Intel® Thread Checker for Linux* - General Installation Information

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What software must already be installed?
Before installing Intel® Thread Checker onto Microsoft Windows*, you must have the VTune™ Performance Analyzer v7.2 already installed, as Intel® Thread Checker is a plug-in to the VTune™ environment. Visit the Intel® Threading Tools Web site to obtain VTune Performance Analyzer and/or Intel Thread Checker.

On Microsoft Windows systems, you must also have the following already installed:

  • Microsoft Visual* C++ v6.0, or higher
  • Intel® Compilers are required for source instrumentation or OpenMP* analysis.
  • Microsoft* Internet Explorer v6.0, or higher
  • Adobe* Reader*

To use the Linux* Remote Data Collector (Remote Agent), you must also install Intel Thread Checker on a Microsoft Windows system.

Installing a New Version Over an Already Installed Version
To install a new version of Intel Thread Checker, you must first uninstall the currently installed version.

Note: Before removing the current version from Windows, you might want to save your projects using File » Pack and Go menu in the VTune environment.

To remove the currently installed version from Windows*, go to Start » Control Panel » Add or Remove Programs » Intel® Thread Checker.

To remove the currently installed version from Linux, run or, which is typically found in the /opt/intel/itt directory.

General Installation Tips for Linux*

  • To use the Linux Remote Data Collector (Remote Agent), you must also install Intel Thread Checker on a Microsoft Windows system.
  • The Remote Data Collector (RDC) .tar file for Linux is included with the Windows* installation package.
  • If you use ftp* to transfer the RDC .tar file to a Linux system, be sure to use a binary transfer.
  • If you are also using the Intel Compilers on your Linux system, you should install Intel Compilers before installing Intel Thread Checker.
    • If you update your Intel Compilers after installing Thread Checker, re-run the Thread Checker install script after updating the Intel Compilers.
    • Installation includes a script (and tcvars.csh), typically in the /opt/intel/itt/tcheck/bin/32 or /opt/intel/itt/tcheck/bin/64 directory. Use the source command to setup the shell environment for source instrumentation with the Intel® Compiler.
    • After installation, see the file tcheckFAQ.htm, typically found in the /opt/intel/itt directory, for important overview and usage information.
    For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.