Intel® Thread Checker for Linux* - Compiler settings for Linux* OpenMP* applications when using Thread Checker

Recommended Intel® Compiler Settings for Linux* OpenMP* Applications When Using the Intel® Thread Checker

Get the best results from Intel® Thread Checker by using the following command to compile your Linux* OpenMP* applications:

icc file.c -openmp [-tcheck] -O0 -g
Tells the compiler to process the OpenMP* pragmas.
Enables thread count independent (TCI) analysis mode instead of thread count dependent (TCD) analysis mode on OpenMP* applications.

Allows Intel® Thread Checker to more easily associate errors to source lines.

Intel® Thread Checker can also analyze optimized binaries, but it is difficult for Intel® Thread Checker to pinpoint the source code location causing a problem in optimized assembly that does not have specific source lines.

(highly recommended)

Creates symbols for the binary. Intel® Thread Checker uses the symbols to associate addresses to source lines.

Note: For binaries compiled without -g (no symbols), Intel® Thread Checker instruments using API Imports. Intel® Thread Checker cannot find all threading errors within a binary that is instrumented with API Imports. The Default of API Imports instrumentation on a particular file can be changed to Full Image via advanced settings in Intel® Thread Checker, but the result is that you will not see the source code that caused the problem, only the assembly.

Note: Intel® Thread Checker requires the dynamic versions of the following libraries:

  • OpenMP* Runtime Library ( or
  • Posix* Thread Library (
  • C Runtime Library (

Linking to any of the following static libraries causes problems with Intel® Thread Checker:

  • OpenMP* Runtime Library (libguide.a or libiomp5.a)
  • Posix* Thread Libra ry (libpthread.a)
  • C Runtime Library (libc.a)

The switch -static is not compatible with Intel® Thread Checker, as it links the static version of these libraries.

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Confirmed On:

  • Intel® C/C++ Compiler 10.1 for Linux*
  • Intel® Fortran Compiler 10.1 for Linux*
  • Intel® Thread Checker 3.1 for Linux*

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