Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Utility

This is a helper tool designed to simplify the process of configuring the Intel® vPro™ systems via the Intel Setup and Configuration Service. The tool is a Windows executable designed to run locally on an Intel vPro system to facilitate initial AMT configuration or policy change. It is the evolution of the Remote Configuration Tool. For details on usage of this tool, please refer to the FAQ document and the User Guide located on this page.

Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Utility addresses the following scenarios:

  • vPro failure to traverse the network and find the configuration server
  • vPro 'hello' messages expire
  • Configuration server needs to get parameters to configure vPro
  • vPro will become unreachable if OS/AMT hostnames go out of sync
  • Some vPro systems are shipped with management mode disabled. RCFG (Remote Configuration) requires a local SW tool to enable it



Question: Is the Activator utility supported by Intel?
Answer: Yes. Intel offers support to ISVs and end users. Support questions can be sent to

Question: Can the Activator utility configure vPro by itself without Intel® SCS?
Answer: No. Intel® SCS is required for vPro configuration. The Activator is designed to facilitate the process.

Question: What is required to run the Activator?
Answer: The following is required:

  • Supported version of Intel® SCS
  • Active Directory
  • The AMT machine should be part of the domain
  • The following AMT drivers:
    • MEI (HECI)
    • LMS


Note: For more information, see the Activator and SCS user guides.

Question: How should the Activator be deployed to the client systems?
Answer: You can use a patch deployment system, logon script or registry boot list.

Question: Is it free?
Answer: Yes. It is free and publically available on

Question: Can the Activator work with configuration servers from other vendors?
Answer: It can send 'hello' messages to any configuration server and trigger provisioning. Other features are dependent on Intel® SCS.


  1. What does it do?
  2. Is this tool supported by Intel?
  3. Can the tool configure vPro by itself without SCS?
  4. What is required to run it?
  5. How should the tool be deployed to the client systems?
  6. Is it free?
  7. Can this tool work with configuration servers from other vendors?

  1. The tool's main functions are as follows (refer to the vPro Activator documentation for further details):
    (1) It enables AMT functionality on the supported platforms (AMT 2.6, 3.x).
    (2) It sends information to the Intel SCS that allows the SCS to complete the provisioning process.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.
  4. Intel SCS (the version with which the vPro Activator was bundled); Active Directory; the AMT machine should be part of the domain. For further details, refer to the Intel® vPro Activator and SCS documentation.
  5. The system administrator should decide on the method of deploying the tool.
  6. Yes.
  7. The tool currently requires the Intel SCS service. The tool also works with management consoles that are integrated with SCS services.
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