Intel® Tools Special Promotion

Intel® Tools Special Promotion

The Developer Products Division at Intel is pleased to provide a 10% discount on Intel® Tools for financial customers. This includes:

  • Intel® C++ and Fortran Compilers
  • Intel® Performance Libraries
  • Intel® Threading Analysis Tools
  • Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer
  • Intel® Cluster Tools

For questions or tools purchases, please contact


Watch episode 94 of Parallel Programming Talk featuring SunGardSoftware Development Manager, Jiaping Zhang. Hear how SunGard was able to scale their Ambit BancWare Asset and Liability Management (ALM) application to 1024 cores and demonstrate near-linear scalability.

Also, watch episode 86 of Parallel Programming Talk featuring SunGardChief Technology Officer, Don Tyson, discuss SunGard's intelliMATCH application optimization effort. A dramatic reduction in transaction reconciliation time was achieved by taking advantage of parallel processing.

(SunGard, #380 on the Fortune 500, provides software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector.)


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