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Product Overview

Intel Software Autotuning Tool

The Intel Software Autotuning Tool (ISAT) is a new performance tuning tool that supports automatic searching for the near-optimal values of program parameters that have significant performance impact. Examples are the cache-blocking factors in matrix computations, the task granularity in TBB, and the scheduling policy of OpenMP parallel constructs. The output of ISAT is a tuned version of the program based on the searching results. In addition, it supports visualization of the tuning results (e.g., Figure 1) so that the developer can have a better understanding of his program performance. ISAT can be used on top of any C/C++ compilers on Linux.

Figure 1: Visualization of ISAT results.


  • Automatic searching of the near-optimal values of program parameters
  • Easy to use with no compiler dependency
  • Programmer-controlled searching strategies
  • Threading-library specific tuning for OpenMP and TBB
  • Visualization of tuning results
  • The autotuner is open-sourced

Technical Requirements

  • 32 or 64-bit Linux; Python version between 2.4 and 2.9; any C/C++ compiler.



Primary Technology Contacts

Chi-Keung (CK) Luk is a Senior Staff Engineer in a Software Pathfinding Group at Intel, where he conducts research and advanced development in parallel programming, compiler, and program-analysis tools. Previously, he worked on the Pin dynamic instrumentation system. CK obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and was a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University. He has 30 publications and two issued patents with a few others pending. He received an Intel Achievement Award and a nomination for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.

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dkokron's picture

I am attempting to port the ISAT tool to Xeon Phi.  I need version of the isat-kit-475/Bin/Lin64/clang-tokenizer.exe executable that is compiled for Phi.  Can someone at Intel provide an executable for Phi or tell me how to build it myself?


sandeep-p's picture

can i use it on Visual studio 2010 with dotnet 4 C#

mark-saito's picture

Still on target for autumn release of a Windows version?

Chi-keung Luk (Intel)'s picture


Thanks for your interest in ISAT.
Supporting other languages like Fortran can potentially happen in future releases.
If there are enough of demands, we will consider it seriously.


anonymous's picture

I'm very interested in the ISAT, I have let my customers (high
performance computing Linux users) know about it, and they all said:
"Can we use it with our Fortran code?"

Can you comment on that?



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