Intel® Professional Edition Compilers 11.1 Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, /en-us/forums or submit an issue to Intel Premier Support,

Update 2 (Posted September 2009), Package IDs below


DPD200003663C, C++Access mechanism inconsistency for #pragma section()/__declspec(allocate()) problems.
DPD200007737FortranHLO causes incorrect results only with Intel® Core™ Duo processor and 32 bit version of compiler
DPD200017249CLinux* kernel: Feature Request: support __builtin_trap intrinsic
DPD200022129CO2 problem
DPD200022902C, C++, Fortranwrong compiler annotation with -prof_use
DPD200032138C, C++Regression in 10.0 auto-parallelizer
DPD200041387C++Performance regression with 11.0 Beta compiler at -O3 -ipo PGO.
DPD200042107C, C++compile time 100x Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 - long optimization time
DPD200045100CIDB fails to load executable - undefined symbol ps_lgetfpregs
DPD200048386FortranProcedure pointers are not distinct from integers in TKR signature resolution
DPD200048780FortranIncorrect address handed to C-Fortran interoperable function
DPD200048863Fortranifort 11.0 BIND(C,name="") produces object files with empty symbol names
DPD200049434C++Bogus warning #12174 on a function declared noreturn
DPD200050515C++Compiler Intrinsic missing from header file and documentation
DPD200050739C, C++symbol info reload performance unacceptable for large applications
DPD200051151Fortran, C++, CFLEXlm server fails to start on Windows* Server 2008 x64
DPD200083317FortranArray constructor [,,] is not thread safe
DPD200083894FortranCustom build step feature doesn't work in case there are specific symbols in the pathname
DPD200084262Cstack run time check reports failure for alignment greater than 64
DPD200111195FortranRANDOM_NUMBER is not threadsafe
DPD200111308C++Cannot specify sets of OS procs with {} in proclist with KMP_AFFINITY=explicit
DPD200111309C, C++, FortranNeed consistent correspondence between OMP hread ids and global thread ids in non-nested code
DPD200111314C, C++, FortranError initializing foreign thread's OMP affinity mask
DPD200112213FortranOpenMP causes seg fault with contains subroutine
DPD200117988Fortran11.1 beta get segmentation fault
DPD200118875Fortranifort 11.0 benchmark fails to validate on IA-64
DPD200119435CNeed PIC version of libimf.a
DPD200120466CUnix (gcc feature not in icc): missing many chk __builtin___ rouitines
DPD200120952C++OpenMP task crashes with new class statement in Debug mode
DPD200121133CResulting generated code gets different results with -O2 and -O3
DPD200121218C, C++, Fortranlinking -lm before objects calling math functions results in GNU libm math functions being used instead of Intel libimf functions
DPD200121498FortranLocal array with allocatable components not deallocated on routine exit
DPD200135534Fortranifort mainline lost optimization of product reduction
DPD200135655C++Compiler packaging error when installed by non-root user
DPD200135696Cunresolved symbol with /Qipo in 11.x only - 10.x works
DPD200135929C++Software Pipelining causes runtime segmenation fault.
DPD200135962FortranCorrect test with allocatable character array produces SegV.
DPD200135966C++icc warning level is incompatible with vc warning level
DPD200135967C++Code Generator SCH Postpass cause memory ambiguation.
DPD200136024C++runtime segmentation fault in PGO + IPO build.
DPD200136315C++Slow compile time - icc 11.1 average 2.7x slower than gcc3.4
DPD200136339Cicc takes too long to compile a .c file
DPD200136540Cruntime crash when /Qnum-opt 25
DPD200136675Cicc 11.1 generates code that has a reference to __moddi3
DPD200136711C++gcc compatibility - diff in priority of -I and -isystem
DPD200136754C, C++icc unable to find framework include when isysroot is set
DPD200136776C++, C"(0): internal error: 0_0" with multi-source compilation
DPD200136806FortranCan't set large values for REAL*8 in tooltips
DPD200136846C++icpc fails to compile the test case with --permissive
DPD200136852C++icpc, g++ 4.3.0 and __builtin_isfinite
DPD200136877FortranError for pointer assignment of ASSOCIATE name for dummy argument of PURE subroutine
DPD200136885FortranImplicit typing happens in the wrong scope
DPD200136909C++Optimization generates incorrect code
DPD200136951C++0x5C Japanese Character Issue
DPD200136972FortranError with ALARM-Portability Function.
DPD200137145FortranDeferred-length character should not require /assume:realloc_lhs
DPD200137215FortranVariable name CLASS confuses parser
