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Information about Intel® Software for UPnP Technology

Intel software for UPnP technologies offers in-development standards and technologies. These stacks are offered without any support.

Intel® Digital Home Device Code Wizard

The Digital Home Device Code Wizard replaces the older Intel® Authoring Tools for UPnP Technologies.

The first release of Intel's next generation digital home device development tool, the Intel® Digital Home Device Code Wizard generates reference source code for use in building products based on the DLNA expanded guidelines. Includes reference source code for all DLNA expanded device classes and capabilities!

  • Download now! [ZIP | 3.2MB] Version: 1.0.2777 Updated: August 13, 2007

Intel® Tools for UPnP Technologies (Build 2777)

Based on the Microsoft .NET* Framework, this Intel evaluation toolkit helps software engineers accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of UPnP-compliant devices, including full support for AV media distribution. This toolkit is available at no cost.

The Intel® Tools and Intel® Authoring Tools now require the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1* available on the Microsoft Windows update web site.

Previous Generations of Intel® Solutions

Intel no longer supports or distributes the following development and evaluation software packages:

  • Intel® Authoring Tools for UPnP Technologies
  • Intel SDK for UPnP Media Renderers
  • Intel UPnP Internet Gateway Device
  • Intel SDK for Pocket PC*-based Devices

For a more detailed description of current UPnP software packages from Intel research and development teams, read here. For other UPnP technology-related information, please post your question to the forum.

All information provided related to future Intel products and plans is preliminary and subject to change at any time, without notice.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


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I am trying to make a digital media printing controller(3 box model) from the intel code wizard generated source code.

I need Printers refresh functionality i.e. i just want to place a button and on click of the button i need to refresh the printers available on the network.

I am able to refresh DMS list by using FB_SetContext API . I just need to know whether i can use some APIs to refresh printers list.


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Hi, Fred -- please see: for updated information about the tools.

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Is there any news about this DLNA sdk ? Is it still in progress or yet outdated ? Do you know a solid alternative to develop DLNA devices ? Thanks a lot, Fred.

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