Intel® Thread Checker for Windows* - Product Overview

Intel® Thread Checker is a tool that locates software threading bugs, such as data races, stalls, and deadlocks. Thread Checker monitors your software's execution to detect hard-to-find and impossible-to-find intermittent errors whether or not they actually occurred during execution.

Thread Checker uses instrumentation, which occurs automatically at run-time within the VTune environment or Microsoft .NET* Developer Environment, or can be performed beforehand with the Intel® C++ or Fortran Compilers.

When your software has finished executing, a diagnostic list of potential threading errors will be displayed. You can drill down to the line of source code where each diagnostics occurred, look at the call stack, and review variable definitions and context.

For more information on this product, including how to purchase or get a free evaluation copy, please visit the Intel® Threading Tools web site.

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