DPD200137216FortranRegression - typing floating point expression into debugger Watch window crashes Microsoft Visual Studio*
DPD200137220FortranCustomers report .F and .FOR files appear as free-form source in Visual Studio text editor as of 11.1
DPD200137276C++Code generation problem
DPD200137279FortranInternal Compiler Error with /gen-interfaces
DPD200137347FortranIFORT does not accept derived type name starting with "is"
DPD200137404C, C++, FortranInstallation stalls at license agreement on MAC 11.1
DPD200137410Fortran/fpscomp:filesfromcmd does not work if null argument provided.
DPD200137424FortranNo code generated for call to elemental type-bound procedure with no arguments
DPD200137428FortranInternal Compiler Error with 11.1.038
DPD200137453FortranFile ACTION='READWRITE' does not allow second process to open file for writes
DPD200137485FortranError: for_array_copy_in/for_array_copy_out again
DPD200137518FortranConflicting attributes error for protected allocatable character
DPD200137527C, C++icc does not accept -Wstrict-aliasing=2
DPD200137545C, C++Linux kernel: icc emits undefined symbol, while gcc doesn't
DPD200137552Fortraninternal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200137598FortranIncorrect results at -O3 with specific optimization
DPD200137625FortranAssignment of array constructor to allocatable array component does not reallocate left side
DPD200137666CRegression test suite fails with icc 11.0, 11.1 but is fine with 10.1 and earlier versions
DPD200137681FortranProblem with 2-byte characters in NAMELIST input data when using static debug libraries
DPD200137687FortranError #10106 for valid code
DPD200137715FortranConcatenation of deferred-length character component of derived type gives garbage result
DPD200137735C++, CString layout on Mac OS X* Leopard/Snow Leopard for 64-bit
DPD200137781C++Need scalar var privatization support for std::complex data type with func call
DPD200137862FortranFormat compiles incorrectly
DPD200137880C++, Cdriver link in libirc.a twice resulting in duplicated symbols at link time
DPD200138020FortranWrong executing results after compiling
DPD200138029Fortranifort linux Intel 64 11.1.046 Internal Compiler Error
DPD200138035C++icc produces bad x86_64 Mach-O relocation entries
DPD200138042Fortranwrite routine is consuming all of memory and crashing the system
DPD200138087FortranAssignment of derived type with allocatable scalar and type-bound procedure causes access violation
DPD200138144C, C++ipo build reports unresolved ___builtin_object_size symbol
DPD200138343C, C++"(0) internal error: backend signals" with openmp on "while"
DPD200138406C, C++, FortranShared libraries flagged as needing executable stacks prevents being loaded when SELinux enabled
DPD200138415FortranBad debug information for Fortran array variable
DPD200138447CExecuting wrong code path at O2
DPD200138449Fortranifort 11.1 internal compiler error on module with recursive subroutine containing CLASS pointer
DPD200138493OSR: illigal SIGN extend removal around UNSIGNED value in strength reduction
DPD200138568Fortranvec-report3 or 4 or 5 on 11.1 Mac OS X* Compiler Pro causes bogus DWARF error
DPD200138583Cinternal compiler error: Creating constant of incorrect size
DPD200138584Cassertion in compiler
DPD200138607FortranInternal compiler error during compile of large source file under 11.1 compilers
DPD200138609C++Compiler fails to select correct template function
DPD200138632Code coverage with unwind handler
DPD200138634FortranOpenMP directive causes internal compiler error with ifort 11.1.046
DPD200138649Fortranincorrect debug info for subroutine array parameter
DPD200138652FortranInternal compiler error related to multifaceted derived type structures
DPD200138663C++Compiler Error: Gnu-style asm must use __asm__ keyword when -use_msasm is specified
DPD200138665Fortraninternal read not working with 11.1
DPD200138738C, C++ICC not differentiating between USER_HEADER_SEARCH & HEADER_SEARCH paths
DPD200138791FortranInlining a subroutine containing an OpenMP parallel region destroys associated status of pointer argument
DPD200138893FortranMemory leak on assignment of derived types with allocatable components
DPD200138899FortranMAXLOC intrinsic bug on IA-64 processor
DPD200138901FortranInternal compiler error at -O3 but not -O2 for 11.1.046
DPD200138938Fortranifort 11.1 -debug internal compiler error on module with procedures bound by name
DPD200139006C++Error during project conversion
DPD200139120C, C++the application hang due to xgetbv in __intel_cpu_indicator_init()

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