Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK Installer

To get started with the SDK in an offline environment, download the installer below. It comes bundled with the US English voice pack; if you'd like additional languages, you can download each of them separately below.

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK + US English Language Data

Note: The additional language packs only support Nuance's Dragon Assistant. Dragon Assistant 3 currently supports US English only, which is included by default in the offline package. Additionally, there is no support for Nuance Dragon Assistant 3 on Windows* 7. For Windows* 8, developers need only install Nuance Dragon Assistant 3 to implement US English. If Developers wish to use the other language packs for Windows 8, they must install both Nuance Dragon Assistant and Nuance Dragon Assistant 3.

French Language Data

Spanish Language Data

German Language Data

Japanese Language Data

Chinese (Mandarin + Cantonese) Language Data

UK English Language Data

Portuguese Language Data

Italian Language Data


By downloading any of these packages, you accept the End User License Agreement

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Madhura S.'s picture

I cant see the depth stream either. The color streams work fine. Also this page no longer has the installer. What's up with that?

knh s.'s picture

hello i installed the above sdk offline installer but it is unable to provide the depth stream and says the sdk failed and checking for online solution.

in the capture viewer i could see the color streams, audio and vertices.

plz help

David Lu (Intel)'s picture

We have offline installer now. Enjoy above link!

Karl Phillip's picture

Humm.. There's no offline installer in the links above. Can you guys fix that?

Evgeniy L.'s picture

You can enumerate all available languages and add them to ComboBox. End user will be able to choose language. This is how I do it in my demo app.

Shyam's picture

How application will support all languages voice recognization. Is there any article or example? Can someone throw some pointers?

What end user of my application have to do in order to enjoy application's multilingual environment?

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