Intel® Thread Checker for Linux* - Features list


Patented advanced error detection engine:

  • Detects hidden potential errors, mapping them to the source-code line, call stack, and memory reference
  • Identifies six levels of threading issues, from errors and warnings to informative comments
  • Displays all necessary warnings for effective diagnosis, highlighting the most potentially severe errors
  • Lets you track a potential error to a variable in a line of source code on Intel® compiler-built applications that are compiled for source instrumentation
  • Allows you to use standard debug builds, without recompiling the entire source base

Product brief

  • Automate testing in batch modes, reducing manual implementation and improving efficiency.
  • Simplify the implementation of daily regressions, improving development efficiency

Selective instrumentation:

  • Reduce instrumentation time through selective instrumentation of DLLs.
  • Users can decide which libraries to instrument so they can choose to decrease the instrumentation time needed before the application is analyzed.


Intel® Thread Checker 3.1 for Linux* is compatible with today's industry-standard development tools:

  • Intel® Fortran and C++ Compilers
  • POSIX* threads
  • Support for OpenMP*
  • GNU Linux compilers
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