicated paths
DPD200367164C, C++Bad line number association from preprocessed file
DPD200367236FortranRange of RANF() needs updating in doc
DPD200367279FortranOmitted ALLOCATABLE/POINTER OPTIONAL argument dereferenced when passed to OPTIONAL argument
DPD200367326Cregression seen for some OpenMP* sub-tests when going from to newer compilers
DPD200367384FortranInternal Compile Error for PDT (parameterized derived type) with dimension based on PARAMETER array indexed by kind parameter
DPD200367458C++, C/openmp- passed to cl when /QopenMP is passed to icl in Visual Studio* IDE
DPD200367535C, C++loop was not vectorized: cannot compute loop iteration count before executing the loop
DPD200367596C++Nondecimal integer constants restricted to INTEGER(4) on Windows only?!?
DPD200367601Fortranforrtl: severe (39): error during read on a Lustre* File System
DPD200367627CICC 13 and 14 : Diagnostics involving -Wp64 issue
DPD200367816FortranFortran Run Time Library - Random crash in PRINT statement interrupted by signal on Intel(R) MIC Architecture.
DPD200367949Fortranifort - double free for temporary array in omp parallel region.
DPD200367969FortranInternal Compiler Error: build failed for "facade pattern" example of Object-Oriented fortran
DPD200367984C++tachyon sample built with -std=c++11 gets "___cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length" unresolved symbol
DPD200368061FortranERROR STOP incorrectly labeled nonstandard in F2008
DPD200368092CWinline is nolonger supported but still documented.
DPD200368113C++, CPerformance inefficiency due to dispatch table in vector(elemental) function
DPD200368283C++xilib error with /Qipo only: ID3D10InternalBuffer.h(190) (col. 27): : error : 010101_45086
DPD200368284C++, CIncorrect Feature Requirements for "Pointer Checker"
DPD200368331C, C++no documentation of mulx intrinsic
DPD200368362Cicc 15.0 Internal Compiler Error due to #pragma omp declare simd simdlen (1)
DPD200368364Fortranifort 15.0 accepts !$OMP DECLARE SIMD in an elemental function
DPD200368415FortranIncorrect description of C_F_PROCPOINTER
DPD200368468FortranInternal Compiler Error with nested ASSOCIATE
DPD200368505FortranF2003: IMPLICIT CLASS
DPD200368684FortranIllegal DWARF* output with -debug extended option
DPD200368750FortranInternal Compiler Error with RESHAPE and nested array constructors
DPD200368856C++[2016BETA] spurious error on redeclaration of member function with nontype argument in Microsoft mode
DPD200368928C++Internal error when compiling with openmp & defining inside a if statement
DPD200369002C++use of variadic templates inside a generic lambda gives spurious "pack expansion does not make use of any argument packs" error
DPD200369052FortranLinker warning: warning: can't find atom for N_GSYM stabs in libiomp5.a
DPD200369060Fortransubmodule fails to compile
DPD200369062FortranInternal Compiler Error with vector subscript selector
DPD200369063FortranInternal Compiler Error with PARAMETER construction
DPD200369128C, C++.dwo filename doesn't follow -o
DPD200369151FortranUnexpected error BACKSPACEing through unformatted file
DPD200369171FortranSubmodule subprogram not accepted as a type-bound procedure (Error 8258)
DPD200369192C, C++hello world with Xcode* 6.3 gives internal error: null pointer
DPD200369199Fortranifort - bad program triggers internal error.
