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Register for Support
To register for interactive support, please visit the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center web site. Registration will enable you to login into Intel® Premier Support and obtain interactive support along with product updates.

What You Should Know Before Requesting Technical Support

  1. Submit the issue under the correct product name: Intel® Thread Checker or Intel® Thread Checker LtdSup
  2. Enter the correct version and build number.
    You will typically find this information under?
    Start » Programs » Intel® Software Development Tools » Intel® Thread Checker » View Support and Build IDs

    Tip: On Microsoft Windows* systems, the version and build number are also in the file ThreadCheckerSupport.txt found in your installation folder that is typically C:Program FilesIntelVTune.

    On Linux* systems, the version and build number are also in the file ThreadCheckerSupport.txt found in your installation directory that is typically /opt/intel/itt.

    If you cannot locate the ThreadingCheckerSupport.txt file, you can also get the version and build number in the VTune™ Performance Analyzer:
    Click Help » About, and then select Intel® Thread Checker.

    If none of the above methods work, try the following:

    • If you downloaded the installer package, please use the installation package file name in place of the version and build number.
    • If you purchased a CD, please use the information in the ThreadCheckerSupport.txt file found in the top-most level folder of the CD.
  3. Enter the appropriate customer impact value.
    Customer impact values include Low, Medium, High, and Showstopper and are defined as follows (listed from least to most important):
    • Low - An issue that has no significant impact and is submitted on a for-your-information basis.
    • Medium - An issue that does not stop development, however it needs to be fixed.
    • High - An issue with a short-term work-around, however it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
    • Showstopper - An issue that prevents you from using the Thread Checker.
  4. Give a complete problem description.

    a) Completely describe the build including:
    • Version of Microsoft Visual* C++, gcc* or Intel® Compiler used. For Intel Compilers, please provide the complete Package ID by using the -V option.
    • All the build options used, or attach a .DSP, .VCPROJ, .ICPROJ or a make file
    • The run-time environment you are using that might be one of the following:
    • VTune™ environment, including the version number
    • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET* Development Environment, including edition information (2002, 2003).
  5. All third-party libraries or SDKs used along with their versions
    b) Provide a reproducible test case with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use it along with a description of the expected behavior.

    c) Provide other important data:
    • Any work-arounds that you are using
    • Any changes you can make that either fix or cause the issue
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