Changes to Intel® Software Development Products

Intel® Parallel Studio XE simplification

Intel® Parallel Studio XE has been simplified to three editions, Composer, Professional and Cluster. Here’s a table showing the old and new simplified names. More information about Intel Parallel Studio editions is here.

Previous product nameNew simplified product name
Intel® Composer XE,
Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE
Intel® Fortran Composer XE
Intel® C++ Composer XE
Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
Intel® Parallel Studio XEIntel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition
Intel® Cluster Studio XEIntel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

Component product availability changes

New licenses of the following ingredient products will be available only in suites going forward. Current licensees of these ingredient products can continue to renew support maintenance for their existing license or upgrade to a suite. For more info about the ingredients below, click the product name below:

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Intel® Math Kernel Library
Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Intel® Inspector XE

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