DPD200369221Fortranbeta 16.0: Internal Compiler Error when using -integer_size 64 or -march=core-avx2 (no ICE in 14.0 and 15.0)
DPD200369231FortranInternal compiler error for pointer bounds remapping
DPD200369253Fortranreally F2003: Missing error for violation of F2008 constraint C715 for pointer assignment to unlimited polymorphic
DPD200369261C++internal error: 0_3001 in Scalar Replacement for -axMIC-AVX512
DPD200369286FortranFortran Run Time Library - Coarray regression in 16.0
DPD200369404C, C++Multi architecture code generation produces wrong results with C (works good with C++)
DPD200369440FortranInternal compiler error
DPD200369453Fortran[2016BETA] Rank 0 is not returned when scalar arguments are passed to assumed rank dummy argument
DPD200369471Fortran**BETA** Argument being past by reference instead of Descriptor CInterop
DPD200369510FortranA NULL pointer actual argument for an OPTIONAL CFI_cdesc_t object is causing the subroutine call to seg fault
DPD200369544C++Intel value for FLT_MAX causes error with Microsoft compiler
DPD200369567Fortranifort - Type not recognized in a submodule function definition if it is in the same statement
DPD200369590FortranLinux: Segfault on internal formatted READ from zero-length character variable
DPD200369629C++icc 15.0 IL statement produced for compilation of sincosf
DPD200369644C++bug with template dependent default argument and constexpr conversion operator
DPD200369654FortranMINLOC/MAXLOC return wrong result in case MASK doesn't select any element and DIM argument missing
DPD200369661FortranAssumed type array as dummy argument incorrectly rejected because of INTENT(INOUT) attribute
DPD200369691C++problem with name lookup in instantiation inside a c++14 generic lambda
DPD200369696Fortranifort - operator unary (-) definition error
DPD200369711C++error #3666: a default template argument in a friend declaration may only be specified in a definition
DPD200369712FortranCFI_atrribute component of CFI_cdesc_t descriptor incorrectly set to CFI_attribute_pointer for an assumed shape array of POINTERs as actual argument
DPD200369732C++dllimport of constexpr member results in error: member may not be initialized
DPD200369738FortranOpenMP SIMD pragma produces wrong results / broken under certain scenarios
DPD200369748C++null dereference (internal error) in reactivate_class_context on erroneous code
DPD200369832FortranPassing null pointer to optional argument triggers /check:pointer error
DPD200369889FortranBeta 16.0: Internal Compiler Error, regression: when using ShellLapack
DPD200369894FortranIncorrect truncation warning when comment follows character string in source statement
DPD200369900C++internal error: check_shift_count: operand_type not integer
DPD200369909FortranIMPURE attribute for generic type bound procedure cause Internal Compiler Error
DPD200369913Fortran16.0 regression: Compliant program with user-defined I/O rejected due to incorrect assumption about PRIVATE attribute
DPD200369938C++internal error in copy_template_param_con
DPD200369944C++, Fortranwarning #31001 when using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015*
DPD200369950C++assertion failure "missing default rescan info" on late specified return type
DPD200369981FortranIncorrect results disappear if unused variables renamed or removed
DPD200370053Fortran[2016Beta] OpenMP* Threading Deadlock
DPD200370077FortranRegression of 16.0: Internal Compiler Error when compiling GENERIC ASSIGMENT routine with ELEMENTAL attribute
DPD200370101C++icc 16.0 beta ~ 3x slowdown on Haswell for expression template code with #pragma simd
DPD200370102FortranError 8361 for coarray declared in submodule - SAVE attribute should be implicit
DPD200370118Fortran, C++Vars files in 16.0 beta can't work in ZSH
DPD200370167C++Assertion error in compiler when compiling with debug information
DPD200370201FortranCFI_establish fails to set up a descriptor with attribute CFI_attr_pointer
DPD200370233FortranCFI_select_part fails to extract sub-object - error code 11 for conforming call
DPD200370248FortranDocumentation should state that -fpe0 disables Floating Point speculation
DPD200370281FortranCFI_section() return too small an array in case one of the strides is 0
DPD200370288FortranCode using extended interoperability for CHARACTER compiles to Internal Compiler Error
DPD200370307FortranSpurious warning #8771 in update 1
DPD200370373FortranCannot DLLEXPORT submodule procedure
DPD200370393FortranInternal Compiler Error with more than 50 BLOCK contructs
DPD200370418FortranError 8527 for pointer assignment with bounds remapping to initialized CONTIGUOUS pointer
DPD200370499Fortranifort 15/16 Internal Coarray Fortran error with pointers
DPD200370514C++assertions in update_template_param_symbol and scope_depth_for_capture when calling generic lambdas
DPD200370523C, C++Instructions for adding Eclipse* integration in get_started_lc.htm are incomplete
DPD200370528C, C++Multiple definition errors during linking caused by dvec.h
DPD200370580FortranInternal Compiler Error with ifort 16.0 beta due to -Qopenmp
DPD200370582FortranMinor documentation glitch in IEEE* Intrinsic Modules and Procedures
DPD200370613C, C++, FortranTrying to update to 2016 Beta Update 1 using Software Manager on Windows* fails with Error;"Critical Unknown Error"
DPD200370658Fortran[2016 Beta]Regression: xilib: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)
DPD200370661FortranTRANSFER function leads to dependency
DPD200370681C++, CCode generation fault caused by combined High Performance Optimization/vectorization and Interprocedural Optimization/inlining for new codec in FFMPEG 2.6
DPD200370704Fortran-qopt-report level affects optimization
DPD200370716FortranConstructor interface with class pointer function return bug
DPD200370826C"/Qgcc-dialect:490" adds different decl to Windows API calls
DPD200370879Fortran*Beta * Internal Compiler Error submodule module procedure
DPD200371002FortranSIMD(name) fails if name begins with the letters spelling a Fortran statement
DPD200371170FortranUnexpected remark #7712 for
DPD200371229FortranError 6463 for use of derived type with constructor defined
DPD200371313Fortranifort 16.0 Beta: Internal Compiler Error when using orphaned OpenMP* directives. REGRESSION: compiles in 15.0
DPD200371338Cicc generates incorrect code for unsigned+signed loop variable increment
DPD200371615C++compile time issues traversing type tree with deeply nested decltype constructs
DPD200371762C++valid c++ variadic code causes segfault with icc
DPD200371842C++is there a libc++ version of libcikrts.5.dylib
DPD200371870Fortran-C in combination with -O3, -ip and -heap-arrays results in an Internal Compiler Error
DPD200372185C++, CInternal Compiler Error in phase PCG-DCR : I_ERROR_MODULE_1279 for code containing Intel® AVX2 intrinsics
DPD200372333C++Qinline-max-size /*XL#58892*/
DPD200372399C, C++Inlining of a function causes segmentation fault during program execution
DPD200372400C, C++Failure to build Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) offload application
DPD200372700Fortranifort - Incorrect error on user-defined io for derived type with private components.
DPD200372994FortranInternal compiler error compiling Fortran code with -openmp
DPD200373042CIncorrect aligned load after peeling causes seg fault
DPD200373576Fortran[L10N-16.0] Both IA32 and Intel(R) 64 architecture Command line cannot be used with VS2013 Shell.
DPD200373957C++[L10N-16.0] Visual Studio* build error occurs in Evaluation Mode in C++ Windows*
DPD200390417C++error #3377: constexpr function return is non-constant should only be error in strict mode for function templates
DPD200371462C, C++stdafx.cpp should be recompiled but instead gives error: cannot find precompiled header
DPD200524603FortranInvalid debug information with OpenMP* code
DPD200533561C++OpenMP* RTL should re-bind threads in case the team size is reduced.
DPD200549773C++GFX: parameter and argument types are not consistent for vector constructor call
DPD200550774Fortranifort: catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised**
DPD200552975CICProjConvert150.exe fails with empty error message for attached product
DPD200557650C++, C__writecr0 not generated as intrinsic for x64 icl
DPD200564644FortranLocals are shown twice
DPD200566883C++In order to estimate vector efficiency need vector loop constant overhead estimate encoded
DPD200569777Fortran, C++, C"Vectorization is enabled." ...but only for -O2 and higher
DPD200570261C++Redundant edge in Intel® Cilk™ Plus lambda function.
DPD200570354C++Compile time too long due to reassociation & dead code elimination
DPD200571000C, C++Integration of 2016 Beta into Visual Studio 2015 Community* RC
DPD200571703FortranThere is a problem with Fortran IDE for Visual Studio 2015* Pre-RTM
DPD200572993C++the dll for reading and writing the pdb not found
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